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New calendar year, new look for your phone or tablet

It's now 2014, and that means maybe it's time to clean up that homescreen for a new look in the new year. It always feels good to clear out your phone and start fresh, really thinking about what apps and widgets are most important for productivity (and a little fun as well).

We're sure more than a few of you have taken to your phone and tablet to rearrange things in 2014, so how does it look after you're done? I've posted screenshots of my current setup right now after the break, but we'd love to see what your devices are looking like in the forums as well.

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I keep it simple with four folders, individual icons in the dock and a 4x2 widget for Press, my RSS reader. Google Now is of course (using a Nexus 5) on the screen to the left, and I have two widgets on the one screen to the right.


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What do your homescreens look like for 2014?


I used to change it up all the time when I ran custom ROMS but I've been very happy with stock Sense 5 on my HTC One ever since I got it. I know that's pretty boring for most but it just works. :-)

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Yeah I really don't have a reason to move away from Sense on my One either. Everything just kind of... works as it should. The 4.3 update adding instant Google Now access from anywhere with a swipe up on the home button has also negated the need to add a 4x1 Google Search bar on my home screen.

The more I use Sense the more I fall in love with it.

Hey! It's like that with me! I couldn't do that with TouchWiz though. I just wish you could add more home screens on Sense.

StealthDroid - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

1 page with 2 folders for Google apps and games, and Google now to the left. Someone should really add attachments to the mobile app....

I love sense on my HTC One but I agree I would have loved to add more home screens but I make due

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Amen, I love sense 5 and 4.3 on my One. I actually still have blinkfeed as my home screen. With the customization I love having stories I'm interested in right there and then it's just one or two swipes (or a click on my action bar which I've customized with groups of apps) to everything else I need.

I've got GEL on my Moto X, otherwise I keep a pretty minimalist home screen. One, maybe two widgets a screen over four screens. I like to see my background image.
Wave Launcher keeps lots of apps handy while keeping clutter down.

Do new wallpapers come with Kitkat? If so I may just wait until my maxx gets kitkat to make any changes

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I have my gmail widget and Google keep widget as my home screens and I have four folders on my dock containing my communication, Google, tech news, and photography apps. I do miss having a blank home screen though!

Nexus 5...enough said

I am sporting a totally different look...I picked up a Lumia 925 on ATT. Still hurting for some quality Google apps on WP but I like the live tiles etc and installing all the bloat from ATT was so easy, just uninstall! And of course the camera is top notch! Could always use it as a camera with wifi...

Can't go too long without firing up my Moto X and Google Now and Google Wallet and pebble etc!

I was running GEL on my SGS3 with CM11 but wanted to change it up so I downloaded the Themer app and use the collage theme. I miss having Google Now always to the left and auto voice search on every screen but I'm getting used to it.

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I've tried several wacky home screen replacements but I keep coming back to Nova Launcher. Purrty and most importantly CUSTOMIZABLE.

GNote3 via AC App

Ive always changed my home screens to keep myself from getting tired of my phone from boredom. I've recently been using Nova Launcher on my Verizon Galaxy S4 running 4.2.2 and it works for me. I can change the look of everything and it runs better than touchwiz for me. The Cover lockscreen also looks great.

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The only change I've made so far is using 500 Firepaper. Changing wallpapers with a three finger tap really makes your homescreen a lot more interesting. I really think Android Central should feature this app because it honestly is very cool, feature packed, and easy to use.

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I had never heard if the 500 wallpaper app b4. Very slick indeed.

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I like the keeping it simple idea with the home screen. I currently have 7 tabs and growing. Seriously thimking of giving this approach a try.

Dumbest pro sports mascot around until New Orleans decided to go with the Pelicans.
WTF were they thinking????

Switched from Aviate to GEL launcher w/ Dashclock as the goto home button screen and the rest of the screens with less icons and more widgets!

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Bottom left folder. I don't make many calls from the phone, not a big deal to be behind 2 taps instead of 1.

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With GEL you don't need a phone icon...

"OK Google.... Call Jerry"

From the home screen, that's all you gotta do!

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Ever since i side loaded the Google experience launcher from the nexus 5 I've been running it on both my s3 and nexus 7 (2013). I also have a custom weather and time widget using uccw.

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My Nova Launcher Prime does the job great. I tried GEL and it was a pain, not really worth the hassle. Beside Google Now being more accessible from it, it's really nothing amazing.

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Google apple retina wallpapers. Thank me later

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

- Nova Launcher
- 3 home screens
- Persistent google search bar
- Google Calender & Flipboard on the right
- Nothing at the center
- Dailly Mail & AC Widget on the left

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Well I usually like to refresh but I have been more than happy with aviate. I have recently rooted and flashed bobcat rom so with that is where my refresh Happened all the notification area has been revamped along with the status bar so that was my thing for 2014

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For whatever reason, I keep my main home screen pretty clean. My other home screens look like a hoarder's garage.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

People, when you click on the forum link you can see everyone's screen shots or upload your own. (Use desktop view)

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

Pro tip for you Andrew....or anyone that uses the starbucks app.

take a screen shot of your "bar code" and use something like Zooper wiget to make a lockscreen widget with a bitmap of your cropped down screen shot. works great and keeps that ugly starbucks widget off your home screen :)

Mine is delicious naked kitkat I have good taste lol I use apex on my moto g

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The apps I use the most - Facebook, Twitter, all Google services app in a folder, Playstore and my bank app are customized on my Home screen.

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I've fiddled around over the years, but always moved toward simplicity. Nova, one homescreen, Dashclock (also on the lock screen), six folders down the left side. I have an identical setup on my tablet, only the wallpaper is different. Everything just where I need it.

Posted from the (4.2 updated) redheaded stepchild of the Nexii

I'm a fan of the minimalist look now. I use Nova and Muzei to change the wallpaper periodically but otherwise have just th a 3x5 dock that hides away with an up swipe. 2 taps brings up Google Voice Search.