The fine folks at OUYA today have announced that a white version of the Android-based gaming console is now available for preorder for $129. That's an extra $30 over the original OUYA. But along with the limited-edition color comes double the on-board storage — a fuller 16 gigabytes.

It's only available in North America (for now, we suppose), and you'll want to order by Dec. 8 to have it delivered in time for the holidays, OUYA says.

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White OUYA available for preorder for $129, bumps storage to 16GB


Is there a way to hook up your phone or tablet to the TV and use a video game controller to play the game? I'm more interested in using mobile for gaming than any sort of gaming device. Maybe its not ready yet but I feel that is definitely in the near future.

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Plug in an NFL or HDMI cable and use a blue tooth Wii remote or PS3 remote (requires root IIRC) and you should be good to go. Probably want to make sure the phone is fully charged or it would die pretty quick, just a guess.

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MHL, not NFL.

Also a Slimport adaptor if your phone uses that.

There are also native BT controllers that don't require root (the PS3 Dual Shock remote just needs root because of the way the DS3 handles BT in its end.)

Personally, I never found too many games properly optimized for remote screen and controller use to make it worth my time. YMMV.


Yes. When I had my Motorola Xoom, I used to hook up my Wii controller to play emulators all of the time, and it worked flawlessly. There's an app in the Play Store (called WiiMote Controller) that I used to connect via Bluetooth. However, it looks as if that app was "broken" by any Android versions of 4.2 and beyond.

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Do you know if you can use a Wii remote with android 4.3+ with root? I thought there were some problems with the newer versions of android.

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Any device that can do hdmi out is capable. My transformer prime could do it along with my nvidia shield. A lot of tablets can do it...though Nexus tablets usually cannot without some finagling.

Your game also needs to be compatible with a controller which a majority of games from the Play Store are not. Emulators are which is what a lot of people who want this functionality play.

Yea I have a Nexus phone and tablet. I've been reading about issues like that so that sucks. I don't even play games hardly ever, but just the idea of everything being so easy like that makes sense to me. Just turn on your phone or tablet, cast it to the Chromecast and turn on your controller and bam. Its all done. No need for Xbox or PS4 or wires. How long until that's a mainstream reality in your opinion?

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I use moga it's optimised for dead trigger 1 and 2 nova and a few more games I don't play. I can hook up to big screen but note 3 does a good job eney how. If they all started to use mirror cast as standard it wouldernt take long for it to be quick easy but till then it's just my spare hour here n there!

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