Vlingo for AndroidIt's been a big week, and we're in a giving mood. So let's give away some free software, shall we?

Vlingo's voice-to-text (and vice-versa) service goes a few steps beyond Google's stock service, and it's one that we've been enjoying for some time now. For the uninitiated, Vlingo allows you to dictate just about anything you want, and it will actually read your incoming e-mails and voicemails, too.

So without further ado, let's give away 20 copies of the Vlingo app. All you need to do is comment in this post, and let us know why you deserve the app. We'll close up shop tonight at midnight Eastern time and notify the winners by e-mail. So make sure you're registered, leave a comment, and good luck!


Reader comments

We've got 20 Vlingo licenses for you [Contest[


oh yeah! yes please!!!

oh and first btw...
Would like to extend google's functionality and add voice dialing (that is a huge one for me).


I think I deserve this app because I do alot of driving. In the middle of all this, I believe in hands-free driving, and this app would be perfect for me to get caught up on emails, voicemails, and other functionality that this application brings, without being distracted on the road and endangering myself and others.

This app is the perfect solution for me to keep up-to-date while keeping in touch with my clients. Business Management between locations is definitely key to me staying on top of my game, and offers a new dimension of flexibility.

This is a great piece of software from what I've heard. Would be great to have for those little "honey do this" texts I get while driving. The free version of drive safe.ly does ok but ehhh.

need to prove to my iphone carrying wife that android and a cool app like this is the best thing since sliced bread.

i wish i would win. android is fast becoming (and in my opinion already is) the best mobile operating system on the market. each update from google is just leaps and bounds beyond their previous versions, and certain apps like vlingo make android all the better.

Sounds like an interesting app. Would love to try it out and compare to Google's to see who wins.

I can't honestly say I deserve this app, nothing I've done would matter here. Just being honest. However I am truckdriveer, husband and father whose life is mobile and this tool could help me be even safer while driving than I already strive to be. Espicially if this will work with text messages. Thanks for your consideration..

So is it any better than google, and does it do it all on-board or does it need to send it over the web?

I deserve this because, well, lemme see, ah, um, cuz I'm blind? No no, that would be lying, a cuz its cooler than hammered cat shit?, No, no, not good enough, ah because its slicker than snot on a gold tooth? Hmmm, true, but still not what I was trying to say. Cuz I would write up an complete review and send to AC? Prolly been done before.

Ah Just CUZ, Ok? Sheesh. Deserve? I'm trying to score a freebe here, don't make me try to look all noble and stuff.

I'm a new user of Android having just recently turned in my palm pre for the htc 4g. I have been using Google and would like to try this.
Thanks for the great website.

i deserve this app because I don't want to die while texting/reading emails etc while driving. having this app will help me keep my eyes on the road.

If all of my fingers get chopped off, i won't be able to use my Droid. Typing would be quite a drag. Droid been beddy beddy good to me.

I'm new to Android, though, I've been following info on Android Central for some time. Voice recognition on the EVO could use some improvement! I'd like to try Vlingo!

I had the Vlingo Beta, but flashing to Froyo on my Droid, I lost it. Vlingo is much mroe accurate and detailed than Googles Stock Voice Recognition. Most of all, I will use Vlingo to dictate my Browser to Android Central.coM!

I can use it. I am always dictating SMS message to friends and then trying to issue commands. This would make my life much simpler.

I'm in my car ALL the time for work! Being able to control my device, dial, transcribe audio to text, and read me inbound messages/emails would be a huge safety boon for me. Fooling with the phone is bad, and I am constantly fighting the urge to be checking up on things in traffic etc.

I also have quite a bit of trouble with the voice command native to Android only wanting to dial one particular number for a contact despite my urging. I'm sure this is a non-issue for Vlingo.

Thanks! :)

I deserve a Vlingo license because I'm a big fan of AndroidCentral, and because I love free stuff!

Thanks guys!

I WANT THIS APP!! The Google voice recognition software doesn't seem to work very well for me...and I want to be able to show off to all of my non-Android wanker friends...

I'm not sure this makes me deserving, but I'd like free copy of Vlingo so I can voice dial and drive without killing my whole family.

I believe I deserve this because I'm a heavy texter and do it while driving all the time. I feel this will help me to drive more safely by reducing distraction and being able to keep my eyes on traffic flow. I've had a few too many "close calls" and would like to avoid those from here on out, if possible. I feel that this software might just be the key to my safety, as well as those around me! :)

I had the beta version and it never really worked that well. The Google version was more accurate. I think my Boston accent threw it off. It kept waiting for me to pronounce my R's lol it's still a pretty sweet app though.

I deserve the license because I have a 1.5 hour commute each day in Los Angeles...this would help me keep my eyes on the road! Thanks!

I would love this, it would keep me from texting while driving and it might save a life...pretty deep, I know.

I would LOVE this app. I have an hour long commute which is mostly stop and go traffic..and I drive a manual transmission truck so anything that reduces the amount of hand-time my EVO has to have would be greatly appreciated! Plus in less than a month it will be illegal handle my phone too much here in SE Michigan :-(

I NEED this app due to already having four tickets from our new anti texting while driving law. Also it would allow me to be even more lazy and stop my arthritis from developing in my thumbs!

Me please. I think I'm deserving because I am a new android user. I've only had the phone for a couple weeks. The more I can learn about the phone the better... and what better way than with a new app.


I could really use a copy of this. I drive nearly eighty miles to and from work everyday for a total around 160. This would help a bunch, good luck everyone.

I'm constantly driving in my profession from city to city (I put over 60k miles in 2 years on my car :() and the ability to use software capable like vlingo would help out tremendously on my N1. I love the voice to text that comes standard but I'm currently using the swype keyboard so I noticed that the little mic icon is no longer there. It would be very much appreciated if I can win one of the licenses.


I use my Motorola Milestone not only driving, but flying! I fly small (single engine and twin engine) aircrafts, and can't stay away from the phone too long... I deserve Vlingo because if I don't, I'll end up crashing! xD

I deserve this app because my big fat fingers can't type on the tiny keyboard buttons. I need this!

I've become almost dependent on Google's voice to text feature on my EVO... it's great in pinch while driving and pretty accurate... but if you say this is even better, I believe you. I'd love to have this on my phone... it'd definitely be getting plenty of use! Thanks!

I'm a Verizon indirect representative and I often use google's voice to text to garner interest in the android devices I show to my customers. However, more often than not, the voice translations don't come out as intended and it makes me look somewhat foolish.

This would be a great sales tool to help promote Android phones and the benefits they offer. I am especially fond of using this service for my own personal uses. I can assure you it will be a worthwhile cause :).

My boss contacts me constantly and often I don't have a free hand. He especially likes to text me while I am driving. This app would make my incredible even more incredible! I also have 4 kids including a 8 month old so it would make my life easier when I am at home.

I need this, because I currently use it; BUT WOULD LIKE TO GIVE IT AWAY TO A FRIEND (or two?)! It's just awesome, 'nuff said!

I have a habitual habit of checking my phone emails and text messages while driving. Having this app would save lives :-) and save me from repeatedly getting reprimanded from my wife for checking my device :-)

The leprechauns have told me that I must get this app or they will leave me with no matching socks or milk for my cereal.

I would love this app, since I need to have my hands free programs while driving due to Oregon law and the safety of my two boys while in the car. I "deserve" this app because I'm a poor college student that can barely afford to raise my two boys...

yes i would love this i use the default google one all the time because i drive alot every day and it helps so much but some times it takes more effort repeating myself 5 times then it would to just text it

I have been participating in the Podcast chats and I am about to go get my first android phone ( Evo. and all pms are welcome to help me figire this thing out) in about 3 hours.
I am overly excited and havent had a smart phone since my 755p 3 years ago. So i think i should get one because i never win the podcast give-aways. <3

Vlingo is the best!!! I had the beta when it came out on my Droid and I upgraded to Droid Incredible and I miss the way this app was. I used it for texting, twitter, email and all. I used it when I was not in the mood to use my keyboard and I like it more than Google's Voice input software. Vlingo never made a mistake at all.

I have come to AC a lot but never registered. This contest for Vlingo made me sign up! I would use this program a lot while driving and dealing with the kids while we're out and about.Plus my grandmother just won her bingo tournament and bingo rhymes with Vlingo! It has to be a sign, no!?

This is for my wife, who is pregnant (and about to burst)...with a 3-year-old in the house too, her being able to send me a message of "Help! Please come home!" or tell me what to pick up at the store with minimal touch interaction with the phone would make 'mama' happy...

and everyone knows...if mama ain't happy, nobody's happy - if daddy ain't happy, nobody cares.

Hey everyone! I personally would like to have a license because I have a difficult time using my phone at work because I am a soldier. Our base strictly prohibits any talk unless it is hands free. In fact, I was pulled over a few nights ago because my wife was calling me to let me know my 1 year old son had cracked his head on the tablet some how. No surprise, the MP gave me a citation. This would really help me while on base. Thanks guys @ AndroidCentral!

19K FTW!

I need this because sometime the only thing that comes out of my wife's mouth is 'Keep your eyes on the road!

I love my samsung moment, but I'm getting an Evo pretty soon here. It would be AWESOME to have Vlingo when I get my evo! The google voice recognition is awesome, but not as responsive as I'd like. I think with Vlingo I will finally have the power to become Dr. Horrible's SIDEKICK MUAHAHAHAH... errrr I mean I could drive and text at the same time, both incoming and outgoing!

My wife is always interrupting me when I talk. It would be nice to have something listening to me when I speak and then actually do something with it.

As a recent Android convert (from WebOS) I'm loving my EVO but I would really like to extend it to the maximum with all functionality. I travel a lot and an app like this would be very helpful when picking up the rental car.

Android Central ROCKS!

i need this app, desperately... got a droid eris and its been REALLY acting up since that last os update ... cant upgrade to a new phone cause it'll be too expencive for a poor student ... i need need need

There is no better way at this point in time to abide by the law and don't text and drive. Who doesn't need this? The real question is who wants to be a much more responsible driver by using our ears instead of being distracted by reading our phone? Sign me up! @AndroidCentral, I would love to own this app, care to share?!

If I have this app, I can show my kids how cool their daddy really is... well, at least they would think the app is cool!

I would like to try this app because I'm stuck with the Hero and it's laggy keyboard. A decent TTS app would let me safely respond when I can't put up with it... or if I'm just feeling lazy.

I'd really like to get this app. The google voice search is nice, but it doesn't work as well as i would like.

I remember people using this on Blackberries and they really liked it, so i'm hoping it works as well for Android.

We are going to Coratia in two weeks for vacations, would love to have Vlingo on my Desire while we drive around. It should be a useful tool.
I have been following AndroidCentral for a long time ... but I created my account today just to post a comment and try and my luck :-) ... Pick me please !!

Well I just got my Evo recent from a local RadioShack and little did I know that some crazy women had their eyes on me and my new EVO(Eva). They black bagged us, threw us in the back of a van and sprayed me in the eyes with a gouged my eyes out... Then when they realized that the Evo hadn't yet come out in the color they wanted(White), so they threw us out on the side of the road... My (FREE) Google Navigation got me home but now I can't text due to my lack of sight... I absolutely NEED Vlingo in my life...

Being in the circus, and being the primary driver of the vehicle, I'm on the road sometimes for 12 hours at a time, with just a couple stops to re-fuel. While the built-in voice commands for my Moto Droid are nice, I had Vlingo on my old WinMo phone, and really liked it.

My home state just passed an anti-texting-while-driving law, and I'm sure several of the states I drive through do as well.

Plus, if I win, I'll write "Androidcentral.com" on a piece of paper, tape it to the hilt of a sword, swallow the sword, and post a video of it.

I deserve it because I paid for the app on my blackberry and now they want me to pay for it again on my EVO. I loved the app but I didnt think I should have to pay for it all over again since I dont have a blackberry and cant use the app on there.

I never won any contest here, or anywhere for that matter, and I am also always on the go to speech to text is great for me. If i dont win then congrats to all the winners. I still love androidcentral.com

This is a good idea. If I were to win I would use this to send those late night text messages when it hurts to look at the phone or take that quick voice memo because I am a very forgetful person. Good luck to all.

I used this program when I had my ancient BB Storm 1. I am on the road a lot a would very much like to have my emails and texts read to me. Great feature I would like to try out! So please, send me some love!

I have always had short, fat fingers. This app would save my frustrations on my Samsung Moment touchscreen..that is if it's available on the moment!

*crossing fingers*


I would love a copy of this app, not so much for me but for the cars that surround me as I zip through South Florida.
Not to mention the curbs and sidewalks that have come into contact with my tires.

Please....for the sake of the innocent lives in Miami.

PS- I just dropped AT&T and the iPhone in Tuesday and replaced it with an Evo and I am not regretting it for a second!


I am definitely in need of an App like this, considering I deliver pizzas and my friends are always wanting to chat it up with me while I'm driving around doing deliveries. This would make it so much easier!

I loved this app on my BB! But now that I'm a retired Crackberry user and Android convert, I'd love to give this a spin on my EVO. Vlingo and AC FTW!

Wayne Campbell: Am I supposed to be a man, am I supposed to say, "It's OK, I don't mind, I don't mind"? Well, I mind! I mind big time! And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ.

Android Central: Is that true?

Wayne Campbell: Yes, everything except the reading part.

Since I lost my arm while serving for this great nation, I believe this app will help me sending messages to my loved ones.....

If this comment doesn't win me this app, how about...

I lost my job, my wife left me, my dog attacks me, and this app would brighten my day.

I have heard a lot of good things about this app from my Blackberry friends. I would love to give it a shot on my Incredible. PLEASE!!!!

I definitely would love to have this app!!! As a Pastor, being able to simply listen to emails and texts I'm receiving while driving would be very beneficial (and a lot safer than trying to drive and read...) Thanks for the giveaways!! ANDROID CENTRAL FTW!!!!

It is clear that I deserve a Vlingo license.
I like using voice services. I also have a very radio-phonic voice, so I am sure the Vlingo will be just as please serve me as I will be using it.
Furthermore, my searches and commands are often include commands such as "I want a falafel sandwich, and I want it NOW" or "I need to know the latest Android-Central news ASAP - it is a matter of life or death" or even "What time is it in Antarctica, I need to call a penguin and I would hate waking him up!".

I wish i win a copy ! XD

i had a friend with a blackberry and i really liked vlingo there.

I can only guess it will be as nice or better in android xD

I am about to get my first Android phone.

I've been an Apple fanboy since my first Classic II 18 years ago. I always assumed I'd have an iPhone -- but I'm on Verizon, so I stopped hoping. Even with recent (rehashed) rumors that a CDMA iPhone is coming soon (eventually? ever?), I recently realized I stopped caring. I'm now officially stoked to get a Droid X when they drop, just in time for me to replace my aging and tired Blackberry Curve. (Don't get me started on that!)

I have a toddler and I run a nonprofit youth theatre company, so am frequently trying to get work done on the go. This app would be a great help to me, and seems like exactly the reason why I'll never covet an iPhone again.

Eagerly awaiting the moment I officially join your ranks,

Hey, you win. I just signed up to your site though I have been following your blog through RSS for awhile. I am a teacher and would like this app because my big fingers can't type on a keyboard to write posts for my professional blog. I would definitely advertise my winnings from you through Twitter.

I am also interested in how this kind of app could help kids with disabilities.

Woot! This'll go awesome with my bluetooth motorcycle helmet! (Of course I don't punch buttons while I'm riding... I'm crazy, not suicidal!)

I think I deserve it cause I wanna look like a deuchebag and show it off to all my apple fan boys friends and rub it in their faces... Android win!!

I would like it because... this is my first post and I am a new user to Android (came from WebOS) and have decided that Android actually beats WebOS in so many ways. I am also the IT Manager for our company and suggest phones and software to my 300+ users so it is nice to be able to suggest software to people that I have used and enjoy.

Looks like I maybe too late, but I need it for when I read my e-mails while driving in DC traffic. I'd hate to crash becuase of my HTC Droid Incredible.

Love the site! Would love to have this to read/reply to my text messages when I'm driving! Then I wouldn't be constained to stop signs/ redlights/ backroads which may or may not lead to u missing a stop sign and coming impossibly close to crashing into farm machinery which in turn leads to men in overalls waving fists at you while u speed away :D ....gotta love Verizon for giving ya service in the most random of places and 3g at that!

Just got my new EVO, and would LOVE Vlingo. One of the few things I miss from WinMo is VoiceCommand. VLingo would make my Android love complete!!!

I use the voice input on my evo all the time and if this is even better than its something that would really be great.

Being an engineer, I am on the road a lot for my job. Having so many voice capabilities would be great. Also, being a little league coach, would be awesome to just speak out the schedule for the following weeks or day game and send it off to all the parents. Would just make my life so much simpler and easier. Plus, this forum got me addicted to Android and purchasing my first device (evo), so it would be nice of ya'll to give me a new toy to go with it :D

I'd love Google's voice recognition. The added ability and features Vlingo adds sounds very interesting. I'd love to try it!

I am the Google/Android messiah/fanboy for a large social and professional circle. If I'm using it... A lot of other's will try it and buy it!

That's what the sponsors wanna hear right? :D

Wassup AndroidCentral? i would love to have this app on my droid incredible. i just moved from blackberry to android and loving it right now. i had it on my blackberry and it works lovely, the android app is alot more fresh and better. i would love a copy of this app. and i like to talk alot so this app would be awesome, thanks ahead. DROID SOLDIER!!!

I would really like to test this app with my Ford Sync system. It is well known that VZ doesn't allow the ability for the Ford Sync system to be able to send and receive text messages.

Emailing and Texting while driving are now illegal in North Carolina. This would allow me to avoid fines and not be a menace on the roads of Charlotte.

I deserve to win this because I already purchased this when I was on bb and vlingo won't transfer my license... I miss vlingo. :-(

well it's easy. when looking at all the other entries you realize..... "These are not the winners you are looking for" *subtle hand wave.

I'm a dedicated husband, a father of 3, and I am in the military. I do a lot of traveling with my job and Vlingo would help me keep in touch with my family while on the road. Hands free usage is a must so that I stay safe while behind the wheel. Additionally, the services offered by Vlingo would help me navigate while in unfamiliar territory to find all the best shops to purchase souvenirs and other gifts for my loving family.

Why do I deserve it? I probably don't. Why would I like to have it? It's awesome! I think we're all in agreement, keyboards are archaic but the best option at this moment in history. I'm hoping apps like this one will start proving viable.

I could really use this on my EVO. I am a an agent in Hollywood and I spend a lot of my time commuting in my car between sets and clients. Here in LA you can't be caught using your phone while driving and the voice enabling would be great. The google voice recognition just does not work correctly.

I guess saying I "deserve" it would not be true. However, I currently drive a car with a manual transmission so I definitely have to use both hands while making my daily commute. Having Vlingo would allow me to use my EVO while driving. All of my BB co-workers use Vlingo so this would help me fit in too.

Very interested because as a police officer, I drive a lot. Would be very useful answering texts from other officers. Would also be useful for the work I do as coach for a youth baseball team.

If you give me a licensed copy of Vlingo I can almost guarantee some SALES of the product. I am the trail blazer at the power plant... Six co-workers have purchased Droids because of my strong recommendations. I'm the technological go-to-guy they come to with questions. When I recommend a product, they typically follow my recommendations.

Your Site RULES!
Thanks for considering me.

I had Vlingo for my old Blackberry and liked it quite a bit, though it wasn't the most accurate around. I have to imagine they've made significant improvements by now, and with the 20+ hours I spend riding in a car every week, having a program that can read my messages to me would be invaluable!

Help!!!! I live in Shell, Wyoming. Population 50 people and am being held hostage by a lack of technology!

I could really use this as outside world contact is at a bare minimum. ANDROID CENTRAL and my Droid which people around here think is my vane attempt at an homage to Stanley Kubrick are the only things keeping me sane. I have to climb a hill just to get my cell phone to work(barely)from a signal in the Big? city of Greybull population 1,815 30 miles away Yikes!

So please throw me a bone? (wow was that an attempt at humor in back reference to Stanley again?) Well whatever works.


I deserve the service because I gave up my Palm Pre to come over to Android to find out about the OS. I am loving it, and I think adding this service to it will allow me to enjoy that much more! I am so happy with my EVO and Android OS!!

I'd love this because I text my girlfriend way too much and this would help that process become even more out of control!

I would really like to try this app out on my ridiculously overclocked Moto Droid - and I think I should win because I never win anything!!

I need this app because my wife and dog do not listen to me. I am a teacher and my students do not listen to me. Heck my friends do not listen to me. At least with this my Droid may listen to me.

Also I am getting older and cannot see as well as I used to.

I could definitely use this in my line of work! Besides being a tech junkie I'm also a supervisory police officer I get calls and text from my officers constantly with questions and as I'm sure you understand no one wants to see a cop driving down the road texting or talking not paying attention, we have enough multitasking as it is! Lol. If I win fantastic if not I'm purchasing it myself because its perfect for me. So thanks guys for at least bringing this app to my attention!

I deserve one because I'm commenting and I would use it. Also, I'm wearing American flag pants where are awesome. ^_^

I would make very good use of it since i am an insurance agent and i do drive around a lot meeting up clients at the same time receive a lot of text messages and emails that i have to respond to quickly. If i win this i would never stop using it and it would make my life a lot easier.

Vlingo's the best! It allows me to get work done safely while I'm driving instead of the "look down, read a line, look back at the road" method that gets so many people in trouble...


Short version: I'm on unemployment thanks to layoff and a staggering near 20% unemployment rate in my county (no joke). So while Vlingo seems awesome to me, I'm not going to reach into my pocket and pay for it at this time.

Long Version: The Senate sucks: http://bit.ly/cSRZeH

It would be nice for my hour long commute not mention well I'm at work as a security guard. being able to communicate and understand information would make things nice.

Vlingo would be perfect for me in order to safely text while driving. I would love this app!

This would help quite a bit when I'm travelling, also just sounds fun to play around with. I'll be the first to admit that I use the Google service possibly a bit too much (It just easier than using the keyboard, at times).

No more talking or texting while driving so hands free is the way to be :) I would love this software on my EVO!

I love the voice-to-text that Google does, but it would be nice to have the additional features that Vlingo has added. Being on the road often creates quite a need for hearing your messages in addition to just composing them by speaking.

Pick me, pick me... I recently abandoned my Palm Pre and picked up an EVO... I need me some Apps! The more the better... no more "too many cards" ya know what I'm saying???

i could totally use this, i'm a university student so i need my hands free to type essays n stuff :)

I do a lot of long distance driving and would love to have a way to keep the hands on the wheel as much as possible.

I am an iPhone convert, and I am trying to convert some of my iPhone-using friends. I show them voice-to-text and they are impressed. They'd be even more impressed with stronger VTT, and I may be able to push them over the edge!

I'd love to have this app so I can install on my wife's phone so she won't be tempted to look at her texts etc while driving. I want her to be safe!

I started programming in high school thirty years ago on a Commodore 64, went to college 20-mumble years to study computer programming, and have worked in IT over 20 years. My wrists are shot. I've started treatment for carnal tunnel - again - just in the past month. Anything that will reduce the typing or texting that I do now would be a tremendous help, and the built-in software doesn't always recognize what I say, though I speak slowly and clearly. I could really use Vlingo.

Having this great app would save me from dying in a spectacular fiery wreck when I tried to read my email while driving.

Please save my life by letting me win and spare my family from the painful memory of my horribly burned and disfigured body in a casket.

Good reasons to give me a free copy:

1. Because my phone is the only thing that listens to me anymore and I need all the help I can get to make it understand me.

2. It's almost fathers' day and I have 2 kids & 3 grandkids that might not get me anything.

3. I'm old and need cheering up.


I would like to win because my daughter is scheduled to be born tomorrow, a day before Father's Day and this is will be my first Father's Day and it would make a nice gift :-) Thanks guys

My DInc needs some Vlingo love action! Seriously though, while the stock app is great, I hope the step up will help! Thanks!

I deserve it because I can.

Nah I don't know why, I had this app on my BlackBerry, but I'm switching to Android and would like to have it there.

Not only have I never one one of these contests, but this would be invaluable for someone who is always driving like me. Would allow me to speak/listen to my e-mails while not having to deter attention from the road. Good luck guys!

This looks like an excellent app, i deserve this because i can text and drive without actually texting and driving :)

I am on the road a lot, and this would help tremendously. Also, maybe the voice recognition will be better than Google's.

Because, having no arms, I could just hold a stick in my mouth to activate Vlingo VR instead of taking off my shoes every time I want to type on my Nexus One. Don't feel too bad for me. Swype made it a little easier. :)

As a nuclear reactor operator, I drive a little more than 100 miles a day to work and back. I am often on the phone, and find that I can get a fair bit done in my travel time so long as I have good connectivity and can control the phone without my eyes leaving the road.

Obviously, this means that I use the googles voice control on my Nexus One alot. Even so, it isn't perfect, and I'd love to try this next generation out.

Just would make life a touch easier...

I deserve it because I live in NJ, where driving while texting/emailing/messaging is illegal. This app would help me message while driving (when necessary) without getting pulled over.

I don't think I "deserve" it, but it would be very helpful. I drive quite a bit of a drive to/from work and my wife is 8 months pregnant. So we text a lot when I'm not at home, and since I have over an hour drive daily it would be nice to be able to simply talk/respond to her if it's something that deserves an immediate response. As of now, for obvious safety, I can't reply to her if I'm driving.

Also it would be helpful at work since I'm doing a lot of typing (I work in a NOC) but very little talking at work so voice based woudl be nice

I could really use something like this!!! Vermont just passed the no texting while driving, etc...so this would be a great app to have.

I need this app to complete my Motorola Droid capabilities. So far I can type with virtual keyboard in landscape and portrait. I can also type with the physical keyboard. All that is left is using Vlingo to talk and text. :) Not to mention it will help me out in my line of work; which is real estate. (on the phone 24/7). Thanks!

I deserve this because I drive a lot and loved using Vlingo in a previous life (had bought it for my BlackBerry).

I would like to have the Vlingo app on my Evo in order to increase the already usefull ability of my phone to convert my voice into text. I am an aerospace engineer, and would really be able to use this service. Thanks.

I used to use lingo on my blackberry, it was a shame I couldn't get it on my winmo phones, now I have Android and it would-be great to have it so I can demo it to my customers when they purchase new devices

I do a lot of commuting and already use the car panel app on my Incredible. This would add to the functionality and efficiency of my device in and out of the car and make for safer commuting.

I'm a huge fan of the normal Android text-to-voice and vice versa, but it's just a step shy of being able to be used all the time especially in the car. I'd love to be able to use this.

This app looks really cool. Planning on ordering an Incredible next month. Would love to put this on it right away. :)

I deserve this application so I can drive while I text. It also allows me to use my phone one handed while I eat Taco Bell with my other hand and steer with my knees.

Would like to evaluate it for someone who is a quadraplegic. They use Dragon to control a laptop and this might have to potential to let them use an android as well.

Because android is slowly taking over my life. I find myself checking this site at least once an hour and my widget in the times in-between the hour. My wife thinks I love my Droid more than her, I told her, "Not yet, I still have not found the App that makes me a sandwich, but give it time, I am sure these guys are working on it". She better watch her back!

This is an app that I have been looking at but my wife is telling me that I am done spending money on apps for this phone. So I figure, you guys give this to me, I tell her I bought it and right before she blows a gasket, I laugh my butt off and show her the email from you saying I won it.

Would love to have this app. Was great using it on my BB storm. Especially be fantastic now that I drive so damn much.

This app would be very useful to me. I am above the knee amputee for almost 20 years (hence the name “Phantom Pain”). I commute by train every day to Chicago Loop, this app would be very useful since I’m on crutches. Not only do I crutch back and forth from the train (1.5 miles round trip). I am also my companies local IT Support. So I crutch around the whole building. I put on a pedometer for a week, my average was about 6 miles a day. Able to listen and send text messages while being on crutches, now that will be awesome and very useful!!! Almost everyone can text and walk at the same time, but me.

I have 2 kids and my youngest daughter loves to play with my cell phone and the various apps (flash cards, animal sounds, etc.). What can I say - she's a girl! She's learning to talk and having an app like this would help make the experience (as well as the time she spends with her geeky dad) more memorable and a better learning experience.

I also serve as a Volunteer Leader helping hundreds of people each week in their job search (http://www.careernetworkministry.com/). One of the challenges I have is communicating with the deaf people that attend our weekly meetings. I'm learning sign language, but I'm nowhere near where I need to be and have to rely on them lip reading or scribbling messages on paper. Using an app like this would allow me to speak my thoughts to them (as I currently do) and then show them the typed message on my phone.

Way cool!

I'm using the HTC Hero on Sprint and I won't be able to upgrade until 2012, by then Pretzel will be out. :(


Please consider me! I'd love to try out this app. I try to use Google's voice search a lot because it I am really susceptible to cold temperatures. My finger doesn't slide as easily (or get recognized) through the glass... I'm sure this would come in handy when I drive/bike too!

Thanks for doing this, AC!

This would be great to recite chores to my kids instead of swyping them! It will also be good when I say "no" to the "can I have some money" texts...sweet!

So I can keep notes (and text ;) ) while driving for an hour and a half on the way to Temple University every day starting in the fall (just got accepted for Computer Science/Software Engineering).

I'd like to give it a try. Reasons...well I've been good. I haven't dug any oil spewing holes, haven't cheated on my taxes, and I have a diet low in cholesterol.

I'm a longhaul trucker that spends my days on the roads and my nights working a separate business from my cab. So I need voice search, dictation and read back very badly. What am I hauling? A huge truckload of ASS!

I need this app!!! make me the winner!

i deserve this app because i am a mobile photographer and i am always on the run..having my emails and text messages read to me would be a luxury. check out my pictures all taken with my motorola droid Mophomovment dot com

Voice-to-text means less time on the phone typing and more time with my family... More time with family = happier family!

I need this...I'm an on the go IT consultant and am always in my car and fumbling around when an email or text comes in. this would make driving safer and save me alot of time. please please please help me out!!!!

I need this app. to make my evo even better than it is ,it sounds like one hell of an app. to have I play with the stock speech to text but could this so give one to me I'm wait to receive my winning email

I think I would greatly appreciate the use of this application in my daily travel via motorized conveyance to and from my place of employ.

Perhaps it has a sexy lady voice that can read my emails back to me in

Ok, seriously people?!?!? Up to this point there are over 30 of you wanting this so you can txt and drive. Um, ya, you should have this app so that you can continue to be dangerous on the road.

  • AC, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't pick anyone wanting this app for that reason!

Put the phones down, people.

I've got a crappy commute because of construction on pretty much every roadway I have to travel between home and work. I need speech to text software that works right the first time, like Vlingo. The default android app is okay, if you don't mind repeating yourself from time to time, but that's sorta like talking to my deaf Aunt Ethel.



I work on the road all day and I am constantly getting text messages and emails while driving. Vlingo would allow me to respond without having to pull over. Huge time saver.

I deserve one cause I'm Canadian. Who doesn't like to show support for the north in this sizzling summer??? ;) Besides, the hands-free law is active here :(

I would love to have have this product, I'm a new Android convert coming from the Blackberrry world. I work at a university and I have a web design business on the side so I'm always connected. Between email, text, and social media, I'm always on the phone and in my car. I need to be more productive whenever I can and having the ability would be great. Not to mention have 2 boys and being their personal driver, I have to drive with one hand, point at them with the other, I NEED to be able to voice text their mom to let her know, she better be waiting in the driveway so I can and them off! But seriously . . . I need something that will listen to me and do exactly what I say when I say it . . And this is it!

I need this app. to make my evo even better than it is ,it sounds like one hell of an app. to have I play with the stock speech to text but could this so give one to me I'm wait to receive my winning email

I love the Google voice commands, but they just don't always do it for me if you know what I mean. I'd really like to try out this app because it demonstrates what's great about Android - if you don't like something, change it!

I'm going to record all the nagging my gf does and post it to a blog or Twitter account. Would be funny.

As someone who is on the road constantly, hands free operation is key. I've read plenty about Vlingo and it looks to be a great application. Also, the hands-free law here goes into effect October 1st, so I'll certainly need something that allows me to fiddle with my phone without actually touching it, and the automatic reading (text-to-speech) of text messages looks great.

I used the application once on another phone and without programing it to my voice created and sent a 60 word email with 100% accuracy. Now that is something that I want!

I'm new to Android, with my awesome EVO being my introduction to it. So far, I LOVE everything about it. I deserve the Vlingo license because I never win any contest that I enter. And what a better way to make my new Android life even more fulfilling than to give me access to Vlingo.

And, all the cool kids liked me when I was in school. I'm pretty sure I'm still cool, even in my 30's. I'd be even cooler with Vlingo!!

Heck, I'll even submit a review of my life with Vlingo and EVO.

Thanks for the consideration.

Well to be honest, I don't drive a lot, but this app would be so much fun to have. I will say that my eyesight has deteriorated, so this would help me in that area.

I'm not as smart as most of the people on here, but I do like to read up on things and I have been enjoying my evo this past few weeks.

Thank you for the consideration.

I deserve this product because I text sooo much I'm getting Carpal tunnel syndrome and it's so painful, So please please pick me... I and I am getting help for my texting problem..... LOL

Coming from a Pre with the physical keyboard I need all the help I can get with my new EVO and typing.

I just love free stuff, and ever since ditching my blackberry curve 8830 for the HTC EVO... I cannot get enough cool things for my EVO. Also it is another cool feature I can show off to my 11 year old who is already begging for an Android phone....

I believe I deserve this because of my constant commuting. I'm in the position where its important to be able to reply messages and emails with a quick fashion. It is unsafe to be texting and driving on my Droid Incredible, but with premier voice-to-text software I can safely reply to messages without putting my life in danger. I would very much appreciate it if I was chosen. Thank you for your time.

I was going to write that this app would make it safer for me to drive. However, everyone seems to be writing that as a reason.

I would therefore like this application for the opposite reason. Yes, those times that some I-phone loving SOB cuts me off and I need to focus on chasing him down. At those vital moments, I do not want to be distracted by having to read my E-mails!

I don't deserve it at all. But it sure does have a cool factor! And being a self appointed Android Prophet I can assure you I would show it off to anyone who makes eye contact with me for more than 1 second.

if i had a vlingo license i could take over the world without even laying a finger on my smart phone of DOOM!

Actually, I'm new to ANDROID so I could really use it to get a better grasp of how great all the software is for this platform. Plus, I work at a hospital and I could use it to quickly send messages on my (rare) breaks and lunches...

The last contest I entered was for the EVO itself... My reason for wanting one was for its ability to overthrow small nations (as Phil so eloquently put it) I didn't win, so I have to assume the decision makers actually thought I was going to overthrow the Marshall Islands, or Barbados, or some other country (silly geeks!) and they didn't want to be responsible for my actions....

So perhaps if I simplify my objectives, such as using voice dictation to re-write FCC regulations supporting unlimited data use on SmartPhones, I might have a better chance at winning!

Thanks guys!

I'm always on the move. Communicating to 8 satellite offices.

When I'm on the go... it would be good to be able to dictate messages and/or have them read back to me.

Also.. later in the day when I take out the contacts... its much easier to listen to messages than read them.

Finally... Android central is the BEST!!!

I'm always on the move. Communicating to 8 satellite offices.

When I'm on the go... it would be good to be able to dictate messages and/or have them read back to me.

Also.. later in the day when I take out the contacts... its much easier to listen to messages than read them.

Finally... Android central is the BEST!!!

I habe fumgers loke sausagses so ecen predoctove tezt domt hepl. But I hsve a bwautoful speskimg vooce!

I want one, because I am constantly on the road, having the ability to read text message out loud to me is a plus.

Hi there, humanoids from third planet ! I am a Cx%@__o8h citizen (I believe you call it Venus...). I have been following your radiotelecommunication emissions, and I have learned 102 of your spoken languages. Here we, too, have develped an Android mobile operating system (stealing your good ideas, haha). Only thing, we don't have what you call hands !!! We don't have arms and legs, either. As you can imagine, our females don't have breasts ! So, this would fit true joyfully to bring some fun... So, share with your Solar System neighbours please !!

I believe I am deserving of a license. I find it most difficult to text/email while driving with a beer in my hand. Please do your part to make Americas roads safer by giving me a free license. Thanks!!

Because I bought it for Blackberry, and the lack of Vlingo for Android had been my primary reason not to switch. Now I'm going to need a new copy!

I definitely need and DESERVE this app for two reasons :-) : 1)because google's voice dialer most definitely does not work properly and it barely recognizes anything i say if anything at all. and @)because i tried buying choicedialer and omg its been hell, first my credit card wasn't "approved" then when it did i downloaded it and uninstalled thinking it was the lite version i tried first, and then it wouldn't refund my money and when it did i wasn't able to buy it again cuz it said that it was already "purchased" yet when i tried to installed it again it would just say download "unsuccessful". so yeah ive been to hell and back for a decent, good, WORKING voice app for my htc sprint hero so i totally want, need, and deserve this app. so please i beg you, GIVE ME ONE! :-)

Simply, I am a freak of nature. I have sausage fingers.(the gallery snickers) Typing on any keyboard is a chore for me. I use the stock app when ever I can. With my monster digits speed typing is out of the question. So having a quality app such as vlingo would be a god send. Stop laughing! Thanks folks.

I would love to have this app. I've moved from Webos and I just love Android. This would be another app to show off Android. Also I'm not fond of bluetooth and this would be perfect for hands free operation.

I would just really like to try thr app out. i have never won a contest befor on here. i am new to the android i switched to it from iphone about 2 months ago. i love it so far and being able to try out a new app would be awsome and would help my switch to this platform be even that much better. i have not regreted switching yet .the only thing i do regret was not switch from the iphone to android sooner. plus with my busy life sstyle it would be nice to try something that can help make my life esier and safer. so please concider me for one of the licenses.plus i have to say i love your site it is the best site i found for keeping up on all of the new android info. thanks, traumaboy

I have tried several competing softwares and they just aren't cutting it for me. Would love the opportunity to use this software free (thanks to Android Central of course!) and provide a review back to the community!

OK. I just had a car accident causing $7000 in damage to my truck. No one else was involved. No one was hurt. But it was all because I glanced down at a text from my wife. It wasn't even that long. It was like "Lunch? Yes or No?"
Vlingo could keep me from sideswiping another tree in a median......
Serious. I did that. I was swirving to avoid some road workers that were taking up the entire lane and did not have any signage that they had closed the lane. None. Just a few cones about 10 feet in front of them. Ahhh!

So, this is my Vlingo plee.


I work in the back of a bank. Security, My supervisor is constantly coming back along with the regular bank higher ups complaining about me texting. I work 8 hours alone by myself. I own a HTC Evo. A Evo! All the capabilities that this phone has and all I want to do is text. What I found out is that its socially acceptable to keep my Bluetooth on my ear. So I would love to use Vlingo to make my absolutely boring day in my hot polyester uniform a little bit better. By the way I'm on fire watch so me texting doesn't cause any sort of security risk. If I wasn't texting they would complain about something else.

I definitely need and DESERVE this app for two reasons :-) : 1)because google's voice dialer most definitely does not work properly and it barely recognizes anything i say if anything at all. and @)because i tried buying choicedialer and omg its been hell, first my credit card wasn't "approved" then when it did i downloaded it and uninstalled thinking it was the lite version i tried first, and then it wouldn't refund my money and when it did i wasn't able to buy it again cuz it said that it was already "purchased" yet when i tried to installed it again it would just say download "unsuccessful". so yeah ive been to hell and back for a decent, good, WORKING voice app for my htc sprint hero so i totally want, need, and deserve this app. so please i beg you, GIVE ME ONE! :-)

My story begins with a broken Iphone. After falling on the iphone an seeing a white screen, I decide to ditch AT&T and get the phone I had been reading about for days....the Incredible. I ordered the phone on a Sunday night thinking that the ship by date of 5/15 would allow me enough time to see if the iphone could get fixed; surely it couldn't.

The next day I go to the Apple store and, to my dismay, the iphone is fixed within an hour (great customer service). I go home and see in my e-mail inbox that the Incredible has shipped and on it's way. The Incredible arrives and I play with it for a few days. I am blown away. Finally a few days pass and I start getting realistic. I can't justify the ETF, the iphone works, just send the incredible back. So I do. A week goes by and I decide my iphone is not all it should be....I miss the incredible.

I do some math and justify the incredible because it will be less per month for a family plan than our then current situation. I call and order the phone...and now have to wait weeks to get it back.

I finally get it and I am now an Android Ambassador. I show off the functionality at work, to friends, to anyone i think might be interested. I have recruited two people in less than a week to "go android"...they opted for the Eris.

I am loving the Android OS on the Incredible and look forward to pushing the phone to it's limits all the time. I love showing the innovative features, and the differences between the Android and Iphone. If I received this App, it would allow me to show another feature.

I think this app would be very useful to me. I do sales and I am on the road a lot. I think having my phone talk to me more would keep me company on those long drives. I can also talk back!

I come to this site daily. I just got 2 Evo's and have never bought a paid app out of fear that it isnt as good as advertised this happens to be one of those apps. My wife and I thought it was really cool but weren't sure about paying for it to find out it was a waste of money. This would be a nice welcome to Android gift. I will use this to continue to show all apple fan boys whatever they have so do we. When theres no limit to what droid gets there's no limit to what droid does!!! Bring on Froyo

I do outside sales for a living so I spend quite a bit of time in my car, and well I have a slight tendency to get yelled at by customers for trying to read emails and texts while I am driving. This would certainly seem to help out with that.

Really I am just looking out for others safety.