Atrix, Nexus S, Desire HD

Now that smartphones have evolved largely into touchscreen-centric multimedia devices, screen resolution and size have become some of the most important features. If the screen is too small or the resolution is too low, it can make the phone itself a hassle to use. Having a big screen is great, but it will look terrible if the resolution isn't high enough.

Various resolutions have been created to help distinguish between each other, and here is a list of the most common ones you will find on Android powered devices:

  • QVGA (320x240) Used in small phones like the Motorola Charm
  • HVGA (480x320) Common in older devices like the HTC Hero
  • WVGA (800x480) The most common these days for phones like the Evo 4G
  • qHD (960x540) Used on high-end phones like the Atrix 4G
  • WSVGA (1024x600) Common for tablets like the OG Samsung Galaxy Tab 
  • WXGA (1280x800) Used for the high-end tablets of today like the Motorola Xoom
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zer0nine says:

What's the name of the widget on the Inspire?

brodieduncan says:

I believe it is TypoClock, found @ or by scanning this QR -

darb76 says:

It's a live wallpaper called wp clock.

El Jefe says:

WP Clock. It isn't a widget, it's a live wallpaper. If you want a similar clock in a widget try "Make Your Own Clock Widget" & just build it to look similar to the WP Clock.

thubalek says:

stopsign002 says:

It is clockr?

El Jefe says:

No. Clockr is on the Motorola on the left. The Inspire is on the right & that is "WP Clock" which is actually a live wallpaper, not a widget.

stopsign002 says:

Yeah you right haha

stopsign002 says:

Edit: double post

stopsign002 says:


kagenish says:

this is a nice post it can help a lot of people to understand the different screen's out in the market.

lexs says:

ah the good old HVGA, aint to shabby on my G1

GooTz66 says:

What is the clock widget displayed on the evo?

El Jefe says:

Please read the comments above. Thanks.

tommydaniel says:

woops, replied to the wrong post lol

btgrave says:

um...... the article really didn't answer the title like I thought it would. :/

tommydaniel says:

This is exactly what I was thinking. They could have gone a little more in depth and maybe showed what the screens looks like with particular webpages open, photos, or text. They didn't really answer anything.

StuRoid says:

Ok so a while ago I heard rumbles that developers were claiming all these different screen sizes and resolutions were causing hell for them developing apps and therefore creating a fragmented experience....not the exact words and I'm kinda hazy os specifics here. All of it confuses me and if like to know what causes the developers more headache, all the different screen sizes or the resolutions.....or both? Or hell does it really matter at all?

tommydaniel says:

As long as the developer followed the guidelines the app would automatically resize to the correct resolution.

Sophos says:

Thanks for this....I caught a bit of the explaination on the last podcast bit this clears things up :-)

joepemberton says:

Your readers may want to know about UI design company Punchcut's screen resolution toolkit for free download.

ScottJ says:

"What do screen resolutions mean?"

It sounds like a question that should have been posed on Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles" song.

Mr.Froyo says:

Anyone else realize he forgot FWVGA thats on the Sony Ericsson arc/x10/Neo/pro/play and that's on the big screened Motorola devices like the Droid/x/2/2 global the motor defy bravo and cliq 2. The screen resoultion for that is 854x480. It's still technically common enough to be its own

cfrobs says:

might be a newbie question (just got a nexus s) but, how do i get that theme/rom/ui for my nexus? the one pictured above. sorry if i didn't use the appropriate terminology, i've been using a blackberry for the past 5 years and just switched over to android

stopsign002 says:

Do you mean the launcher (the buttons at the bottom to put it into laymens terms)? And if that's what you ment... no idea haha. I was wondering that too

cloud36426 says:

Launcher Pro. It is in the Market.

cfrobs says: