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Is $250 the right price, if it is the right price?

Much speculation has been spent on the price of the coming-soon-we-hope Moto 360. An appearance on Best Buy's website over the weekend has lain much of it to the side, as the listed price is given at $250. We want to caution everyone that things which show up early on aren't always final, and point you to the Droid Bionic as a perfect example. Having said that, the $250 price doesn't seem unreasonable. I think it's probably right.

So here we are. We have a price that may be correct, and it's not too high or too low to be impossible. If the $250 price sticks and that's the retail for the Moto 360, are you buying one?

We've got a poll down below (or on the homepage in the right sidebar) and we want to know your answer. The poll is to the point, with only a yes or no option so we can gather the data without any analyzing needed later in the week. Feel free to use the comments to let us know that you wouldn't buy one at any price, never want one, or would pay even more for Motorola's Android Wear device. Your comments will be used for some analyzation at the end of the week.

My vote is no. Surprised? I'm saying no because I wouldn't buy any Android Wear device right now. I have a feeling we'll see plenty of options before the 2014 holiday shopping season is over. I like options.

Now vote, and tell everyone why you voted the way you did!


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This week's sidebar poll: Would you buy the Moto 360 for $250


I was thinking it was going to be more around $300 because of the charger. We'll have to see what the actual price is going to be.

I hope it doesn't come with its own charger, or at least that it's available without one. If I were planning on buying one, I wouldn't want to have to pay for a Qi charger when I already have one sitting on my desk at home.

Considering that you can buy no name Qi chargers for under $10 (and even Nokia's have been on clearance for not much more), I doubt it really adds significantly to the price.

The small amount they'd save in selling a charger-less version for those of us that already have Qi chargers would be quickly swallowed by the logistical cost of stocking, distributing, and selling TWO extra SKUs for a total of FOUR (at least, silver/black remember?).

If they sold a bundle with an X+1 (and they suddenly get on board with Qi for their phones) it might make a little more sense, but people would invariably complain about only getting one pad.

Besides, the stand up Qi charger that leaked earlier looked pretty cool. I for one hope it works nicely, I already have three Qi chargers around the house but I'll surely want an extra one for the watch by my bedside... The small Nexus pad (with magnets!) plus a stand up phone charger still looks nicer than one big dual pad IMO.

That's a good point. I haven't bought a new Qi charger since the Nexus orb (which ironically worked so much worse with the N4 than it does with any other device), so I guess I wasn't aware of how much cheaper they've gotten.

And yeah, I've really been hoping for Moto to sell a bundle of the X+1 and the 360. If that knocked a decent amount off the price, I'd probably bite.

I think that is the perfect price for it. It seems more than reasonable for what we all talking about the price before, as most of us speculated around $199 or $299 so this lands right in the middle.

Yeah, that does seem like a good price. Today HTC has their thing - if they have a watch, I'm totally in for theirs, but if they don't have one today, I think the moto at $250 looks pretty dang good.

I voted no because I just don't see the need for a smart watch yet. Yes, it's convenient to see who is calling or who emailed you from your watch but to save $250+, I can easily pull my phone out of my pocket and do what I need. And it's one less item running my electricity bill up too.

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Exactly, I'll use my decade old timepiece to tell time. I've changed the battery on that thing twice in the last decade, still pretty happy with it.

Me too. And my old watch has been submerged in water, old motor oil, cooking oil, and has survived the repeated wrath of a 3 year old. All without a cover!

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Same here, but I take my expensive watches off when I know they'll get dirty. They've survived the few times I didn't and was in a grimy situation. That said, they can't do any of the things the 360 does, besides tell time and look very nice, and I suspect the 360 will handle any unforeseen watery or grimy events just as well. Only thing it can't replace, yet, is my diving watch that rarely gets used at any real depth of water. Time will tell.

running the electricity bill up........ the Gear Live has a battery that is 1.5 watt hours. this means you could charge it 40 times from zero to full using the same amount of electricity as running a single 60 watt light bulb for one hour. While your other points may or may not have merit saying that a smartwatch will be a noticeable increase in electricity usage in an average house is nothing more than spreading FUD.

No. I totally wanted Internet access on my phone. Combining mobility with the Net was a totally different kettle of fish. This is a convenience that, at $250, I'm perfectly willing to either look at my wristwatch for time or pull out my phone for data. It needs to be much closer to $100 to get any traction. It will happen soon enough. If you can get entire smartphones for less than $100, you can certainly get smartwatch for that price.

I agree. If the price was much cheaper, then it may be more enticing. And in time, more developers will bring more useful features to Android Wear so it may be worth it later.

The one thing I'm curious about is how long these will be supported. Will the next version of Android Wear require newer hardware to function? Will everyone be able to have up to date smart watches in 3 years? 5 years?

And I used old Blackberry Curves and Bolds before the iPhone came out and liked them. :)

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Even though I'm totally jazzed about the 360, I think you have a perfectly valid point of view. For some people, having easily accessed notifications can easily be worth $250+ (whether for convenience or professional reasons), for others it's totally irrelevant and wouldn't even be worth $50.

I'm not sure why that's hard to comprehend for anyone on either side... However, anyone that thinks smartwatches will be as mainstream as smartphones in half a decade is either deluded or envisioning a usage case for them that most of the industry hasn't.

If it's the latter that person stands to make a mint out of app sales... ;) In all seriousness, I'd be surprised if smartwatches have caught on in 2-3 years any more than wireless charging has caught on by now. It's mostly a convenience thing, and one most can do without. Still buying my 360 on day 1 tho!

Absolutely agree. For me, and probably many others interested in the 360, at $250 I'm buying a WATCH first and foremost. The fact I can change the watch face to many different colors and designs to go with whatever outfit or band is enticing enough for "us." The fact that it does other things, many of which we're yet to see, is just a bonus over the fashion accessory. I wouldn't spend $50 on a G watch because it doesn't look good to me and I don't need notifications etc on my wrist. So if you're not into nice watches I can totally understand having zero interest in smartwatches.

I still really want this - but does anyone else feel a little fatigue over waiting so long? I feel like the wait has talked me out of "needing" this quite as much.

You may want to replace fatigue with common sense. Common sense kicks in and tells us we don't need it. But the frosted side of me tells me I still want it.

The hype has passed.. Yes.. But, any good watch costs a couple hundred +.. So this is just another watch purchase for me. I'll tell my wife to get it for a Xmas gift or something.

Most men were a watch.. Why not this beauty?

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

If I wore a watch, I'd probably want it to be a smrt watch, and possibly this one.

But I don't wear a watch. And none of the smrt watches unveiled so far have made me want to change that.

Exactly how I feel. On top of that these smart watches only work if your so close to your phone. 90% of my day is spent away from my phone. Useless. Everywhere I go there is a clock. Watches are out dated.

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I would say less and less people wear a watch. We have phones with us constantly that can tell the time. I do wear one, but I'm the only one among my friends.

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Guess your friends' aren't professionals? I don't care if you're 20 or 60, man or woman, in most offices you'd be in a small and non classy group if you do not wear a watch. Have to dress the part or be the next Zuckerberg...

Fatigue from... What exactly? You're either pretty jaded or you've been following this way too closely. It's not like it's been delayed more than once, it's coming in at the tail end of the expected time frame set at I/O, and seems to be living to it's promise (premium build, wireless charging).

Personally, I always knew I didn't NEED a smartwatch, I wanted one for the convenience and for the novelty as much as anything. When the LG and Samsung came out I quickly decided to wait for this one and that was they, no fatigue, no angst, take my money Moto.

My only real conflict is silver vs black and waiting to see it in person vs going off photos and renders to decide.

Would I buy the Moto 360 for $250? Yes. Will I buy the Moto 360? Maybe. I haven't had my Pebble for a year yet and I'm still loving it. I'm not quite ready to start a collection of smart watches yet, but if I was ready now the second watch would be this.

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I'd probably sell the Pebble while it's still worth something, after you've gotten acclimated with the 360 anyway... Unless you're into collecting outdated tech. I don't see these (neither Pebble nor 360) holding any long term value like classic timepieces, even for nostalgia's sake.

Yeah the IBM 486 in my garage is kinda curious, those old school cases were heavy duty etc... But I can't do anything with it that I couldn't do with DOSbox or some other virtualization/emulator environment. Smartwatches are more analogous to any computing device than to an old school camera lens or watch IMO.

In the same vein, people have to decide whether the convenience of notifications etc outweighs the inconvenience of more frequent charging, just decide and get over it. Whether it's one day or three, no smartwatch is gonna approach the battery life of a regular watch anytime soon.

I voted yes. A couple months ago I participated in a Google UX study for two weeks and got $300 for my trouble. I've been sitting on that waiting, planning on using it to buy a Moto 360.

That I'll have some left over will be a nice bonus.

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I would pay $360. The G Watch has been on my wrist for a while. Very cool. The little woman wants to wear it (already has a smaller metal band). So the 360 will be mine and the G for her. (No G spot comments)

I don't think so. I've had the Gear Live since it came out and it's ok...but it just doesn't do anything THAT necessary when I really think about it.

Was looking to buy a new normal watch and most men's watches are much bigger and fatter than the Moto 360. I would say at least 75% of them were and costing around $200 - $400. So this is a no brainer.

Yeah, people are really overstating the size based off photos with no context. The comparison pics with the LG really brought it in for me... In reality it's only slightly larger than the smallest watch any grown man would consider wearing, and smaller than the majority of watches that follow current fashion trends as you said.

Now if you're a woman and you typically wear smaller sized watches, that's another story.

Actually prefer big watches since I'm not really a small guy. Small watches look feminine imo.

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I think big faced watches are here to stay, especially as we move into smart wearables. It will just become part of the fashion, or the norm. Having that extra screen real estate is more useful than a tiny screen people can't read their data on. I agree there is a point where it looks silly if a flat watch face is too big on a wrist. However, with the future of curved and flexible screens, I can imagine people wearing forearm bracers that fit snugly but form to the arm and cover a larger part of the arm. For now, it starts with big watches.

I don't have any plans on buying a new Smartwatch. I don't even own a watch. I use my Smartphone for just about everything from watching movies, listening to MP3's, surfing the web and so on except for the phone. No calls, no texts, no need for a Smartwatch. But if I was, the Moto 360 for $250 would be the one I would buy based on what I have seen so far.

I'd like to see a poll for current Android wear, wearers. Would you buy another smartwatch / is it all it's cracked up to be? Can you live without one, having owned one?

As someone who's owned a Sony SmartWatch (MN2) for more than 18 months, I find myself looking at my wrist whenever my phone vibrates in my pocket. Whenever I wear a traditional watch, I wish I was wearing my SmartWatch.

Smartwatches aren't a necessity, but they're a very nice addition to the smartphone experience that you need to experience to understand. When driving, I can easily glance to see that text I just received, safely and quickly. If I had Android Wear, I could even reply. It's a lot of small conveniences that add up to a nice, and dare I say it, functional product.

PS: I'm definitely getting the Moto 360. :)

Nah, probably not. I'm sure I'd enjoy wearing it, and I like the way it looks a lot more than the currently available AW devices, but unless the battery life is dramatically better than the G Watch or Gear 2, it won't fit my needs. I'll stick with the Pebble.

Rumor has it the Moto 360 battery life will be over 2 days or about twice the battery life of current Samsung and LG Android Wear.

I have a really hard time buying that rumor. I'm really looking forward to the reviews from AC once the thing is released, though.

Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies

Yeah I hope they are true but I am guessing that is the most optimistic number they could throw out there. Battery life will more than likely fall in line with the others.

I'm getting the 360 for sure, possibly even before reviews are out, but I'd be shocked if battery life is any better than existing watches. Between the thicker metal case and Qi coil they've already wasted some internal volume that could've otherwise have gone towards battery capacity.

That being said, I always found it odd the Samsung didn't get better battery life than LG's (even despite the smaller battery on it), OLED display should lead to big savings when idle... Maybe Moto can leverage this a little better.

I voted no, partly because I agree with Jerry's second to last paragraph. But also because I'm not as taken by (near) circular screens as many others seem to be.

EDIT: I do however think at $250 they'll sell like the proverbial hot cakes.

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I thought I'd be buying it, and at one time I thought 250$ was a deal. But after buying the lg g watch for my father, and getting to play with it for several hours before giving it to him, I don't think any of them are worth more than $150 for the limited functionality they bring.

i'll happily wait for gen2/3 of Android Wear. the 360 might be the best looking but its still not a great looking watch. also, i think i want to keep my analog

No, I think it should cost less, considering how much a smartwatch can do. I'll admire this, but I'm not buying it. I don't get so many text messages and emails that this would be useful to me.

Of all of the Android Wear gear, this is great looking. I do like the circular face and the strap, but it is quite a bit too big. Actually, I'd like to see it first hand (ha ha) before I decide.

I'll wait until it drops below $100 and gets smaller. I stopped wearing watches a long time ago and I'm not super-keen on wearing one again. I have Glass, though, so I know that the Wear notification features will be useful.

I know right? I mean, it isn't like 4.2 and earlier don't have the comparability at the OS level to run Android Wear devices...oh wait; They don't.

that's what i'm saying dumbo - they should make Android Wear compatible with earlier versions...
you realize that users of android 4.3+ represent less than 25% of the android devices market right now?
google is repeating the same mistake samsung made when it launched its galaxy gear smart watch which was only compatible with the latest samsung phones...

But earlier versions do not have the right APIs to make Wear work. It is like playing Halo on a DOS machine.

Technologies advance and get outdated.

The Moto 360 is supposed to take advantage of the new bluetooth low energy 4.0 standard. Given that Android 4.2 doesn't natively support it and 4.3 does, that's a likely reason you need 4.3 and up.

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my point still is the same - google is making a big mistake by making android wear devices for relatively small number of android users. am i right or am i right?

In essence you're saying Google should not make Android Wear available until over 50% of Android phones have the software needed to interface with it.

So no, you are not right.

somehow sony managed to make successful smartwatch for older devices but i can see what you're saying.
well, anyhow i wanted to buy moto 360 but i can't and i think a LOT of people can say the same. sad.

Sony built a device with lower power consumption overall (with less direct interaction with the phone) so BT LE wasn't an overriding concern, just like Pebble.

Google could've done the same, but then you (or someone else) would be crying about the fragmented Android Wear market and the divide between monochrome devices and higher end color/BT LE watches etc.

just like to throw this out for the sake of argument. are the same people who will be buying a smartwatch the same people who are running an android version below the required 4.3? i feel like at this point, it lends more to the people on the bleeding edge anyway. i know i always have the latest version of android on my device and i know people still running 4.0 or lower who couldn't care less about a smartwatch.

I think that's actually harder to answer than you'd think... I see A LOT more old folks with Notes around here than I see young people, largely because they're under the misguided notion that larger phone = larger text all around but that's another story.

There's obvious technical limitations why AW is 4.3+, but if it weren't for that they'd be foolish to artificially limit the audience so reverse justifications are pointless, it just is what it is.

I actually think a lot of non geeky professionals that aren't on the bleeding edge could find AW quite useful in certain work scenarios, certainly more so than the average geek/desk jockey.

For the most part, AW is a fashion accessory/statement. Functionally, Glass is far more useful. I spend a significant amount of my day in meetings. Three or four years ago checking notifications on my smart phones in those meetings might have been a problem. Now, it's the norm. Especially the higher up you get in an organization (I.e. your time is more valuable and communications are more likely to be mission critical). So if anything, the functional value in a smart watch comes from battery saving, not out of an ability to provide greater connectivity. That higher level of connectivity is minimal, if it exists at all.

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Sorry.. just don't see the cost benefit especially when my next device will be the replacement for my GS3 :) but that's just me.

No, no need for a smartwatch as of right now. Maybe in the future if I find a more practical use for one.

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Really like the customary round watch face style of the Moto 360 over the current LG and Samsung styles yet I'm feeling no necessity to be an early adopter of gen 1. Much thinner and not as large is also my required style.

I can be patient. I didn't get my first smartphone until the original EVO. Technology is evolving at an increasing rate. What we will have in a couple years is almost unimaginable today.

That's great. You can buy my 360 for a bit less in mint condition and I'll buy the next hotness :) You're the yang to my ying. Too bad it doesn't work so well for shoes!!

I honestly don't know if I would. I was amped up for when it was announced, I have had the Galaxy Gear last year but I just felt it was trying to answer a question I never asked. I don't feel the need for what it can do just yet, not to say it won't evolve into something better over time. I mean LG is onto their next LG watch in 3 months, at this rate you will be outdated before you get it at Christmas time.

It's an interesting concept, but I think it's a bit early yet. I'm going to wait and see for the next couple of years.

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If it does the same thing as the Lg and samsung way...just for the design is not worth my my money. I picked up the LG watch for 124 and satisfied.

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Was thinking that it was going to be closer to $300, or more. This is a good price. Hope it is accurate. I think pricing reflects function. I think it is up to Vertu to make a super expensive high quality Android Wear watch.

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If it looks as good in person as I think it does in pictures & if the battery lasts a full day plus & if the charger lets it work as my bedside clock...

So probably not immediately, hopefully my Christmas present!

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Leaked photos of the charger seemed to indicate it'll hold the watch upright and the display will even rotate to reflect orientation, so on that count you may get your wish. I haven't had a beside clock in a while and never bothered using daydream so I'm kinda looking forward to that as well.

Sounds like a good price. I expected $300. Problem is I can't afford it, and Don't really need it. Plus, I can wait until it gets even better and cheaper. I really think that for me it would be mostly a toy.

I have not worn a watch since the 90's when I had the Microsoft Watch. That didn't last long either and it was pretty cool.

Before that it was the 70's in Junior High with the post Apollo program LED watches. Those were cool too, but I was a kid.

In my heart of hearts, I know that this too, would be a toy. I would scrounge up the money if it were not. I hope that my mind changes in this within the next year.

And you can forget Google Glass. Don't get me started.

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Not me!
I still do not understand the attraction to "smart" watches, other than status symbols to show off to others. Battery life stinks, you know they are going to be easy to damage. It's A WATCH. I'm too rough on watches. One of these things wouldn't make it through the day. Splashing watch, chemicals on it, exposing it to dust and impacts. Shoot, my Casio g-shock with the atomic thingy to keep it dead accurate? I could by several for what one of these cost. Call me cheap, but I want VALUE for my money, not some super expensive toy.

I like my toys, and $250 seems reasonable for this one, all things considered. I also have no expectations that smartwatches will be mainstream any time soon tho, I'd be shocked if in a couple years they're any more common than wireless charging is right now...

Coincidentally both are luxuries and bound to remain more of a convenience than a need. $250 for a well built watch isn't much considering what I've spent on camera lenses, headphones, or even phones/tablets over the last couple years tho... Shoot it's not THAT much even by regular watch standards, tho on the high side for the average consumer.

It'd be curious to run a poll, at least amongst the decidedly geeky audience of AC, to see how much people typically spent on a watch on average (excluding those that never wear one obviously).

So you're not a fan of car shows or similar hobbies?! Ok.

Too many of you guys are looking at this as a replacement of some kind to your phone. It's a watch. A watch is a fashion accessory that can tell time. From the very beginning they were very expensive and added little value to the owners life other than the intangible joy it provided them. This, imo, is the first smart WATCH in that it still fits the fashion statement etc. It's a cheap watch at that, and it can do some pretty cool things other than looking good and telling time. If that's too vain for some, so be it, but it's not for many people who have at least one expensive watch. I'd be a whole lot wealthier if I only spent my money on items of necessity, but what's the fun in that? YOLO

I'm not an early adoptor so, I will wait a few months after the early adoptor tax payers and get one after the price drops... If I still want one by then.

From my Note 2 to you

I'm wondering if $250 is the Base price. With a lot if ad ons like bands, and chargers and maybe more memory.

Posted via My Note 2

I'm thinking it'll certainly come with a charger, you don't really need a second one but if you want one they're cheap enough as long as they've stuck to the Qi spec. Metal band will probably be a spendy extra, wouldn't be surprised if it's $50 more.

I'd like to be able to order it somewhere I can save myself the $17+ in taxes, but Moto's online store was run by Best Buy IIRC (at least for the Moto X), so who knows... Can't remember if Play Store charges tax to Puerto Rico, I think they didn't charge me any on my Nexus 5 but most people stateside did pay taxes on it.

A lot of people are complaining about price. A Seiko watch cost more. And besides do you know how much a computer cost when it was new? Or maybe a color television? Its blessing edge and will only get better and cheaper. You don't want to be among the initial batch of uses OK fine. But stop acting like the tech isn't justified.

Posted via Android Central App Via Nexus 5 and a half running Android L Dev

That's subjective, I'm willing to pay $250 because it's appealing and I'm into the novelty of it all, but I do think I'm paying an early adopter tax and they could certainly be built cheaper, the Samsung/LG in particular.

BoM and R&D costs probably don't add up to even $125/unit, otherwise they wouldn't be giving them away at half off with new phones... Also ignoring for a sec the fact that the Pebble is like half the price and a better SoC and display don't account for the difference, and Pebble's still making money.

So yeah, the price isn't so much justified as it is what the market will bear, for now. I actually think the LG might end up looking like a poor value, no heart rate sensor or wireless charging and it's priced in between... Also looks the cheapest.

I *want* to get it, I just can't justify any reason to.

I don't really use Google Now. The information it has for me is weather, the time it'll take to get to work/back home and articles on subjects I've recently looked up. None of that information is particularly

Voice actions I don't ever use on my phone. Ever. Receive a text, I respond by typing. Having an Australian accent, I don't trust the voice app to accurately get what I say correct. In the few times I've tested out voice on my phones, I find myself spending more time saying and repeating my sentence, and then having to put on an American accent for it to maybe work.

I just don't know what I'd use it for. Reading Gmail and Hangout messages is great, but not being able to reply (without voice actions) pretty much kills it off for me. I feel like I'd just be using it as a traditional watch to tell time, rather than a smart watch.

Maybe down the track when the software is more fleshed out and it can do more than just read Google Now and a few other apps.

Lack of sapphire face is a major bummer for me. I think I'll still get it but I would pay $50 more not to have a stupid protective screen on my watch... Especially on Moto 360 that has a raised glass surface

My answer is "no". And I have one word for you: Asus. Also, if one does buy the 360 and doesn't like it, there are alternate uses if you remove the band: hockey puck, paperweight, ... Come on folks, who has some other alternate uses? ...

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With the exception of the Nexus 7, Asus' products have been pretty underwhelming IMO.

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I would buy it, but I won't, well maybe not. First generation devices generally suck. Unless this device is exceptional. Going to wait for user reviews.

Posted via Android Central App-

Via HTC One

I vote no because as you said, there will be plenty more options in the near future. This is not to say I won't buy the moto 360, its just I want to wait and see the competition (ex. The Asus smart watch which is reportedly the best looking of the bunch and $99).

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I want to wait to see what people say about it once it's in the wild, but if I get a smart watch from the current selection this would be the one. The main thing for me is the light sensor. If that makes a difference in outdoor visibility then it's a buy. Otherwise I'll hold of for the next generation of smart watches.

Yes. I already have the gen 2 Sony (MW2) and the gen 3 Sony (SW2). I also preordered the Kairos. But I am also a watch collector, so these are just a few in the stable.

it's a beautiful watch in my opinion, smartwatch or no. i think $250 is reasonable. that said, i've been going back and forth on whether i'd get one now or not. i think it would be helpful as a convenience thing but i'm leaning more towards waiting out the first gen unless i find a deal too good to pass up.

I voted no, but the real answer is I'm going to wait for awhile. I really like the 360 and the Samsung offering but I think I'm going to sit out the first gen, my pebble still does pretty much everything I need it to, and while an Android Wear device would be awesome, I'll let them work out some of the kinks before I buy.

That seems like a low price to me. I really expected it to be at least $350. $250 is so cheap, of course I'd buy it. I was going to wait until later this year to see if the Kairos became a reality, but $250 is too cheap to pass up.

I voted yes but I'm really unsure. I'd definitely wait a couple weeks after launch to buy it. I want something really nice.

I would have voted maybe, because I'm waiting for AC review, and like jerry said options are always good. A possible moto X2 + moto 360 bundle for the holidays?

I Vote no because of those reasons:

1./ I don't see a point of having a smart watch, at least for now. Yes you can check phone call, text , etc... on it. but If you want to answer the call, reply the text or email, I'm sure you will pull out your smartphone. So you need to pull it out anyway, right ?

2./ watch normally is expected to wear on my hand for a long time without take off, at least in my case. So charge it everyday and wear it on and off is a very big down for me. Battery life is not that useful

3./ it's still more like a jewelry than the watch. it's small green is not good for electronic media ( Google glass has small screen but very close to your eye anyway)

4./ $250 usd is a joke

As stated above by Jerry Hildnbrand. I too at this point would not buy a MOTO 360. My reasons being are this. It is one of many up and coming newer android devices as well as the price seems a bit much. And I am always careful with any new or first version of any electronic, due to sometimes the first may still have a few kinks to work out.

After reading all the comments here I've come to the conclusion a smart watch would be a novelty item. If it is $250 in US and we don't have to pay special EU taxes that makes it €180 which is acceptable.
I'll probably wait for a drop to about 150 before I buy, or the gen2/3 SW to be released

Posed via Nokia 3310 smartphone

You know you will get the EU fair rape tax added on though. Don't get me wrong, I hate the USA's tax system, but there is nothing fair about the fair use tax you guys have to endure.

You mean aside from the huge benefits those taxes add that you don't get in the US, like universal healthcare and lower medical costs? And yes, those are two different things. Not to mention infrastructure that isn't crumbling to the point of massive bridge collapses.

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I thought initially they were saying it'd be OLED, it should help some with battery life if so, though I think OLED also runs warmer and often takes up more juice, and both of those aspects can further compromise bright sunlight visibility. Moto's no stranger to sourcing OLED displays tho, unlike every other OEM outside of Samsung lately (and Samsung obviously makes their own).

I know what the conversion form $ into proper money is (for those of you dimwitted know know what proper money is, it is Pounds Stirling) but it would be nice if you weren't too selfish and gave an option for proper money

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^Calls people dimwitted for not agreeing English money is "proper", but can't speak (or type, at the very least) the Queen's English properly himself. ;-)

"Proper money" is good old US of A dollar$. That's the standard unit of currency in global trade. Sorry to burst your bubble but no one outside of Lesser Britain has given a fudge about the pound in a hundred years or so.

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I've got a G-Shock watch and I lobe it dearly. Has fine everything with me haha sad I no bit I'd doubt the 360 is as durable. I still voted yes because I have other watches I like to wear. But a G-Shock with android wear, now that would be awesome.

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My vote was no but a third option would have been better. I don't like watches because I tend to break them. They also interfere with my typing because of my fat hands. If the Moto 360 were small enough and $250 I would get it, but I'm not sure if it would still be useful at that point.

Yes, I'm going to be buying one, and I'll be standing in line waiting for the store to open to get one... That line may be only one deep, but I'm going to be all over this thing. To those of you who don't see the point that's fine. I'm certainly not going to try and twist your arm to like it. But I like it, I like it a lot, and hey that just means more for me. As far as Jerry not wanting to get one I can understand that especially since he already has a G watch and Gear Live to play with. This is the same thing just in a different form factor. He can definitely stand to wait a little while longer to see what other companies have up their sleeves.

... But I don't have a Smart watch already, And I want one badly. I was sooo tempted to pick one of the first ones up, but I resisted. Because I knew that the 360 was just around the corner, and ever since the first leaked shots I knew it was what I really wanted. So now the release date is quickly approaching and I have the cash to buy this burning a hole in my pocket. So if the question is will I be a buyer at $250, $300, $350... The answer is Yes.

So if you see someone standing outside of Best Buy for a few days early next month, don't be afraid to stop and say "hi." I don't bite... much.

This is yet another example of a device that no one needs. How difficult is it really to pull your phone out of your pocket to see who's calling. Better still, give each of your contacts a different ring tone and you only have to hear it to know. I find this watch to be ugly and it is probably bulky and heavy. Its a gimmick for those with a lot of cash on their hands. The screen can never be big enough to offer more than the time, date, weather and alarms and then a notification of who's calling you. Do you plan to read your email on it? get a life. Really, other than adding a pedometer and heart monitor there is no reason in the world for this type of device. But the question was if this price point is reasonable. I say no. To me, 200 would be the top price I would pay for something like that. The Atomic clock sync feature that all smart phone and computer clocks have is way more accurate than any mechanical watch or clock and the only way I would pay 250 for a watch is if it was a beautiful mechanical device (in other words - fashionable). This to me is a total waste of good research and development dollars that could have been better spent of ...oh I don't know, curing cancer or something like that.

IF IT'S OVER 100.00 its way too much PERIOD

Go to a site like Amazon and put in smart watch.... there are so many smartwatches out there... and they are improving more and more in the next 6 month's....

6 month's Nexus, or even Casio might even come out with one that will blow everyone away... you never know

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It's too much for your cheap self. You can get a $5 watch at Walgreens or you can get a $1000 watch at a jewelers. Watches are fashion accessories, there are cheaper smart watches out there, they also look cheap.

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If I were to buy a smart watch, this would certainly be it but I really don't think it will add much value to me. I work at a desk for my job and my Z2 sits right next to me all day. The nerd in me wants this but only because it is a beautiful piece of tech.

No. At best, not right now, but Motorola is on my Do Not Buy list right now, since we are still dealing with their outright lack of integrity and customer service with my wife's Moto X (the one they "lost" when ordered, never shipped, but billed me anyway, refused to cancel, then shipped overnight when I made a report to my credit card company. The one whose screen shattered with the equivalent force of being sneezed on hard and they refused to make right without an additional $195.00 charge (after fees). The one they sent a replacement for after that charge, that has half the storage of the original. Still waiting on the promised email/code to order a correct one and a shipping label for this dog!).

So, no. Moto isn't getting my money for a long time. I don't care how super duper awesome the watch is. That may change, but if it does, I will not be ordering direct from Moto ever again. It's ironic that buying the watch and a warranty at Best Buy is less costly and less of a headache. Truly ironic.

$250? I can get a S5 or an G3 or whatever phone for $199 (yeah 2 year contract). No way would i pay $250 for a watch. Maybe $99, no way $250!

You're not getting those phones for $199. That's like saying I bought a new Subaru for $2k. That's the down payment, not the cost.

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The more I read about real world experience with these devices, the more I revert to my original opinion about Smartwatches: I don't want one.

It's not price.
I need a smart watch that can make and take calls, send/receive TMS, provide calendar notifications. Don't think the Moro 360 does the make/take call part.

android wear... just like window phone... isn't ready yet... it's meeting the basics. but id say 250$ for something half or even quarterly baked... i won't buy it... my price would be around 125$ would sell like hotcakes alk over....
i mean look what happened with the Nokia Lumia 520 or even the Moto G...
They have won Hearts!!!-Naveed

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I don't think I would buy the lg, and definitely not a Samsung , the moto 360 is the only one to wait for at this time...

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I said no, but that's just because I think the 360 is ugly IMO. Even though the Pebble interface looks a little dated, I would much rather prefer the Pebble Steel over the 360, and even then I'm still waiting on the price to come down on that.

All I need is a good looking watch that vibrates when I get a call or text and then lets me be able to get an idea of who/what it was without pulling out my phone. Also, better battery life and waterproof. I don't need to surf Facebook or use voice commands or anything like that.

Maybe next year they will be able to make a nice looking watch that does all that for a low price. Or at least have enough competition to drive the price of the Pebble down. xD

I'm holding out for something like the Asus rumored at $100-$150. Anything priced higher than that is too rich for my blood this early in the game.

I paid that much for a similar looking brand name watch, so I think it would be cool to get a ton of extra features for a similar cost.

Never owned a $250 watch... Not going to start now... When this is a beta at best. Don't buy the 1st of anything.

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Maybe. 200 would be a yes. 300 definitely not. It looks nice, but Pebble is good for my daily needs and Omate TrueSmart is good when I want something more powerful or take on a run without a phone.

If I had $250 to spend on a new smart watch I would upgrade my Pebble to a Pebble Steel. It is less distracting than Android wear (from how AC goes on about it) and battery life lasts 2 weeks, not

I guess $250 is a reasonable price. I just recently brought an expensive dumb watch so a new smart one is off the list for awhile. By the time I am in the market for a new watch this will be sold in the bargain basement at the local grocery store for $4.99 LMFAO.

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Until batteries are replaceable, I'm not spending that kind of money on a device that ultimately will have to be abandoned because it can't hold a charge.

I'm not interested in the Moto 360 at this time. I am still satisfied with my original Galaxy Gear. I realize that I'm in the minority on this one, but I don't like a round face for a smartwatch. Text messages and other notifications look funny on a round screen to me. I'm used to seeing these on a rectangular phone or tablet screen, so I don't want it to change just because it's a watch.

I can't see buying these newer smartwatches that don't allow you to talk on them when my current smartwatch does. Even though I rarely use the feature (due more to the fact that I don't receive many phone calls than anything else), I do value it when I have used it.

I honestly don't see a Use Case for myself using a wearable. It just isn't a big deal for me to check my phone.

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$250 is the most I would pay for a smart phone accessory! My OnePlus One was only $350 and in theory this watch only mirrors a few of it's features.

Well reality is moto 360 has lost is luster. They messed uo waiting so long. I agree with the writer I may wait till january because the market is going to explode for holidays and everything will be on sale.

$250 = to £150 in the UK. If it was sold at that price it would be an instant buy. Im guessing it wont be that low when it arrives here.

At $250 I'll wait for a sale. Even though it's at the top of my limit for an android wearable, the fact that this device needs to be tied to a phone to work doesn't justify a price greater than the MotoG. Even if the device came with a SIM, why would someone pay a montly fee to have a watch added to a data plan? (T-Mobile's new data plan would fix this, but not everyone has great service with T-Mobile). Simply put, for ANY "smartwatch," a price closer to 150-200 would be acceptable.

Still too early in the Androidwear area to purchase. Need to let more of the bugs and use cases get worked out.

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