White Nexus 4

White color variant launches on Google Play and T-Mobile U.S.

After launching in Hong Kong earlier this week, the white LG Nexus 4 has made its Western debut today in the United States. The phone is available right now from the Google Play Store, priced $299 for 8GB and $349 for 16GB, same as the standard black version. The white Google Play version comes with a free white bumper, not currently for sale by itself.

T-Mobile U.S. is also stocking the 16GB white Nexus for $427.99 on its online store, with no monthly installment plan option. That's a good deal more expensive than the Play Store price, so the direct Google route will remain the best option for most folks.

So far we're not seeing any sign of the white Nexus 4 in the UK or Canada -- or anywhere else for that matter -- but we'll keep watching in the hours and days ahead.

U.S. people, here are your links --

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Reader comments

White Nexus 4 now available in the U.S.


Honestly, I haven't been bothered by lack of storage. High storage capacity is way more important (to me, anyway) in tablets than phones, because I store so much more video media on tablets.

That said, if there had been a version with an extra 16GB, I'd probably have gotten it instead.

I have the 8GB model and I have't been bothered either. I carry 2GB of tunage that changes whenever I feel like it. I used to carry a Nandroid but I'm back to unrooted stock, and my standard ~1.4GB of apps and data. Pics are uploaded ASAP. No worries.

I have the 16 gig version and have already been forced to delete stuff to make room. it is quite annoying. Lack of SD support is an awful idea.

Fortunately the rest of the phone is so awesome I am willing to put up with it. There is no other phone out right now that I would rather have.

Me too. Google has given up on apps to sd. That is a shame. The minimum should be no less than 32gb.

Still $349. for any phone to much. I paid for my HTC ONE $100. That`s the most I`ll pay for a phone. And I got a deal on a new SG Note2 on Sprint for my wife from Best Buy $99 and I had $25 gift card for Sprint which in the end I paid $75.0 for the Note2.
Both device cost me half the price the Nexus4 with 16GB... Thank you Google and T-Mobile.

Wow, really? I'd do the math for you to show how much you're actually paying for that "$100" One or "$75" GN2, but I'd need a bit more information regarding your bill, and you're mind most likely explode. Just realize you're a nitwit for saying what you just said : p You cannot beat the value of the Nexus line, period, not even close.

True, but it's still a really good deal. Even though it's not top of the line anymore, you can't find a better phone off-contract for $300/350.

Google = Android = Nexus line to promote the newest version. This is Android Central. What'd you expect?

why is it more expensive to buy straight through t-mobile? can't you just buy it straight from the play store to use on t-mobile and save $80?

not sure how that works..

i don't think they even let you finance.. it says "Note:This item is not eligible for a monthly payment plan." under the price on tmo's site.. i'd def. go straight through the play store..

T-Mobile has its own sales channels and overhead costs that get added on top of what they pay to get it from Google/LG. They have to make that up somewhere so they raise the price of the phone.

That $427 is still cheaper than the $500 that they initially charged, when the Nexus 4 first debuted.

But, yeah, it makes more sense to get it from the Play Store.

lol agreed. i don't even know why people would still want this phone with galaxy s4 and htc one out. and even better ones coming out....

I wouldn't trade my N4 for the HTC One or S4. Neither phone is worth what they cost. Keep in mind $650-700 is alot more than $350. The N4 is extremely capable device and I am willing to bet has a smoother experience than any skinned phone. Nexus for me all the way, but I do know people will pay extra for the skin overtop stock android. To each their own I guess

I agree. I get more done in a short period of time on the Nexus 4 than any other phone I've used. There is no perceivable lag and everything is clean, smooth and without unnecessary artifice.

If you are like me and think form should follow function then a Nexus device and pure Android is the only way to go. If you think the reverse, then I see how all the whiz-bang gimmicks offered by Sense and Touchwiz appeals to you. Though I'm vegetarian, I prefer the steak to the sizzle.

I used the current stock S4 and its laggy as hell! I think it will get better with vanilla Android, however I dont think the HW is worth $650. The current N4 is lightning fast now and its $300-$350. If someone wants vanilla Android at a good price, the N4 cant be beat.

The S4 is laggy as hell by comparison, and the HTC One is polluted with Sense.

Neither appeals to me at all in it's default form. The vanilla android versions are the only versions I would ever consider trading my Nexus 4.

Let's break it down, shall we?

"The S4 is laggy as hell by comparison..."
-Considering the multitude of reports of lag with the S4, including on Android Central, this statement is most likely true. 0 for 1

"..and the HTC One is polluted with Sense."
-Though the word polluted has a negative connotation and its usage reflects an opinion, the phone certainly contains the Sense overlay in good quantity. Thus, it is a fact albeit colored with opinion. Still not "BS". 0 for 2

"Neither appeals to me at all in it's default form."
-This is a description of the OP's state of mind; an expression of preference and thus cannot be "BS". 0 for 3

"The vanilla android versions are the only versions I would ever consider trading my Nexus 4."
-Given no indication of lack of veracity, we have to take the OP at his word that he will indeed only consider future Nexus devices. 0 for 4

Superman you are not.

yup worst phone design ever. plus i wont touch anything lg. i really want asus or moto to make the next nexus phone.

It looks like they only changed the back & sides, front is still white. I like the look of the white in iPhone5 and Galaxy S4, but for Nexus4 I like the black better.

I am so disappointed with Google customer service. I just ordered a black Nexus 2 days ago. I called to see if they would send me a bumper for free as a courtesy. They said no and that I had to return my phone and reorder to take advantage of the promotion. How crappy is that service? Have your customer jump through hoops. Every other company I know would just send out the promo item. I'm still in my 15 day return period and it's just a hassle for me. Leaves a poor taste in the consumers mouth. I'm very dissatisfied right now.

T-Mobile simply stocking up the white Nexus 4 without a monthly installment plan? Wow, just wow.

Whatever, I was thinking of getting the black one anyway.

I'm logged into my T-mobile account right now, they do allow a payment plan option. $19.99 down $17x24months and yes its the white version.

Ill screen shot if necessary

Wow, who would of thought. An old phone with a new paint job makes the biggest news of the week

Ordered yesterday at 2pm and ordered was shipped yesterday as well. As always, thanks google for the pleasant experience.

Ordered for my wife yesterday. Shipped yesterday. Very excited for her! She's been jealous of my black one since Christmas!

After destroying my week old N4 last week (long story), I ordered a new one in white which shipped the 31st as well.. the shipping label was created on Friday at least. The phone was set to deliver tomorrow but I just got word that Google has recalled the shipment Has anybody else had this problem? Bad lot, wrong color, any ideas?