Xoom Root

Root access is now available on the just-released Wifi-only Motorola Xoom, thanks to some enterprising XDA members. The rooting process involves using the Android SDK, as well as a fair amount of command-line wizardry, so it's certainly not for the feint-hearted. You'll also be on your own if something goes wrong, as rooting will almost certainly void your warranty.

Still, if you think the prospect of owning a rooted Honeycomb tablet is worth the risk of potentially owning a bricked Honeycomb tablet, then hit the source link to find a complete list of files, along with rooting instructions.

If you're interested in rooting your Verizon-branded Xoom, be sure to check our earlier post for instructions. [XDA]


Reader comments

Wifi-only Xoom gets its own root method


wifi only version has a different kernel. It should be noted that this root method allows for overclocking up to 1.5ghz per core, usb host mode, extra vpn support and more.

I was the first person to test this kernel on a wifi xoom(after bricking my xoom by flashing a kernel for the 3g version last night) and it works amazingly. I've overclocked it to 1.5ghz and it is blazingly fast and I cannot notice a difference in battery life.

The bootloader is not the problem. The problem is that flashing a boot image to give root from the CDMA Xoom doesn't work on the Wi-Fi Xoom.

Umm... Motorola wants to give the impression that it is easier to hack but it doesn't support rooting.

For instance, it has come up that rooted 3G Xoom's will not be updated to 4G (http://limitlessdroid.com/2011/02/28/its-official-if-you-root-your-xoom-...).

In the end, you should only root it if you know what you are doing and understand the risks. It wouldn't make sense for a company to advocate hacking its own device -- that would probably lead to a lot more headaches for Moto to deal with.

I tried to convince myself not to buy a xoom and I did it anyway today. I better not ever work for a suicide hotline!