Vlingo for AndroidIt's been a big week, and we're in a giving mood. So let's give away some free software, shall we?

Vlingo's voice-to-text (and vice-versa) service goes a few steps beyond Google's stock service, and it's one that we've been enjoying for some time now. For the uninitiated, Vlingo allows you to dictate just about anything you want, and it will actually read your incoming e-mails and voicemails, too.

So without further ado, let's give away 20 copies of the Vlingo app. All you need to do is comment in this post, and let us know why you deserve the app. We'll close up shop tonight at midnight Eastern time and notify the winners by e-mail. So make sure you're registered, leave a comment, and good luck!


Reader comments

We've got 20 Vlingo licenses for you [Contest[



I do a lot of voice searches, and sometimes get inexplicable text returning, I am hoping that Vlingo will do better.

I just left my Blackberry and miss my Vlingo app! I do a lot of driving for work and really miss all of the features. Thanks!

Please let me get one i need it just because i love to text but it seems im more and more on the road and well its unsafe to drive while driving and i took part in the beta testing for this app and it really help. So please help a guy out, a android lover, and let me get one of the vlingo licencees please

I would like this application because it would help in those scenarios that you have to use your phone while driving with the new Michigan law that's coming July 1st(no texting and driving). So this is why the app would help me and I deserve it because I never win anything :P

I have a 1-hr commute to work and have a lot of emails to read. Since I am on the road for so long, I might as well be productive and have the emails read back to me.

Plus, I never win anything. :)

I would like a license because I have a spinal cord injury and have limited hand usage. Voice commands would make things so much easier.

Why do I need this application?
Well there is an issue, that I cannot control myself. I grow up in a small town in the state of Alabama. If anybody knows anything about Alabama, well, I believe you do not. We do not marry our cousins, we don't eat roadkill (well most don't anyways) and we do not all have an accent. I however, do. I live in a city with people who inflict this upon me. And I am sad to say that the native application is not exactly supportive of an old country accent. I would love to be able to speak texts while bush hogging the pasture. And I feel this here application may be suiting for my desires. If not, I can always use the Rosetta Stone for English and hope for the best. Well, enough of this pity fest..the cows need milking.

Thanks for the contest! I'd like to be considered due to the fact that I have gargantuan sausage like fingers that make typing on the phone VERY DIFFICULT. Plus, I am not very smart so my spelling isn't 2 good! If I am lucky enough to be awarded this major prize I will bow down before our benevolent Android Central overlords.

I have this app in beta and time is running out....

I'm a huge fan of Vlingo, and use it to send emails, text messages, and perform searches and it is by far the most accurate word recognition program I've used so far and REALLY don't want to PAY FOR IT!!!!

Because the safereader functionality would be a GREAT feature for someone who travels several hundred miles a week.

Just got "snipped" today so have to lay around and take it easy this weekend so this would give me something to do. :p

Because when i try to show my brother my iphone can do, he pulled out his iphone, pressed on the home button, and said play "name of a song" and it played his song. And my phone can't do that.

A copy of Vlingo would be amazing at work, in the car with the flashing lights, and also great advertising for the product. As I pull people over for texting while driving, I can tell them about this amazing app that I have called Vlingo! Maybe if they agree to install it they escape the ticket? :)

I deserve this app because I currently use Google voice and the transcription is awful AND because I didn't win the Evo ;)

Same as most people, I'd like to have it to hear any voicemails I might get on the road.

Plus I never win anything hahaha. :)

I could use this cause I can't chew gum and type at the same time but I could talk and chew gum, I think. Well I can talk and maybe chew gum.

As with most people here, I'd use Vlingo to be more safe on the road. Thanks for considering me.


I really need this program! Between my crazy job on the road all the time, my insane after hours life-style, and all those god damn bats! It's bad enough that they let a madman man like me loose on the roads... let alone rampaging at high speed, reading text messages from my boss, asking me where the hell I am and why I the hell I sent him a picture of a wet cat instead of my progress report. The poor bastard doesn't understand that the wet cat IS my progress report! Trust me! It made perfect sense at the time! Now however the relevance is lost forever, even to me! Maybe it was a metaphor for my state of mind at the time, maybe it had something to do with the midget on a unicycle, or maybe it simply reminded me of my boss... All these unanswered questions, fragments of memories, shattered pieces of a mind that was once whole... I guess the moral of the story kids is: Don't drink and drive! Specially if the drink is green and the guy offering it to you has massive pupils and is running around pretending to be an Ostrich!

I am constantly on the road doing sales and this would make my life so much easier. I'm a hard working man doing long hours and working weekends so I can give all three of my children a better life. Vlingo would help me out so much!

I'd LOVE to get a Vlingo license. I bought my Evo 4g on launch day and I've tried the built in Voice Input and it doesn't work very well with my accent. A friend of mine has shown my Vlingo on his phone and it works MUCH better for me. HELP ME AndroidCentral!


I am an intern for a bluetooth headsets (and other communications tech) company and am frequently asked to sit in on pannels and brainstorm sessions to discuss the issues of destracted driving and hands free technology (I am 20 yrs old so I fit into the target audience). Voice to text and its limitations are a big part of those conversations as well as the geek factor/stigma of owning and using a bluetooth headset. It would be awesome to get my hands on this software that is purported to improve on google's software and take the tech even further (I am an intern and am not allowed to file expense reports so buying it is not high on my list). Not only would I look good for taking initiative, but I would have hands on experience with a software that could be valuable in improving user experience for everyone where bluetooth headsets are concerned.

I deserve this app because i have to drive everyday from site to site at least 5 different travels throughout the day and I am constantly getting emails from my boss about where to go next, I would love it if these emails were read aloud to me so i did not have to look down at the screen while driving. That would save me soo much hassle. Not to mention the whole texting issue, not so easy to do without looking on a touch screen.

Pick me!

Android Central, I need this because this would help my mother text me sooo much. She is legally blind and can normally not text unless someone does it for her ( unless she absolutely stresses it really baddly) I can tell it really makes her sad that she is not able to perform a simple task such as texting. If I could surprise her with this I know for a fact SHE WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY THRILLED!!!!! Also it would help me out also so I don't have to call her all the time when I need to tell her something hahaha. But seriously, it would really make her life SO MUCH MORE EASY!

this app would complete my Windows mobile to Android transition. I used Microsoft Voice Command daily on my touch pro 2. and as someone who's not quite ready to Root my Evo this app would give me a great deal of missed functionality.

Vlingo on my Moto DROID would enable me to read (by listening to) my e-mails and dictate commands while I'm driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I currently can't do either of those while I'm driving, because I don't want to end up as one of the many accidents each day on the 105 freeway during rush hour(s). I would use it to create Android-envy for all my friends with iPhonies, making them hate Apple even more. I would use it to recruit more soldiers for the Android Army!

1. I'd like a licensed copy to demo in my sales presentations when I'm trying to convince all of my BlackBerry enabled customers why they need
to migrate to the Android platform as both a cost factor for TCO, and in the feeble hope that I never have to work with or on another botched installaion of BlackBerry Enterprise Server again in my entire life.

2. I'd like a licensed copy as I use the Google Voice app all the time and would love to expand voice command capabilities on my HTC Incredible!

3. I'd like a licensed copy because I'm a Virgo and this program is called Vlingo!

I need this software because I drive around in a service truck all day and the world would be much safer if all I had to do was talk and listen to use my phone.

I deserve a copy because Wisconsin just passed a no text or email while driving law... and when I get a text or email I can listen instead. :)

This sounds like an interesting app. It would come in handy while I'm traveling for work. I'm an outside salesman so I do a lot of driving around town. Would love to compare this with Google's version.

I had an accident just last week becuase I had my phone up to my head instead of hands free - I need it!

I got the Evo 4G, and I use the microphone for txting, web-surfing and so on for almost everything. The voice detection is so great that I would really like to be able to have 1 app/widget where I can speak and have it open or dial or just type for me instead of having to a move to a specific spot first!

I really want this app!

Voice dialing is one of three things I miss about my old Blackberry. A Vlingo hook-up would really help out my Android transition.

I could definitely use an app like this. Oprah said not to text and drive and I don't want her smacking me down.

ok for real I deserve this app cause I have no Hands... and it would help me out alot .... typing with my foot puts a strain on my ankle!!!!

There are so many uses for this program beyond the obvious texting while driving... sending emails, journaling something you want to remember, grocery lists, to do lists, etc. etc. etc. This program could be SO useful.

I want this app because hands free is just what I need for typing. Love Android, and would love this. This would be absolutely awesome for me!

As a "Brit" I have had some problems getting Google's voice app to undestand me. I understand that the Vlingo app has increased functionality so I'm hoping that this will mean it can handle my version of "English".

And as an owner of an HTC Desire I believe I can also offer the prefect platform for the Vlingo app.

Have a great weekend and congratulations on an excellent site.

Voice Commands sound pretty awesome, I would love to try to this software, always showing off my Evo to my Iphone friends, I got 2 of them to convert over to Android, just waiting on one more to come around to his senses.) This would be another weapon to my arsenal when showing off the Evo.:)

I would love to have this.

I am constantly on the road for work, and am constantly getting emails and calls. Our main contact with other employees is via email so being able to have this feature and respond quicker would be a huge plus. I currently use the Google Voice feature and a step up from that would be even better!

hi. i deserve this free application because i am of jewish heritage, and my people have been oppressed for thousands of years. you owe me!

I would like this app so I can listen to android central all day while I'm at work or in the car!!! I'm a very busy person but I always make time to read every post on android central, while listening would be so much better I'll continue to read them all even of I don't win this app! By the way...swype is amazing!

It would be a blessing for me to win this incrdible new software because I am on the road most of the time. It would be a great asset to have as far as sending 30 to 40 emails a day as well as 100's of texts messages daily. If the apps works as well as it sounds I would tell my collegues and generate multiple sales for the company. Thanks for the opportunity.

im already loving the voice to text google has on my incredible, but the use of Vlingo would only up the ante!
I tend to use the google's version quite frequently, mainly because when i send texts, most of my texts go to my family members, who are either hard of hearing, or completely deaf. so for me to have a safe and easy way to text my family members, (mom, dad, uncle and 3 aunts), makes total communication with them much, MUCH easier!
thanks for reading my post!

Hey, I could really use this since I'm using the DINC for my main business phone. I can just imagine the time this app would save me!

I have the Hero, and in the interest of remaining cool and relevant in the face of all the people who have EVOs, I need to get new stuff like this on my phone.

I have been an avid android supporter and pusher ever since I got my Moto Droid. I have since then upped to the Droid Incredible and will probably up once again to the Droid X. I spend roughly 4 hours a day driving to and from work. So about 20 hours a week driving, this app would be a huge help for me in my business and making it easier for me to drive and talk.

I've always needed a QWERTY keyboard and I want to move out of that into something better. Though a touchscreen is alright, speaking to my phone and telling it what I want I think is the WAVE (hehe) of the future. That's why I'd like to get a hold of Vlingo.


I'm new to Android. I love my Incredible and am having fun trying new apps. This one sounds like one I've love and use a lot.

Count me in as well. I have some need for this myself!!!
I don't deserve it any more than anyone else but I will put it a good use. I was thinking of buying this if it went on sale.

Go Evo, Go Evo, Its your birthday!! Go Evo..

Okay it is not its birthday or strictly an Evo product but hey I got excited!! :)

I think I should win cause my wife is pregnant with our first child, my kitchen is under construction due to major water damage from the upstairs bathroom and my wife wont let me spend a dime on APPS....PLease let me win....Thanks

I found Phil's podcast several weeks ago and am now a big fan. It is because of his podcast that I have now purchased my first Android phone and told Windows Mobile Buh Bye!
This would be a great addition to my new phone

Please pick me! Unemployed college student that's been looking at this app in the market for days. I just can't justify the money with no job! P lease help me out here!

Pretty please Android Central I need a Vlingo license so when I drive to California I can speak to text and dont get a fat ticket for being on my phone while driving. Come on I at least i said pretty please... LOL

Oh, Please Choose me.
Reason's why I think I should be given a license key.

1. I drive like most Americans, but Driving is my job requirement, and Phone tickets (talk/text) are more expensive for class B drivers. *California anyways * I've already had one ticket for a cell phone and driving.

2. Constant shifting of a manual tranny and texting takes forever to text

3. I Don't participate in every contest to get free stuff, and clog the Entire list.

4. I have used Vlingo (trial) before but on a different platform RIM.

5. It would make my android experience even more Incredible (can you guess which phone I have?)

6. Because your awesome?

having this app would be sweet. I do a lot of reporting on my files outside of the office.if I have this app I would be able to dictate everything on my phone and itwould save me huge amounts of time!

I could solve two out of my three problems right now: I would grab one of those apps that imitate animal sounds and control it with Vlingo to make my Droid bark like a dog. This way I could get rid of my real dog who spends the day barking, eating and spreading s**t all over the garden !!!

I believe that showing this app to my customers will further prove Android devices are still far superior to other smartphones. And would enjoy this for personal use too. "Incredible I am"

I deserve Vlingo because I am so old (count'em 60) and I can't type very well and I can't see very good either - besides the fact that I got short stubby fingers (Phil, I know you can relate - I hope that is not a point against me) with a broken thumb - so is what I am saying the truth? Sadly yes :-(

I am a speed demon on them tiny virtual keyboards :-(

Sprint Samsung Moment - can't yet get an EVO which I am sure would help.

Sweeeeet. One thing I find myself looking for more and more is reading my emails and texts to me. It seems like Google has really stopped short of this... Why, I wonder?


I would love this app because the Google version does not work too well with an Australian accent... so love to give this one a try, and let you know how well it goes!

Warmly, Marty
From the land downunder.... :o)

Welp this would be an amazing app for me, I'm constantly driving, not only for work, but I also volunteer to drive people who, otherwise, couldn't go to certain places, grocery store, etc. So I do spend a lot of time on the road. From the sounds of it, this app would really help me out a lot!

Well...I smashed my hand on my desk when you didn't select me as a winner in your Incredible give-away and I injured it pretty badly. In fact I have been having a difficult time typing on the Incredible I had to go out and purchase, so a Vlingo license will almost make up for all of the pain!

i would love to have this app because i am always using my phone everyday. It is something that is my checkbook,text,facebook,alarm clock,etc. It would really help me to have this app because it would help me while i am out and about. I just love this site this helps me see about updates on the android phones....

I have a my first baby on the way, July 10th, and the more I can do hands free, like have e-mail read to me and dictate, the better! Hook me up!


Techy-nerd girl here... but unfortunately, after 40 I've needed reading glasses - even to see the HUGE Evo screen! So an app that would read my messages would be WONDERFUL.

I find that, too often, I'm in a hurry to type out something quickly for searching and, inevitably, end up screwing that up. Google voice search has been about 75% accurate, but I would jump at the chance to try something else! Thanks for hosting this contest guys!

What a nice giveaway! Well, I'm just switching to Android, and the great speech interface was one of the major reasons I decided to. I've got tons of new apps to buy, and I think this one would make a lovely welcome-to-Android present.

I'm a traveling consultant who spends a lot of time on the road. My wife, two teenage daughters, and I are major texters. We all know DWT(driving while txting) isn't the safest thing to do, and having this software would allow me to continue communicating with my family on a much safer manner.

PS- I'm driving as I write this.

I "deserve" the app cause I help out a ton in the forums...

I would like this app cause I do a lot of driving :P

Why would I like this app?

Well, I am currently out of work, due to the ongoing recession, and so money is tight. However, I have given my time up to the Mountain Rescue Services as a Volunteer 24x7 - not only do I give my time up freely but I also have to pay out of my own money for personal equipment and a pager subscription.

I'd really like a voice command system to make calls and open up mapping apps while I am racing to an emergency and as hard as I tried I couldn't get Google Voice Search to work.

I would love to give this app a try to see if it helps me with this, I would be most grateful.

I deserve a Vlingo account because I like to play endlessly and I try and break stuff. I'm the perfect beta tester and early adopter. I've got tons of great ideas I need written down and this service just might keep up with me.

Look...No B.S....No fancy wordsmithing...I'll tell you exactly, simply and precisely...I'll use the app, like it was meant to be used. I'll push its buttons...tread on the edge of its abilities...make it hate me....Then I'll put it away...used, abused and loved....For making my life easier

i would like this because it would be nice to talk to my phone to enter information, then typing on the keyboard.

I tried this software on my BB Curve once, I would love to see how it has improved. I use my Dinc built in one all the time. would love to compare

I need this app to be able to text during my classes. I'm currently a student and the stock google speech to text simply doesn't cut it. I can't take my phone out in plan sight of my professors, but I can leave my phone on the desk and speak my texts. I use swype so I cannot even access the stock google speech to text easily.

I've also been an avid reader of your blog, and I would like to say keep up the fantastic work!

Gee, a contest sure brings everyone out of the woodwork, doesn't it? ;)

Anyway, I frequently need to record conversations with clients to cover my butt. It sure would be nice to transcribe them with this software.

I'm not gonna make any excuses. And I don't have a driver's license so I can't say I'm a driver. And I'm not blind and don't have fat fingers.

I just wanted to show it off to my friends =>

As a blackberry storm transplant this app is a must. I love all the hard work and reporting that android central provides. With this app it provide me better and faster responses to post. Being a truck driver I'm all about efficient use of apps and this one rocks thanks

I have a five month old daughter that I hold constantly which makes using all the great features of new my phone difficult. I need this so I can prove to my wife how awesome our new phones are while still maintaining my fatherly duties.

I need this app because I can't read so good. Especially without my glasses and my shoes. If I get this app I will bring all my shoes and all my glasses with me so I have them.

I do A LOT of driving... at least 500 miles per week. This app would be SWEET for me, especially on my EVO 4G!!!!!!

Luck be with me tonite!!!!

I would like to win one of the free softwares for the droid for my son who has a vision impairment. Having voice activated will bless him because it will help him use his phone more effectively when he has vision related headaches and his bad eye is pulsing and especially during times when the strain is intensified for the good eye. If it pleases you to provide this license to him, it will be much appreciate. Thank you. Have a nice day and God Bless!

I just got a bluetooth headset for my DROID and would love to be able to be more efficient with Vlingo on my phone

I feel a little strange saying I "deserve" something, but the Vlingo application would be tremendously helpful.

The Evo is my first smartphone ever, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I got it the day it was released. Less than a week later, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She lives a little over four hours away, so it's an eight hour round trip in the car.

I am planning to visit her at least once a month, and it looks like her treatment (chemo + surgery + radiation) is going to last close to two years, starting next Monday. I'll be on the road an awful lot, and it would really keep the time in the car from being a waste if I could get some things done with my smartphone while I was driving. It'd also make the trip a little less lonely to feel like I was talking with someone, if only to my phone. :)

There are many other people here with very good reasons for needing this application. Whether or not I am one of the Android Central readers chosen, I know of one app I'll be using on my Evo during this time: video chat with my husband so I can say goodnight to him while I'm away.

Why do I hope I am chosen?
Because I'm the only person I know with an Android phone; all my friends and coworkers and iPhone fanboys/girls... and my mission in life is to change ALL OF THEM to the Android side. A Vlingo app would assist in my goal!

I think I deserve this app, because i follow Android Central every day and post in the forums......Being a regular should be good for something :)

I need this app because too many people keep calling me and asking for directions or want me to look stuff up for them while I'm driving...and by "too many" I mean a few of my close friends, but hey, that's what I get for going with Google.

I dont deserve it - Ive been a bad boy texting and driving. But at least I wont kill anyone if I had this app : )

I used to have Vlingo on my Blackberry Curve years ago and it worked flawlessly! I'm new to Android and would love to be able to use it on my Evo! Please pick me!! :)

I deserve this app because I just graduated w/ my Master's in Public Administration. This would be an awesome gift!

Sorry, I been out all day and just got back. I am 13 minutes late. Can you make an exception. If I had Vlingo in my car, I could of used voice to send a message. That is why I needed it.

As a former Windows mobile user, the only thing I've missed has been Microsoft's Voice Command. This would finally give Android the edge once and for all.

Anything that we can use our voice is always a plus! Typing driving is supposed to be dangerous.. We all do it, but voice is great! Hook me up!

I think i deserve this app, because i run a business from my mobile device.

I run a childrens clown/entertainment business from my phone, and i am always on the road, needing to text message/email clients.

This app would greatly simplify my needs and would make my whole phone usage a lot more convenient!

Please pick me...Thanks!


I need this because I have heard that beautiful women are strongly attracted to older guys who have very advanced technological gadgets. It always worked for Bond... James Bond. It doesn't seem to be working for me though. I'm sure this must be the one gadget that I have been missing.

little late i know :( i would love to get this i root peoples phones and show off my nexusone ive gotten 17 people to come to android just another way to show why its better than iphone. android doesnt need any help but its always fun to say oh ya android does this too :)

I used to love this app on my BB Storm and wasn't aware that it existed on Android until a few weeks ago... why should you part with a free licence and offer it to me?

You shouldn't. And don't you dare!

currently i work for a local university, driving transit, our pick up and drop of off students, are text to us. after completing the pick up and drop of we have to text them back to let them know that we are ready for the next ride. with vlingo it will allow me to continue moving and save time since i don't have to pull over to read my info. so i would love this app. and would put it through good use.

Please consider me.

I am a staunch Google, Android, Nexus One, and Android Central supporter. Hands free dialing would be great.

This is my first contest on android central I bought the incredile and after 21 days I should have it Monday I've been a blackberry man for 7 years and just had enough so this would be a nice welcome gift. Ps I've never won anything on crackberry

i think i desevre this, my wife is always txting me while i drive, i always pull over so i wont get into an accident. this application will help me on time while driving instead of pulling over every 2-5 minutes and answering a txt msg.

I enjoy riding my bicycle to work....less pollution in the air!!! I could use my bluetooth and my journey to work could be enjoyable when I receive a call or need to make a phone call, instead of having to stop to make a phone call. Tell me something, has anyone ever tried to make a phone call on a bicycle while its raining??? You figure it out!!!!

I would love to add Vlingo to my Droid Incredible, it would just top off my Android experience. I mean I came over from Blackberry & the Storm 1 even, I mean that should almost be enough of a reason, right? LOL.

Seriously, it would make my life so much easier, I mean with running my own business, along with a family, I am always on the run, and constantly attached to my phone (like so many others on here as well). This would help me be more productive when in the car. :)

Did anyone get notified if they won yet? Just like everyone else, I am waiting patiently to find out if I am one of the lucky ones to get this great program. It would be a nice Father's Day gift to receive. All I know is my daughter and my wife are going to give my a card tomorrow and take me to see a movie. Getting Vlingo would be a nice added bonus. Good luck to everyone else.

I used this on Blackberry a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, I heard about it on podcast and looked, is it worth $10...I don't think I want to gamble. I use shoutout for text messages and I like it. Would I accept a free copy, why yes thank you very much.

I would like this app because I have a tendency to hit curbs and ruin tires whilst I am texting and driving. I also like to text silly and inappropriate things and I think that saying them out loud is and awesome way to do that. . .then those around you can enjoy too!!

I'm a road warrior. Constantly driving whilst trying to respond to emails, SMS and also take notes and write reports.

I'd like to put Vlingo to the test and see just how much I can really use it for. Maybe even try to write an entire report with it.

I'd be willing to write up a review on my experiences with it for AC.



I'm currently using the vlingo beta app and find it awesome but I find myself limited to what I can do with it but even in its beta stage it is still better than the Google voice dialer that is built into my HTC evo4g.
This is one of the best apps out there and if I win I will show this app of every day and get people wanting it more and more I work for a driving/travel company and my drivers need to have something like this with the beta I can show it off but I don't have full function and I'm limited at what I can show off I think with the full app I could bring in more customers even those with the iPhone............

I was recently diagnosed with a ruptured plantar fascia and was subsequently put in a walking boot - making texting with my toes nearly impossible. I have four young kids, so real interation with people is all-but outlawed - vlingo may be my last hope for my connection with civilization...

(hoping for a home run here, not a vling and a miss).

Awesome giveaway! I think I'm deserving of one of the licenses as I run a blog for Android app demos. Getting an invite would allow me to show all my readers/watchers the merits of this great app. I'm a diehard Android user and this would be a great addition to my list of apps!!

I broK my Ft, now I cnt txt, plz hlp!

I recently broke my foot, making texting with my toes nearly impossible. Since I have 4 young kids at home, I don't have an actually life - only a virtual life - one that would be so much easier if I could speak it, rather than type it... although talking commands into my phone might not help me on the 'cool-o-meter' with the kids - better get a bigger bluetooth headset to leave in my ear.

I suppose I could break down and spend $10 - but you know what they say: "a.p.s.i.a.p.e."


Hmm why do I deserve it? Well the truth is I'm not really sure if I do. :) Oh how do I explain this? I believe when you are deserving of something its because you..Oh forget it, LOL Yes I deserve it. Why? Well I guess I will have to say, its because I'm just a good loving hearted Daughter, sister, Friend, wife, mother, Aunt and a Gaga and loving every minute of it. Yep I think that is it. Well how about it, am I worthy? :)