No text or Facebook update is worth killing someone over. It Can Wait.

There's not much we can add to this 35-minute documentary about how lives get ended and ruined because people won't put their phone down in the car. Phil touched on it a little this past Sunday, but we think it's something we need to talk a bit more about. Acclaimed director and producer Werner Herzog expands on the events in the lives four folks who know the horrors that texting and driving can cause first hand.

You need to watch it, either to remind you again why you don't fiddle with your phone while behind the wheel, or to convince yourself that if you don't stop, you are going to kill someone. It's a selfish act that hurts other people and we're glad to see it presented this way, and hope watching it makes everyone as uncomfortable as it does us. This has to end, folks. Mr. Herzog puts it quite succinctly

When you get a message while driving, it’s hard not to pick up your phone. With this film, we want to help make people more aware of the potential consequences of that action.

Giving a voice to these folks is a great way for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile to drive the point home. Don't wait until it's too late and you're wishing you could go back. 

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Werner Herzog's 'From One Second to the Next' documentary is a moving 30 minutes about why texting and driving has to stop


No one has died from texting. Bad driving kills people. It doesn't matter if the distraction is a phone, the radio, smoking, eating, talking to passengers, whatever. It is the drivers fault, not the text message.

How can you say no one has died from texting? Where is your data from?

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The driver of the vehicle is solely responsible for its safe operation. Cars do not crash because the operator gets a text. Car crashes occur from either mechanical failure, environmental conditions, or operator error only. These facts are my data.

There has already been one lawsuit against a person for sending a text message to someone they knew was driving. People want to blame anyone other than the deceased driver. But the fact is crashing a car because the driver chose to do something other than drive the car is solely driver error.

You do know you are agreeing, just taking the long way around to do it.

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I disagree with focusing on text messages. There are already laws against distracted driving. Efforts like this are misguided in that laws are being passed to outlaw using phones while driving. This in turn is used to increase revenue through issuing tickets to people safely operating their vehicles. Meanwhile the driver on the highway more concerned with eating an ice cream cone than staying in their lane is totally ignored by the cops.

I just think this texting focus takes the focus off the real problem. The focus needs to be on bad drivers regardless of the excuse.

The sad thing is you're right and wrong at the same time. The laws that specifically address driver distraction only apply after the distraction has caused an accident. These proactive law changes are much more effective. And I promise I see more drivers all over the road because of their phones than because of their food. Like the dumb woman who put me into the interstate dividing wall last week. Never even looked up from her phone.

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Could you say some more. I don't think you completed the circle you were talking in.

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Dude, you don't have to get too overly critical and technical...just understand the important message that the Director is trying to relay.

You're missing the point. What they are trying to illustrate in this video is the fact that texting is the most predominant causal effect in distracted driving accidents.

you're correct in that the text is not what kills, no one has died from a's the act of reading the text and/or responding to it instead of paying attention to what you're doing that kills people...honestly, the law is about distracted driving, are you saying that when you text you're not distracted? that idiot you talked about eating the ice cream cone and being all over the road deserves to be pulled over and given a ticket just as much as that texter does...if you're texting while your vehicle is in motion, you are not, and cannot safely operate your vehicle. it doesn't matter if you're not swerving, or running stop lights/ is impossible to say that you're safely driving

Sorry GarlsOne I disagree with your statement "NO one has died from texting" is so far from the truth! The first fatal accident I responded to was a 23 yr. old young man who lost his own life while reading and sending a text on a snow covered roadway. He left tire tracks in a straight line in a curved portion of the road straight into a tree dead center with his car. He died instantly because of two reasons texting and not wearing his seat belt. Had he not been distracted with the texting he would of never left the roadway. Yes what you say is true that many drivers are distacted for many reasons like the radio, eating, smoking and talking, but the texting is adding to the death toll at an alarming rate. Here is a question for you how many times have you been behind someone who didn't go on green light because they were reading a text?

Great Post AC you should repost this every month!!!!!

GarlsOne: I see your point here, but many people here aren't going to understand exactly what you mean. Our society today wants to blame things instead of people, because to blame ourselves means to take responsibility for our actions and that's unacceptable to some.

There are ways to help curb texting while driving. AT&T already makes an app that, at the users request, will prohibit texting while driving. It will also automatically send out responses to texts and calls received while driving so that the other person knows you can't respond to them. But it is strictly voluntary. If this were to become a government mandated requirement, then people will just stop texting and look for other apps that allow communication while moving. Someone will always find a way around it.

In my non-expert opinion, the best way to do this, is for the carriers to implement a system that blocks all signals other than voice communication while driving. Most phones have GPS integrated in which can be used to detect when a phone is in motion. This could be used to prohibit data access and texting while the car is in motion.

@GarlsOne.... I disagree with you... I drove a big truck cross the country and Canada too... I seen the most deadly accidents on the road from people busy with their phones more than what you will imagine. THE TEXT AND DRIVE SHOULD BE COMPLETELY OUT WHEN PEOPLE BEHIND THE WHEEL. I seen bus drivers and a big trucks texting and driving in double lanes...
JERRY thank you for this, it`s a good ARTICLE.

Cell phone manufacturer's should embed the video in all new smartphones and the only way you can delete the video is too watch it because after that, you have been warned and your going to be held accountable.

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Or Google should just Make Google Now better to read out loud your text when you ask for it, and then use speech to text as an alternative to typing. I use speech to text all the time instead of typing regularly. I don't use my phone and drive because I can wait 5 or ten minutes to get where I am going and then return a call or message.

See, I have to disagree a bit here. It's not just the act of typing that causes the distraction. Dictating a text message to your phone can be just as distracting as talking to a person on the phone. Your mind is on the conversation, not driving.

You may not be looking away from the road while doing it, but it's distracting nonetheless...

What I don't understand is despite all the energy and focus recently directed to texting and driving, people are still doing it blatantly - not a care in the world. I see them every day on the road. I wish they would start implementing a short graduating scale of impounding cars. e.g., if you're caught texting & driving, impound your car for a day. Hopefully that is enough of a shock to get you to realize. 2nd offense - a week. 3rd offense - a year!

@GarlsOne: I think you're reading it too literally. No one is blaming text messaging per se. Of course it is the driver's fault no matter what they are doing that is distracting. Texting, FB updates, etc., are being singled out because they are especially worse than things like fiddling with the radio, etc., because texting, FB updating, etc., require focused attention - both mental and physical.

I agree, the punishment for offenses need to be more severe. I see so many people distracted by their phones, whether it's texting, taking a call etc. I've seen a lot of close calls with people talking on their phones it's quite alarming.

it also needs to be a primary offense, not a secondary. making it a secondary offense basically negates the law completely. although, if i was a cop and you're texting or talking on your phone while you're driving there's your ticket for 26 through a 25, and there's your ticket for distracted driving

It doesn't really require physical effort if you use voice transcription. I only text while driving with voice transcription/Google Now, and only sending texts, e.g. (omw, or running late, etc). Usually what I'm doing on my phone is fiddling with navigation. I'm forced to do this since my stupid car nav disables it. But thankfully they haven't done that to phones, and when they do, there will be ROMs or rooted versions that take care of that.

I always look in my rear view mirrors for cars on either lane or behind me, and also look in front. If I'm by myself, I'm not risking anyone other than myself. Personal responsibility FTW. Can't believe all these nanny-state people in here advocating loading up this video on phones etc.

It's funny how many people are against driverless cars when you go to sites like Autoblog. I, for one, will be very happy when they come out. Sometimes I find myself wishing the red light would last longer so I could spend more time reading texts or Android articles on Pulse.

Hands-free voice recognition is a really good way to go, but it is still a distraction. Then you end up dealing with a voice recognition system that doesn't understand you, and you have to fight with it to get it to do what you want. After all of this you are even more distracted.

Some will say, "how is it any different than when you are talking to someone that is riding in the car with you?" I recently read about a study done that indicated distraction while talking on the phone is much higher than talking to a person sitting next to you in the car. The person in the car can see what you see, and therefore will understand if you have to break the conversation mid sentence to tend to a driving-related event. However, if you are on the phone with someone, you feel obligated to keep the conversation going even in the face of danger on the road. This makes you more attentive to the phone conversation, not your driving.

Fact of the matter is whether it's texting or not, a distracted driver is a dangerous driver.
Playing around with a cell phone with driving should be outlawed. I think these ads are aimed toward a younger crowd who's lives revolve around the text message and let's face it, a good portion probably have poor judgement.

Lol. Every 16 yr. old has poor judgment. Let alone most people, in general.

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Whenever I text and drive it takes like 5 minutes cause I'm constantly looking up. Makes me not even want to do it. Lol

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I knew someone who was killed in a car wreck because he was texting. Rolled his car multiple times after losing control, and his head went through the windshield. Testing+driving = death.

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Wow. Insensitive much? I don't see anywhere in his comment where he mentioned that the driver wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

What? I wasn't replying to anyone's comment. I just posted my own, saying about how dangerous texting while driving is.

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Someone else had posted a comment about not wearing a seatbelt. It has since been deleted. His reply was to that post and not yours.

wildblue#AC: Your response doesn't make sense at all! You are correct that he didn't mention a seat belt. That's because this article is about texting not seat belts. The poster also didn't mention anything about seat belts. Where did you get that from?

I wish I could say this will have an effect, but it probably won't. People have been drinking and driving since there's been alcohol and cars, regardless of all the death and damages it causes, and its the same with texting and driving. People think they're still in control when they do it and nothing bad can happen to them and even when something does happen it still doesn't change behaviors many times. Its a great message though and even if it saves one life then its worth it.

Fair enough but my biggest issue is with those who jeopardize others with their choices. If you wish to text yourself to the grave then that is your good right..just don't risk taking other people with you.

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I agree however, there are a multitude more people texting and driving.

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Not sure what the point is to interview the criminals in this. Just interview the victims, but still a good message

In September texting and driving will be illegal in Texas just fyi for anyone living here.

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Anyone who texts while driving is nothing less than a stone cold idiot. They are just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

you need three things when you drive, your eyes to see where you're going, your hands to direct yourself to where you're going and your feet to create the power to put it all in motion...when you text, you lose two out of three of those...why do you want to drive 2/3s impaired?

You can't teach common sense. The author says it's hard not to pick up your phone when you get a text. It's not hard for me, because I understand and respect the potential consequences.
Frankly, the law should be written that if you are caught texting and driving, you lose your license and your car for a year for a first offense. Second offense- permanently.

While I agree with the premise of your statement, the punishment you suggest is unreasonable given our current legal system. People charged with DUI get far less than what you suggest for texting. I agree that the punishment needs to be much harsher than it is currently.

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There is always persons who will debate anything and find bad or good in a public service message to save lives!!!!! The point of the video is to save lives by not allowing texting to distract you and cause the possible lost of a life. It's easy for some to blame the driver, yes they are responsible or to blame lawsuits,or politicians for making laws to protect people or even the to blame the police officer for issuing or not issuing a ticket. We can all debate till we are blue in the face or better yet wait until we stop driving to read and respond to that text that may distract you enough to cause a loss of life!!!!

I am a traffic division supervisor for a Sheriff's Office. These are crashes not accidents because a crash can be prevented and are the direct result of a driver's actions. I have seen many things in my law enforcement career due to the result of driver's actions that I wish I had not seen and will live with me until my death. Remember that your actions behind the wheel not only effect you but also the victims and their families and the emergency personnel that come to the scene of a crash along with their families. Please don't text and drive or may I take this one step further, don't even look at your phone and take your eyes off the roadway. It only takes a second to change several lives including your own and yes it is as if you were driving while under the influence.

Although I do understand your concern, I think your informing the wrong audience here. The majority of us that have spoken out are against this issue, it's not us that need convincing, it's the others who feel that it won't happen to them that needs the slap behind the head.

Accidents are not accidents btw, accidents are caused by gross irresponsibility with no regards for others.

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Accident implies lack of intent. Unless someone intends to plow into another car they are still accidents.

Not going to debate the 'accident/crash' thing with you except to say any crash can be avoided and is the neglect of another party. Nor am I going to try to tell you your job. I simply wish that people would drive safely. Distracted driving is becoming one of the nations biggest causes of property damage, injury and death crashes. I also realize I am probably preaching to the choir but hope that maybe someone who sees the video or reads these comments may think before they act and prevent a senseless death or injury.

And you should be ashamed of yourself as an individual who the public looks to for protection.

You stated that your not going to debate this or that while at the same time shove your attitude as either My way or its the hiway! Are you in the wrong building?

Boy did you set yourself up for a bashing.

Long ago, Police officers had the respect of not only the community but the children who enjoyed the time officers came to school and argument our awareness of safety. Now, there nothing but bullys with badges.

Maybe I'll get flamed for this but I believe that what I just said is right for all of us.

If you continue to be part of the problem, maybe you can't become the solution!

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I was in a catastrophic accident when I was a teen. It wasn't my fault. My equipment failed. I was DOA and in ICU for a week. Thanks to much luck and some talented doctors I'm alive 25 years later.

Accidental means unintentional. You don't get to redefine words. A car accident is an unintended crash. Negligence doesn't speak to intent.

Many things cause distractions; adjusting the radio, eating, applying makeup, dealing with children, or how about these new touch screen displays?. Unless you want to live in a police state, how are you going to enforce any of it?

As far as texting laws, studies have found they're actually causing more problems as people will try to hide the phone by holding it lower (out of sight) which takes their eyes further away from what's in front of them.

In the end, it comes down to personal responsibility, of which a great many lack unfortunately and also something you can't enact laws to enforce.

They should throw the book at people who text and drive. Those other things don't cause nearly as many accidents. Start with the texters. We can expand it add necessary.

By the way, enforcing laws doesn't make this country a police state. That's inexcusable hyperbole.

About 8 years ago, I ran into the back of a car which had stopped suddenly (I thought; I have no idea!), moving off from a changed traffic signal.

How so? I was entering a calendar appointment in my ePIM (ah, remember *those* days?), and pulled out after noticing from my peripheral vision he had moved off. I never did that again.

About 5 years ago, I decided to stop using the built-in BT in my car. I sent calls to v-m and decided not to make any. I thought it'd be safer to use as opposed to fiddling with my mobile. However, too many times I got from point A to B not having a clue what happened in between – and am positive I was a horrible driver in that time!

I AM NOT a brain surgeon. Nuclear disarmament and world peace and security do not directly depend on my input.


The live2txt app was designed to remove the temptation of looking at the phone, by blocking incoming text alerts and phone ringtones, while the app is activated. The sender also receives a message indicating that you are driving and will return their call/text when you arrive at your destination. This patent pending technology will also send an alert to parents phones every time the app is activated and deactivated, allowing the parent to unobtrusively monitor compliance. It is currently available for Android devices at Google Play for $1.99 and should be available for the I Phone by the end of the year. More information is available at
Get the message. Drive Safely. Live2txt

Folks will never change. Texting and driving is incredibly dangerous, but even more with the advent of touchscreen smartphones cause when keypad phones were the nom I had friends who could type conversations without looking at the phone.

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The problem is with these newfangled touchscreen smartphones with no physical keypads. They can be a distraction to drivers as they need to look at the screen to send texts. I've been texting-while-driving since the late-90s and have never been in a text-related fender bender. It's the keypad and simple screen. You can type your message on one hand while holding on the steering wheel with the other, your eyes never leaving the road.

I went touchscreen-only for about two years and I really couldn't text safely while driving. So this year I bought a Nokia X3-02 and have used it as my primary device. I may be a dinosaur but I really enjoyed the tactile sensation of real key buttons. I now only use my Galaxy Note when I need to check my email at work, surf the net at home, or read an ebook on a comfy chair.