T-Mobile's "Project Emerald." Just the sound of it alone excites us. The guys at Tmonews have heard that T-Mobile is planning to launch "Project Emerald" and according to them, it's definitely going to be a handset launch. That handset? A device that's on par with the Nexus One. T-Mobile has in the past, referred to their major moves as "projects" (remember project dark?) and given Tmonews' solid track record with all things T-Mobile, we're not doubting that this project exists. And given T-Mobile's 4th place standing among national carriers, the project needs to be big enough to shake things up.

The question is, what type of device could gain that sort of excitement? Tmonews suggests the HTC Desire, which would be a really great release for T-Mobile given that the very similar Droid Incredible has been very successful on Verizon thus far. An updated Desire that would take advantage of T-Mobile's new HSPA+ network would be even better, sort of a Evo 4G and Droid Incredible compromise if you will. But then again, this could just be a fancy way of releasing the myTouch 3G Slide. What do you guys think "Project Emerald" will be?


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What is T-Mobile's Project Emerald ?


Interesting - if they can build it up the same way that Verizon did the Droid then they could have a home run on their hands.

Was in my local T-Mobile store yesterday getting a cover and screen protector for my CLIQ XT and got into a very interesting conversation with the sales rep. Generally I don't take these folks very seriously... but in this case I do. I have been assisted by this same sales rep for nearly 5 years now... he knows me very well and all the info he has passed along over the years has been spot on.

We were talking about the myTouch Slide and he said "just wait and see what we have coming in around August!" I said... "what, a new HTC or Motorola phone?" He said... "well, do you know the EVO 4G that Sprint is getting?... Just keep that in mind and wait a few months before you buy your next Android phone". (I got the CLIQ XT as a free upgrade, so he knows that when T-Mobile gets their first 2.1 or 2.2 phone I am going to jump on it.)

As a result of our conversation I have a feeling that Project Emerald is going to be T-Mobile's version of the EVO... and that would be fantastic. It would give T-Mobile something they can really compete with. Not that the myTouch, CLIQ or CLIQ XT are bad devices... they are actually way underrated in my opinion... but when you have Verizon with the Droid and the new Droid, AT&T with the new generation iPhone coming down the line and Sprint with the EVO... well, T-Mobile is left pretty much in the dust. So if you are a T-Mobile fan and want a new Android device, I would suggest waiting until August and see what pops!

Maybe it's the line-up with Dell phones? I've been waiting (for a long time) to get an Android phone, but I think I'm gonna wait until 2.2 is released natively

I would really like to see the Desire come to T-Mobile, but given the choice I would be hard pressed not to get a TMo version of the Evo. I love the old G1, but its time for an upgrade. Now if only someone would build a high end handset with a physical querty. A boy can dream I suppose.

Sorry I am aware of that, I just don't care for it. And I don't really have a desire to leave TMo. I prefer their plans and prices, and their service has never really bothered me. Rumor has it on androidandme.com that HTC is building a full querty "super phone" the likes of the Evo, and is supposed to be releasing it on TMo.

An anoucement in August sounds perfect, since I hit my next upgrade in September! If it's anything like the EVO or the Incredible, I'll be thrilled!

I just wish T-Mobile had a far better network then they do !! Any really awesome phone is kinda deflated a bit due to there spotty network , I love T-Mobile do to there customer service and such but I made the switch to ( GULP ) Verizon , with the release of the Incredible , I LOVED my Nexus One , but it was incredibly difficult to stay away from verizon when they release the twin ( only better ) Droid Incredible , Now I have an improved Nexus One on the best 3G network in the land , nothing can be better unless T-Mobile buys and takes over Verizons network , I could never go back

Oh oh oh... See, this creates a problem for me. I was planning on getting a Nexus One soon, but now... I may keep the old G1 til August...

I hate news like this. Just when I settle on something there is a 'bombshel' around the corner. I am getting the EVO on sprint and am not waiting for anything else. August will come around and TMO will make their big announcement and then we will hear... gues what Verizon has in store for the holidays, wait until December. BAH HUMBUG!!!

T-Mobile needs to work on getting a decent signal before they worry about cool phones. Can't wait to sell my Nexus One because of their service. Great phone, cruddy service provider...and I am in a major city. I feel sorry for you guys in the sticks!

Come on EVO! I cant take much more of this!

Unless this is some kind of magical network expansion I doubt this will do much of anything for them. I was happy with T-Mobile until I hit one of their "roaming" areas that had no signal. I travel frequently for work and the lack of coverage forced my hand and I had to move to Verizon.

Emerald Project? - How about as in the Wizard of Oz Emerald City..."follow the yellow brick road"...a device geared toward navigation = T-Mobile Garminfone

Loving my Verzion Droid Incredible

Here is my dream for this device, while I know this if off topic a little I wish there was a device that ran Vanilla Android, has a physical keyboard with 5 rows of nicely spaced keys(same layout as the G1, my favorite keyboard ever), snapdragon processor, and has a screen as large as the Evo. This would be my perfect phone...I guess I will continue to dream for a while...

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This is awesome news as long as it ISNT the droid Eris. That thing is medium strength android. It is just barely better than my Mytouch3g. For me to get this (possible) new project emerald phone, it definitely has to be full strength android, aka on the level of Evo and Incredible.

-At least 5 mp camera, but i think the new Evo has a 7mp so that would be nice.
-Sense UI would be nice
-Snapdragon is a must, the Eris only has 557mhz processor i think.
-Large screen/high quality screen like Evo, 720P HD would be awesome but that might be wishful thinking for a t-mobile phone to have.