Hey, still waiting on that white T-Mobile G1? Concerned about quality issues? Not sure what it really looks like? Android Central has got you covered! We just got a White T-Mobile G1 here at the Android Central headquarters and decided to give you guys what you want: a full on photo gallery!

From our brief time with it, the white T-Mobile G1 looks GOOD. It definitely makes the G1 stand out a lot more than the black or bronze variety and we think HTC nailed the white--it's nearly the perfect hue. Yes, we just complemented a color choice--call us Martha Stewart but we know our spectrum!

Anyway, sometimes white can look yellow or cheap but this white makes the G1 shine without being too shiny--more like polished, catch my drift?. The finish is closer to the bronze glossy than the matte black and though we're still not a big fan of the two tone backing, after seeing it in person, we'll live.

One problem though, when the home and back button are backlit during the daytime, it kind of fades the icons. Not a huge problem, just a little design quip. Other than that, we are HUGE fans of the White G1. So uh, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the pictures of the White T-Mobile G1 after the break!


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White T-Mobile G1 Hardware Gallery


LAME! Why did they go with the grey back design? It should have been all white like the UK version! AHH! Unfortunately that was my deal breaker. If the white G1 came in all white, I will be getting the G1, but it didn't, so that's a no no for me. I hope the next set of Android phones for the US would be more attractive, at least in their color schemes. Seriously, is the US just color blind?

My favorite g1 is the white but that ugly grey backing just ruined it for me!!!! Why does the U.S always screw with our phones? The Brits nailed it with the ALL WHITE VERSION launched in the UK! Can tmobile track an all white g1 for me? If not i guess i'll get the iPhone then...