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If you're not yet registered with the site, now's the time. How else are you going to win one when we start giving away these sold-out Series 3 Android Minis?


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What ever should we do with these?


I work with a bunch of people sporting iphones, this would be the perfect accessory for my desk.

Holy sh*t! That was the longest page/scrolling I had to do for a AndroidCentral/Crackberry Front Page article.

I should win one also.

I would love to have one of these if you are giving them away! It would go well with my cute little Android keychain plushy that hangs in my office!

May I please have one if I ask Nicely?

Good, then point out Mr. Nicely to me so I can ask him!


Seriously though, I'd really like one!

My 7 year old daughter would rather use my transformer prime than her uncles iPad, and loves android. Send her one and I'll send a cute picture!

I work in a graphics office, and the staff is heavily infiltrated with iPhans and Apple sympathizers. I am building an army of mini Androids to deploy on top of the Mac Pro I use at work. Their mission is to overtake and occupy the territory, their chief weapons being surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency and a unique blend of cuteness and badassery.

Overwhelming numbers never hurts, and the larger an occupation force I am able to amass, the more effective it will be at repelling the enemy and preserving freedom and justice on my desk.

Any recruitment assistance you can provide would be met with the thanks of a grateful Android nation.

It'd be jolly decent of you to consider me in your distribution as, I too, living in the UK, have little or no chance of getting one any other way. Thanks muchly

Yes! This finally got me to stop being lazy and sign up!(+1 for productivity)I've been a loyal android central fan for years. I would love to win one of these awesomely awesome android figs!

This is my favorite site for all android news from all over the world. I have only a DIY Android figure that I made into an R2D2. I would love to have a real one.

So, does anybody else, (besides myself) think that these cute little Android Mini Series Collectibles resemble AC's beloved Lloyd dressed up in his finest Halloween Costumes?

These would be cool to have on my desk. I'm surrounded by iphone maniacs (iphoniacs) at work.

Please throw me a bone and pick me.

I have yet to own a single one of these mini androids. I've always thought they were cute, but never bothered to track one down. Odd, considering how much I like Android.

Was unable to expand my Android Army with any of the new designs. Would love to get my hands on one of these.

I would love to have one of these. I haven't won anything since the day they buried Nixon. That's a long time ago!

If you need any help, I'll take one off your hands. Preferably the Nexus one (#3 in this series), but any one is fine.

Need a little green buddy to ride shotgun while I drive in the carpool lane!! Action Pics would flow in!!

I want one of these. Never been able to get one before, and I think they just released the best one in my opinion: the nexus one.

My wife just switched from iPhone to Android and she loves it! It wasn't easy to convert her. :) She could use one of these on her desk at work. Keep up the great work guys!

I'd like to have one of those too :D staring at me when i'm developing apps, and whipping me yelling "WORK HARDER!! WORK HARDER!!"


This is the 586th Comment, well I sure hope they have at least that many to give!
Perhaps if I say please really sincerely?

the android within an android is pretty sweet. As are the gorilla, space man(?) and Pan!

I am a HUGE Android Enthusiast (Blackberry convert from about 1½yrs ago...) and I have no Android collectables or chachkas. I'd absolutely love one of these to keep on my desk! Please Pick me! Pick me!! Pick me!!! Thanks.