Moto X with teak finish back

Vertical stripes are slimming, I'm told

When Motorola announced the customizable Moto X on August 1st of last year, they unveiled a series of four wood backs that would be options. Eventually. The phone launched later in August with a full range of color customizations on AT&T, which eventually spread to the other carriers. But what of those elusive backs hewn from natural materials?

Those took months to arrive. The bamboo backs (yes, technically a grass, not wood — it's woodish, so there) finally became an option at the end of January. Phil got a Moto X in white with the bamboo back and he liked it — it worked just as well as the plastic-bodied Moto X that we love and felt awesome. Like… wood. It's got a nice texture (not slick, not tacky, slightly grainy) and is warmer to the touch than any metal or plastic phone in recent memory. And with a price reduction of both the phone and the wood backs, it's affordable too.

Now you can get the ones that actually are wood. The Moto X is available in "ebony finish,  "teak finish", and "walnut finish" — yes, "finish." They're not actually ebony, teak, or walnut, but some other wood that Motorla's not disclosed that's been finished to gain the appearance of that wood. I ordered one with the teak finish (it showed up a day early — score!), and after some close-up macro photography inspection, I've determined that it is in fact wood. Quite the scientific accomplishment, I know.

Anyway, here's what the teak finish Moto X looks like now that it's available. Enjoy.


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This is the 'teak finish' Moto X


Cool. That teak finish will match nicely with my AK-47's furniture. ..

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Well I'm not a native english speaker, but even I got what he meant when he mentioned the furniture of his AK-47 and I found it funny.

Questioning whether an AK-47 has furniture is just sad...

You as an (apparently) english speaker, should know that...

This my least favorite of the wood backs... Reminds me of a 1980s laminate counter top or something. I like the ebony walnut and bamboo tho. Not enough to sell my developer edition MX tho...

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Due to the price drop on both the phone and the backs, I may actually pick one of these up off-contract. Well, when I get my tax return back.

Just buy the back as a part for cheaper. Ifixit shows you how to replace a Moto X back to swap them out. Pretty easy, the only hard part is that the flash is glued to the back of a Moto X with a thin film strip attached to it.

Only thing you can't get is the wood backs from a 3rd party. As soon as they come out though, I'll be swapping mine. I already go between chalk and mint.

Just buy the back as a part for cheaper. Ifixit shows you how to replace a Moto X back to swap them out. Pretty easy, the only hard part is that the flash is glued to the back of a Moto X with a thin film strip attached to it.

I wish this option were available with other phones. The specs on the moto don't compare to my note 3. I do love that someone is finally offering this though.

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Which specs are you looking for? Especially since the leaner Kit Kat update, I can't really think of anything that's missing, aside from hardware preferences.

Compared to a Note 3? I think that's rather apparent. Screen size, screen resolution, processor, stylus, it's possible this person prefers expandable memory. It's really not difficult to figure out the large differences between the two.

In my mind an N3 is a pretty substantial step down from the Moto X. But that's just me.
Motorola's figured out user experience not specs matter. I wouldn't trade my X for an N3, even with cash thrown in for the X.

I just ordered mone with Teak, white, silver trim. Love that this phone is the same size as my GNex, just with better guts. One thing, during the course of customizing and ordering the delivery date went from 3 days to 6 days.

I was hoping you guys would get one of the darker finishes. This looks too much like the bamboo, which also has white trim and we've already seen up close. I wanted to see ebony or walnut with the black. The ebony especially..

So is this another bamboo back that has a different grain printed on it? There is bamboo flooring done up this way, and it's pretty hard to tell until you see it from a cut end.


I'll be interested to see how durable these are compared to the standard backs. Especially in humid areas/places with a lot of weather fluctuations.

would it be that big of a deal to have a link to Moto's site? I get the whole insestuous interal linking you have to do, but really. Come on.

So what is the actual wood used?

I expect further analysis. A complete chemical breakdown, spectral comparisons and DNA analysis to establish what tree gave its life for these wooden backs.

And then, to be finished as some other wood? I want mine in the finish of whatever wood it actually is...

Also, is the wood waterproofed? fungal-resistant? termite-proof? Does the Moto warranty cover damage caused by beavers?

Is that gap / Plastic Ridge on the upper right back corner on the photos really there? Or, is it a shadow from the light angle? It looks like a really bad fit and finish if it is

Anyone know if you can get the fake walnut or Ebony wood backs with the white trim instead of the white? Cant get an answer from Googlerola on this.

On a side note, Does anyone know if the Developer Editions, specifically the Verizon one come with all the Verizon bloat on them? If so, is it removable or do you have to just disable it? I have called Googlerola three times but always get Malaysia or the Philippines and cant get a straight answer on it.

One last question to anybody who has the X. The one I demoed at a Verizon store, the Camera flash had a strong yellow tint to it and was much dimmer than my Gnex, when used as a flashlight is this how they all are or was it a bad unit?