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If you're not yet registered with the site, now's the time. How else are you going to win one when we start giving away these sold-out Series 3 Android Minis?

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Modra says:

Yes I'd like one thank you.

cheidt76 says:

Just found out recently that there are Android figures... If would be sweet to get one :-)

mlgoon says:

Please, and thank you!

Xroid says:

I work with a bunch of people sporting iphones, this would be the perfect accessory for my desk.

jaw4bama says:

I have wanted one of these! I would love one!

Nice start...:)

miguel2022 says:

I would like one

eternityiv says:

I am new and I would give them a Great Home. Please???

cyko68 says:

Today is my birthday... 9/30... I should get one just for that! :-)

minnick says:

ahhhh they're so nice!!!! need one for my office!!

BadMojo says:

A lonely android
In a dark mailbox he sits
a new home awaits...

fregoso says:

I hope I get one.......

superdotny says:

Ooo! I would like to have one!

dsass600 says:


newmexican says:

I need one for the time I am waiting for a new decent qwerty phone on T-Mobile (HTC give us a G3 please !!)

mdholgate says:

Are they Scratch & Sniff?

Froojr says:

Killer mantle piece!

xKrNMBoYx says:

Holy sh*t! That was the longest page/scrolling I had to do for a AndroidCentral/Crackberry Front Page article.

I should win one also.

turb0wned says:

Start..... Now! And pick this guy!

Osijelu says:

I'm in

gotta...get it

spongebob71 says:

Please and thank you!

jharazin says:

I can haz android figurine? :D

tyrothz says:

You should give me one for being the 320th person to post here!!!

Srambo217 says:

I would make a stand so it could be the star on my Christmas tree this this year! ;)

WilCIWS says:

I would love to have one of these if you are giving them away! It would go well with my cute little Android keychain plushy that hangs in my office!

richar524 says:

Great..when s it starting?????

c0r3y says:

I have no clever justification for why I deserve one of these. But I want one badly.

ZoretMan says:

gimme 1!

I'll take one!

Alex222 says:

Can I have one!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

puttikat says:

purrrrrrrrrty please one for the Kat? >".."<

Orenium says:

Can I Haz one?

helladd says:

Me please :)

May I please have one if I ask Nicely?

Good, then point out Mr. Nicely to me so I can ask him!


Seriously though, I'd really like one!

LupusNoir says:

I would love one. O:-)

Granter says:

I think these look like a good item to add to the collection.

neverends says:

did i win?

360Mobiles says:

Sure, I'll take one! (Thanks for asking!)

This droid monster wants one of those minis

icykittykat says:


My 7 year old daughter would rather use my transformer prime than her uncles iPad, and loves android. Send her one and I'll send a cute picture!

Volvogga says:

I'm in. I keep eyeing these...

myskin says:

ok, I'm here

myskin says:

ok, I'm here

madfos says:

Do you ship outside US? I would love one standing beside my laptop.

Atom661 says:

I would love to have one past this way.... Thanx!

ssjakhar says:

I'd like to have one..

SeaMonster says:

What a cool play toy for my puppy!!!

Please Phil my birthday is coming up.

Darth Enzo says:

I work in a graphics office, and the staff is heavily infiltrated with iPhans and Apple sympathizers. I am building an army of mini Androids to deploy on top of the Mac Pro I use at work. Their mission is to overtake and occupy the territory, their chief weapons being surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency and a unique blend of cuteness and badassery.

Overwhelming numbers never hurts, and the larger an occupation force I am able to amass, the more effective it will be at repelling the enemy and preserving freedom and justice on my desk.

Any recruitment assistance you can provide would be met with the thanks of a grateful Android nation.

mahorad says:

They will look awesome on my desk

jvblack82 says:

Ooooooo my precious.

Kwezt says:

Gonna cross my fingers on this one

It'd be jolly decent of you to consider me in your distribution as, I too, living in the UK, have little or no chance of getting one any other way. Thanks muchly

mattcheung7 says:


rfmike says:

Man those are sweet looking!!!

ajhassel says:

Yes! This finally got me to stop being lazy and sign up!(+1 for productivity)I've been a loyal android central fan for years. I would love to win one of these awesomely awesome android figs!

Trixz_D says:

Please may I have one :D You gotta say yes as i said please :)

I'd like one please :-)

ispanish says:

Start with giving me one =D

robert1609 says:

i love to have one. i am from holland and i can't find them over here.

robert1609 says:

I love to have one. I am from holland and i can't find them over here.

jarwis says:

One to Finland please.

NEED one of these for my new Barren desk. Pretty please :-) :-)

imarek3 says:

One of these would look great in my office

habanero61 says:

I need a couple. My iphone toting mates will steal one, so i have to stash one as a backup! :P

K_Daddy says:

I really really want one.

mgsfoxhound2 says:

i would like one, my last one broke ... kids gotta love em :)

kravex says:

I'll have one even though I have no idea what it is :-)

yes please, thank you, awesome, bye

knahrvorn says:

Oh, these look very nice indeed. I'd very much like one :-)

Pascalwb says:


pauloducut says:

I can have one for myself

Rutger64 says:


tsathasi says:

I want one :)

You guys come up with the coolest stuff - would love one!

techninja says:


mwara244 says:

This is my favorite site for all android news from all over the world. I have only a DIY Android figure that I made into an R2D2. I would love to have a real one.

jrw says:

Hook me up...

Seggzy says:

FIRST!... oh wait... crap.

turbo000 says:

jump on it....raaaaaaaaaaaaawr!

rorencia says:

need one of whatever this is

wvpv says:

Every desk needs one of these.

Spruce1969 says:

I'd love to have one as well.

byrds8 says:

That would be awesome to put on my desk at work. That way I can screw with the Iphone guys lol.

jsn079 says:

Me want! :-)

robbies7897 says:

Wow, you guys have so many contests! :D

jeeves744 says:

Add me to the list of people who want one too.

buff6676 says:

Gottta Have one!

cudawrestler says:

Give me one please! Android Central rocks. Free stuff is awesome.

Omeg says:

Oh these are so hard to get. "Gets in queue". One plz ;-)

meethere says:

Meeee!! I want it..

dhatam says:

There are surprisingly coool.

opd302 says:

Hook me up Android central!!!

mixedbydino says:

I have a need for a droid! Free you say?? FREE!!
Please let me have one! I can finally leave R2D2 alone!

These are cool and nicely designed, so I'd like one too.

bc2k says:

Is it time yet?

Nevets68 says:

I'll take one (or two). ;)

sgreenwall says:

Too much tech is just right...

NoreenD says:

So, does anybody else, (besides myself) think that these cute little Android Mini Series Collectibles resemble AC's beloved Lloyd dressed up in his finest Halloween Costumes?

fanrat10 says:

These would be cool to have on my desk. I'm surrounded by iphone maniacs (iphoniacs) at work.

Please throw me a bone and pick me.

Insp_Gadget says:

I have yet to own a single one of these mini androids. I've always thought they were cute, but never bothered to track one down. Odd, considering how much I like Android.

maldelovio says:

Just registered with Android Central so I can win one!

DrWu says:

The ARE the droids I'm looking for!

TankMech says:

Cool. What are they made of? I'd like one even though I know not what it is exactly.. Lol.

bold1193 says:

Awwww I want one or two....

aamaral729 says:

What do I have to do?!

yoshi351 says:

Gimme one so I can add it to my collection!

levyitay says:

I'd love to have one, it would be funny to put it at the office!

mstrblueskys says:


javier180 says:

I want one so bad!!! let me have on Im poor!

kandrelly says:

Pick me!

hotzb22 says:

I'll take one :-)

Tigrisan says:

OMG, they're still adorable! I need one for my sad little work corner to make me smile...

murnja says:

Those are awesome! Would love to have one...

To go old school on ya...Hook it up like a tow truck!

KineticMD says:

I want all of them.

Give me all of them.

rugby10 says:

Make mine the USA Rugby player.

Rigelian says:

My Office is filled with iPhone users. I need these guys to help me represent.

fuzzface49 says:

I would gladly take one please. Thank you in advance.

sccpmusc26 says:

I need one for myself and one for the boyfriend please!

Droid Stew says:

Hook it up! I want one.

cpaight says:

Yes please

rlorenz89 says:

Yes please! Those things are awesome!

ms.maryw says:

Who wouldn't want one? Android, nuff said.

FaTaL_Err0r says:

Count me in! :D~~

Go Android! says:

I'm assuming that this is the giveaway thread, and if we comment, we're entered to win?

Would love to take one to work..

TXSkeets says:

Well, I would be happy to take one off of your hands......just sayin. :)


if i win i will follow you on twitter :3


if i win i will follow you on twitter :3

jeffdcamp says:

I don't have one.... please, may I have one?

daso says:

I need one please!!

Those things scream "Will it blend?" to me.

jrsnively1 says:

Those look so cool I would definitely want one!

treedog5 says:

I think since this is my first post should justify me getting one...thx

dboftlp says:

Was unable to expand my Android Army with any of the new designs. Would love to get my hands on one of these.

Opolis says:

Do want!

myowin says:

since I never have one, can you send one for me? please... : )

shivangpatel says:

i really really really want one... please can i have one... please please please

LV23 says:

I will take one. I love those mini Androids figures.

rawkerdude says:


nirogu325 says:

These sound great!

deaftones says:

Well if you need someone to take them, i can help with that.

hammerbeard says:

oh oh my

hammerbeard says:

oh oh my

DJeremyC says:

Hmm....reminds me of mini

yes please!!

geo-droid says:

I'd like one. Please?

PGleo86 says:

I'd love one, but my already overly cluttered desk probably wouldn't, lol

UnfocusedHTC says:

Sweat mini androids.

Neat looking, I'll take one!

redball says:

Yay I want one.

dennis96411 says:

May I have one, please? :P

NickSaul says:


ynomrah says:

I'll take one AC!

Cyxodus says:

Those look cool.

Haitian says:

I would love to have one of these. I haven't won anything since the day they buried Nixon. That's a long time ago!

VolvaGo says:

Will go with my Lloyd shirt and pin

xd1936 says:

Gimme gimme gimme... I need, I need!

Gotnoypi says:

I'll take one

waj2278 says:

Want. So much want!

mu5ic92 says:

i would love one!

Yes these will go very nice with the rest of my collectibles.

Raul720 says:

I'll take one!

darkjuan says:

I could really use one of these!! Put all my iCrap friends in their place. :)

mauidiver40 says:

yes please

Socratic says:

Sign me up!

kingnothing says:

now there is 468 comments on this rad giveaway! Wantz!

NeoHoneyTea says:

Want want want!! <3

tomullin76 says:

I'd really like one for my daughter.

rpankoe says:

Would be a nice addition to my display case.

Broheemster says:

Pork chop sandwiches

Bogdank83 says:

The 8 ball one please

mattybofatty says:

Ok,ok...I'll take one already!

Atlewis45 says:

OMG, I want one!!!!

squintyboy says:

awesome cant wait

2swol says:

sweet you guys always get the greatest stuff!!!

Grahaman27 says:

so I am confused, do we post a reply to win? judging from the number of replies, I think so.

CaroltheGeek says:

Very cool:-)

GarciaTRamon says:

Please pick me! I want one!!!

aladdin14 says:

those Androids are calling out my name please make a few happy by giving me one(:

duke82722009 says:


jean15paul says:

If you need any help, I'll take one off your hands. Preferably the Nexus one (#3 in this series), but any one is fine.

buck101 says:

Me me me!

Need to get my hands on one-a-those...

Quills#WP says:

would like.

Verso says:

Send one of this awesome android to me in Russia! ;-)

Jimmy13 says:

It'd be cool to have one to hang out with the lone android guy I have on my desk!

joonyboy says:

I'M IN FOR ONEEEEE!!!!! :) :)

DrLouie says:

Very cool on giving away sold out minis. Pick me!

thebrianiac says:


Rena2011 says:

Id love one too please!!

I'd love to win one of these!

jbrothman88 says:

My fantasy football team is doing bad this season. Please, give me some good news!

debsawyer says:

I guess they are all gone. Why was I the last one to find out?

Rtoms123 says:

Can I pleeeaassee have one? My birthday is sooonn :]

gmmech says:

I would gladly take them!!

mathman4884 says:

Interested. and Hopefully, I can get the one that matches my current S2 phone

mathman4884 says:

Interested. and Hopefully, I can get the one that matches my current S2 phone

mathman4884 says:

Interested. and Hopefully, I can get the one that matches my current S2 phone

toppa#AC says:

I should get one because I hate my iPhone 4s

bhameyedoc says:

I would LOVE one!

gligor_kot says:

I'd like one please!

72tr6kp says:

Of course I'll take one!

achan68 says:

One time!

rsa says:

I'd love to have one! :-))

tdlav says:

Hey I want one to Please!!!

Scubabum says:

These are really cool!

joebmxx says:

i would be very grateful if i got one :D they look wicked!

avt123 says:

Awesome giveaway guys! I would love one of these!

prediscover says:

lemme snag one out of yo hands :)

Andy is such a better mascot than and apple outline

nvt says:

Too cool! I def need one!

chuckdz3 says:

I would love these!

malibuadam says:

Can I have one please?
I <3 Androidcentral!!!

adinofaries says:

thanks for the chance!

Dude where's my Droid???

Ohhh!! Yes please!!

jreed06 says:

I'll take one!!

MrJazz says:


sml5381 says:

would love to win one to add to to my desk

Mill1978 says:

I want one.....please and thank you

Cap_172R says:

would love to win one!

wd333 says:

I'll take one, sir!

kendalking says:

Can i get one? i Just registered...

kendalking says:

Can i get one? i Just registered...

Keldog says:

Completely awesome. That is all.

discosoup says:

I would love to win one!

Edwill86 says:

I need some android!

bawboh86 says:

It's a good thing I'm already registered. Let us know when we can enter to win! :D

dafoot2 says:

Yes please


One of these would look good on my desk at work.

Cyberkinetic says:

Let me add these to my androidian collection please:-)

Uplink82 says:

I'm posting this to see if I can get lucky, but there are 500 something people on here already!

Jonneh says:

Looking forward to winning one!!!

slak33 says:

I dont win anything.

damjr312 says:

Would love one of these guys! Thanks, AC!

mgibby says:

I would be more than happy to help take one off your hands

arutemauepon says:

I want 1!

William Conn says:

me want

deanodean says:

I'm a Droid newbie with a SGIII after leaving the BB fold. Would love one or two! Thanks.

e30ernest says:

So how do you get one? :)

tcapote says:

I would be honored to be chosen!! Pick me!

Ysnexus says:

I would love one!!

morganjayp says:

I don't know what they are, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to win one! ;)

frobroj says:

Need a little green buddy to ride shotgun while I drive in the carpool lane!! Action Pics would flow in!!

mukarram1 says:

I'm assuming a post in this comment thread counts as an entry, in which case: i can haz?

anandvkris says:

I want those, c'mon :)

Patissier says:

they sell out quickly again

01011000 says:

Ooooooo!!! I want one!!! Please!!! =0D

rexpencoe says:

ill take one

allolli says:


megamanx11o says:

I want one of these. Never been able to get one before, and I think they just released the best one in my opinion: the nexus one.

orbitech says:


Are we having a contest on the articles now? LMAO!

runer112 says:

Feed ... me ... Mini Droid bugs!


I'll take it....thanks!

jepoiski04 says:

it be cool if you could send out one of those to Manila :)...

ehall1957 says:

Love to win.

Arkimedes says:

Ahhh they look sweet! Want one for my cubicle collection of toys.

keilflex says:

love these things!

bsinc1962 says:

Well I didn't a coffee mug but one of these would be ok

atlas9171 says:

Winning one of these would be pretty sweet.

mas4489 says:

I would love to have one from the BEST Android website ever!!

rideneasy5 says:

Those would look nice on my desk to remind all my apple loving friends who has the better phone.

Philter05 says:

My wife just switched from iPhone to Android and she loves it! It wasn't easy to convert her. :) She could use one of these on her desk at work. Keep up the great work guys!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

gbold3 says:

Yes please!

gtricecakes says:


OriginalMP3 says:

I'm confused... How do we enter?

DoubleP90 says:

I'd like to have one of those too :D staring at me when i'm developing apps, and whipping me yelling "WORK HARDER!! WORK HARDER!!"


mitchstehlin says:


autoexec.bat says:

Yes, plz.

draco1986 says:

This would look pretty awesome on my desk :D

Firehawk21 says:

I just got series 02 yesterday for my birthday, i would LOVE to get series 03.

sonofabit says:

Sign me up!

mcragun says:

Sure, send one my way please.

moinsheriff says:

i want one

naqzar says:

So where/when is the contest?

How do we win one if we were already registered? Just comment?

smotrs says:

Awesome, I'll take one.

GRRemlin says:

Would LOVE to have one!!!

rpmm70 says:

I could definitely use one on my desk at work

toddharr says:

This is the 586th Comment, well I sure hope they have at least that many to give!
Perhaps if I say please really sincerely?

Here, me me me!

TheShoob says:

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD!!! but really tho, i would love one.

xandroidui1 says:

Pick me.......

broth6 says:

I would like to win one :)

mateo92 says:

I never have collected anything and these things may just be the thing to get me going.

keyleroy says:

I'd be humbled to receive one, and willing to pay for s&h!

viperhrdtp says:

I would love to have one of these!

dcracing00 says:

I'd love one to start my collection

siscost says:

They would nicely compliment my desk at home!

This would look great on my desk to remind me of the great things ANDROID does for me everyday.

coye says:

the android within an android is pretty sweet. As are the gorilla, space man(?) and Pan!

ktklein says:

I am a HUGE Android Enthusiast (Blackberry convert from about 1½yrs ago...) and I have no Android collectables or chachkas. I'd absolutely love one of these to keep on my desk! Please Pick me! Pick me!! Pick me!!! Thanks.

mobilewill says:

Please! Would be awesome to show my Android spirit at work on my desk!

barlog17 says:

I would definitely love one