White Motorolla RAZR White Motorola RAZR

Our friends across the pond will be happy to know that the white Motorola RAZR can now be pre-ordered through online retailer Clove Technology in the UK, and is set to ship sometime in mid to late February. The unlocked device will set you back  £430.80 after taxes (that's a cool $662.18), and will ship with a free set of Motorola MOTOROKR EQ3 Wired Compact Folding Speakers, a £20 value. Those who are willing to part with such a hefty penny only to wait at least a month can do so at the source link below.

Source: Clove Technology

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Is there some marketing strategy behind always releasing the white version of a phone late?

moises1204 says:

white? you mean white trim?

Nick clive says:

We're used to paying hefty pennies for tech here in the UK.