Flight Control

This week I've been revisiting another golden oldie in Flight Control. It's a simple, yet challenging puzzle game that sees you take on the role of air traffic controller bringing the aircraft in to land. As time goes by the skys around your landing strips and helipads gets busier and busier, and not crashing the aircraft into each other becomes more and more challenging.

Flight Control

It's just a great example of a mobile game. Simple controls, perfectly designed for the touchscreen, and a real pick up and play mentality. Guiding your aircraft in to land requires nothing more than tracing a flight path on the screen with your finger. You get a bunch of different levels to play and you're tasked with landing big jets, smaller prop planes, helicopters, a real mix. If the aircraft get too close, alter the flight path and take them on a new one to keep everyone flying.

It actually gets pretty difficult, pretty quickly, but not so much so that you're frustrated enough to stop playing. Pair it up with colorful – if simplistic – graphics and you've got a great mobile time waster.


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What I'm playing this week: Flight Control


Air Control by Four Pixels is a lot of fun, free and pro version with 4 different air ports. Millions play it and free and pro versions has non tamper leader board. I was number 1 now down to number 5.

Agreed I have the same free version. Its free and a small game and mildly entertaining.

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Going to have to install this again now. I preferred Air Control in the past because of fewer permissions. (There is a lot that I don't install because I don't like the permissions.) I remember that this type of game wasn't great on smaller devices like Nexus One, but was great on OG Note. Now that everyone has 5" displays it's a great option.

Probably because so many people from so many counties use this website and use different denominations of currency. ..... Don't be so lazy and click on the link and found out how much it costs in your country/area.

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I've played both Flight Control and Air Control. Though both are good, I prefer Air Control both for its much smaller file size and its gameplay.

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I bought this one on a whim a couple years ago when Google was running a bunch of apps at $0.25. Don't play it all that much, but it was worth the quarter!

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Flight Control is a great game!! Another is Airport Mania games as well, it looks like a kids game, but its too hard for a kids game. Pretty good!

Been hooked on Monopoly as well.

I love this game, I don't play it anymore as I bought it when it was huge on iOS years ago but I highly recommend it!!

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