Moto 360 bands

As we're all not-so-patiently awaiting the Moto 360 — which some 61 percent of more than 12,000 of you said you are holding out for — let's take another look at its aesthetics. Specifically, the watch strap, or band.

While we're still missing any real official details, Motorola's been showing off its Android Wear watch from the start with a metal links band, as well as a leather strap. (It was the leather variety that we got to take a look at a month ago.) Both have their merits. Leather tends to be a little more comfortable for some. The links certainly look more sophisticated, though. But then there's the issue of hair pulling, and sizing it to fit in the first place.

And so we ask you: Which one are you planning on rocking? Leather? Or links?

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Which Moto 360 band do you plan to brandish?


I'm really looking forward to this watch, but! It looks like it's going to be really big!. I wear G-SHOCK watches and that's like the perfect size for me. Anything bigger would look just ridiculous on me. So I'm holding on for this watch hoping it will be a good fit. It not...I'll just have to keep on waiting.

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agreed. it looks like the size of my g-shock. i think i'll be good. plus, big watches are in.

how sweet would it be if Casio/G-Shock made a hard core band for this watch?

Yep. I really can't decide, both do look great. And then there's also the question of a silver or a black casing... Man, I wanna have every combination.

I'll go metal if I go black, but silver is tempting and I dunno which band I'd prefer then... Hopefully they'll sell the bands separately too, tho I'm sure they'll gouge ya on them.

I'll probably get whatever is cheaper then get a custom one. I have a divers watch with a high end rubber like material I really like. It doesn't get smelly like leather when it gets wet, and doesn't pull arm hairs like metal.

Bigger issue for me is deciding between the stainless steel & the black. I'm somewhat concerned the black may scratch easily.

Even if it's decently tough, I think a black surface will always show every little nick more than a silver one (doubly so if the anodization isn't deep).

Loving my silver moto360. Just purchased a silver steel band designed for the pebble, it's perfect and 20.00. went to a jeweler they installed and removed 3 links, 7.00 it feegin rocks now. if you have hair pulling, dangit trim the hair thats easy.

When you got a chance to handle it, could you tell if the strap attachment was proprietary? That's a non starter for me...

Oh c'mon, they have explained it at I/O. It's where the display and touch drivers are. Normally, they are under the bezel (like Gwatch or Gear Live), but the 360 has no bezels = bigger screen. No big deal at all.

No everyone watches Google I/O bud... At any case, I'm picky about watches. I rather wait for Apple to release their smartwatch, I don't buy anything from apple, but I'm sure it will pressure the Android Wear camp to push their design and add features pronto. Android Wear is a bit lacking for me.

Yeah, I think his point was that outside of Tizen, Android Wear doesn't have any real competition in the high-end smart watch space yet. When Apple releases theirs, that'll change, and Google will be pushed to work a little harder on developing and improving features.

True, but I wouldn't assume that Google isn't *already* working on bringing more features to Android Wear as we speak. Their philosophy has always been "release early, iterate often".

Hello, welcome. Glad you made it out from under that huge trolling rock. Not everyone watches Google I/O, but all over this site and many others around the net have explained why the screen is not 100% viewable.

Back off pal, this was just a random article shared on my news feed, and I've also just registered to the site... I have an old Rolex Submariner that my dad passed on to me and I'm a broke college student, so I have peculiar disinterest when it comes to watches in general.

i wouldnt expect much from apple... it may look nice in terms of design.. possibly rivalling the moto 360.. but i doubt it will have any features that we havent seen from either Android wear or Tizen. Google has been hard at work on this thing and well this is it... Not quite perfect.. Still seemingly experimental.. But this is it.. Im sure apple has been hard at work too but i doubt they will show us anything above and beyond what already exists.

The 1/10 black bar had been addressed like two weeks ago honestly don't think it matters look at the tablets and nexis

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It is a big deal actually. I am not a fan of the bezel there (and that is what it is, like the black band at the bottom of the HTC ONE) but I will hold off final judgement until I see it. The thickness is another thing

Yeah, but compared to the bezel on every other smartwatch in existence, it's nothing. The fact that people are just noticing the bezel after glancing at pictures of it for months means it really isn't a big deal. On a watch face with a black background you don't even notice that there is a bezel on the bottom, and the bottom of notifications would be squared off regardless because that's just how Android Wear looks. Seriously, this is not a big deal.

Shouldn't we wait to see when/if it becomes available? This is also olive asking what color you'll choose for your starship....

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Enough with the pointless articles already. Let's wait until we actually hear some official information from Moto.

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You mean like Motorola officially stating it will be available with leather and metal link bands?
We have official info, we have an official choice and now we have an official Android Central poll.

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This totally reminds of the hype leading up to the Droid bionic release. They need to get this device to market already, it has been way too dragged out.

Personally I'm not interested in a round smartwatch so I'll be passing on this one. Looks a little thick, and that display cutoff would bother me, I think.

This thing looks great, except you're never really sure when it's exactly 6:30. Kinda looks half baked without the bottom portion visible. It's like they turned in their homework knowing that it wasn't quite finished. I'll wait until a finished product surfaces. Also, I want one that is completely waterproof. Like one you can wear while swimming laps in the pool. This water resistant shit is stupid. I want to check my hangouts from the bottom of a pool. Get your shit together watch people!!!!!!!!!!

I am way too OCD to have a watch with the bottom just missing - couldn't they have designed a symmetric watch face that cuts off the top as well as the bottom and left all the tick marks visible in some sort of oblong shape?

Speaking as a designer, no, it's not common sense. The sliver of bezel gives the watch screen a clearly defined bottom. Why put a bezel at the top as well if you don't need one? That would just be stupid.

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Would seem pretty clear to me- minute hand pointing right at 6, hour hand halfway between 6 and 7. What am I missing?

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This is the best wearable I have seen so far. Just not a fan of part of the face being essentially missing. Has to be waterproof. Fully immersible.

If I get one, it'll be the metal links. They just look classier in my opinion

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Kinda wish the links had a better design to them. Those look like the expandable type of links. Not my cup of tea.

I will likely put a good quality rubber/silicon band with a clasp on it, provided the connection to the watch isn't proprietary. If not, I suppose I'd do leather.

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None as in you want to carry it like a pocket watch or none as in you're not interested in the Moto 360? I would say the first falls under "I'll go with a third custom option". If you mean the second situation I would just suggest that you shouldn't vote in this poll as it wasn't meant for you.

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Pocket watch style would negate a lot of the convenience of a wearable... But damn that could look slick.

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I am torn because I like the metal one better, but if its more money then I may get the leather, as I would really like to purchase a nice custom band at some point.

If the leather feels and looks nice, then I might consider it more. But for more I think I'm gonna go for metal because I want this to look like a very professional watch. Although I haven't ruled out leather completely

Typed on tiny keys just for you

I prefer the metal links but it's too humid in China and my last metal watch got rusty. I need to try out a rubber band because my leather band watch got soaked with sweat and stinks!

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Can't afford one anyway but I would like to know how many women are getting one. I miss wearing a watch and would be geeked at having one of these but I certainly wouldn't wear that metal band. Possibly the leather but I'd have to see it.

I'm no watch expert but I do know a little bit to be dangerous.
The terminology in the article isn't quite right. A little education wouldn't hurt as wearables that are 'watch'-like become more and more popular.

A watch has a band. That band can either be a strap (leather, hide, rubber, fabric) or a bracelet (metal).
'Metal links band' sounds like something you would hear playing loudly in a biker bar. Now we know where Phil hangs out.

In this case, "Metal links" isn't really a term that is used in the watch world but 'bracelet' is. So, the poll really should say, "leather strap' or 'bracelet.'

Relax dude its a tech site not the freaking jewelry channel. You're a troll that likes to correct people, given an opportunity. If you were a "watch expert" (watchsmith) I could understand the annoyance. Why take the time to correct something, that didn't really need correcting, we all knew exactly what he was talking about.

Definitely not a fan of leather, rubber, plastic or otherwise bands. Metal links all the way for me. Now the decision is black or silver.

Once again in case you missed it, the black part at the bottom of the watch screen is where the Ambient Light Monitor is located to control the screen brightness and for it to work properly can NOT be covered by a watch face, per a Motorola rep.

Whichever one that would place the least discomfort on my wrist when I'm typing.

I replaced the pebble band with a silly looking velcro one because the clasp was very uncomfortable.

I would prefer a metal band for the summer and a leather band for the winter, but it will depend on the final band designs. I don't care for the ultra polished design.