Motorola Android 2.1 update

Loyal reader Tom Cochrane reminded us on Twitter that Motorola has a status board for its Android 2.1 roll-out. And above is where we stand as of today. If you're rocking the Milestone, updates are either in progress or should be coming in the few months or so. Same goes in the U.S. for the Backflip, Cliq and Cliq XT. Hang in there, folks. [Motorola] (And thanks, Tom.)


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Where Motorola stands on Android 2.1 updates


lets go Canada

if my Canadian milestone is unlocked and on a different carrier will I get the update?

I'm guessing there will be a way to manually update when it's available. You'll probably lose root though (if you have root):(

So....I don't see Eris on the list. Should I assume they will not receive the update?

The eris is also at it's shelf life.. They will not be sending out updates. VZW will be discontinuing it at the end of May I believe..

Thanks guys. My wife is going to be upset about this. Time to get her a Droid anyway.

Feel sorry for the guys that are "under review " probably Sept for them. If moto takes as long with them as they did the US.