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Yes, the Moto 360 looks hawt

Android Wear is what everyone is talking about these past couple of weeks. With good reason — it's new, it's innovative, and it's from Google. With that trifecta of reasons, you'll find Android Wear EveryWear that talks tech. We've been diving into the deep end of the pool (see our LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live reviews) and we really like what we're seeing.

But, every time someone talks about Android Wear, the Moto 360 is in the back of many minds (guilty) being all round and sexy, reminding us that there is still one announced Android Wear device that hasn't yet hit the shelves. Moto is playing the tease masterfully, too. Trickling out videos and short blurbs on social media to whet our appetites for their next product, yet staying (barely) just shy of teasing too much.

Is it working? Ask anyone who has seen and touched it, and they will likely tell you that it's a bit big, but man-oh-man does it look nice. I'm hooked. I'm really digging the Gear Live and the G Watch, but I really can't wait to strap on a Moto 360 and nerd out with style.

What about you? Did you give in and buy an Android Wear device already? Or maybe you're immune to the roundness and like your Gear or G Watch better? Heck, maybe you don't even want an Android Wear device — that's OK, too.

Shout out in the poll and tells us why you think the way you do in the comments!


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This week's sidebar poll: Who is waiting for the Moto 360?


It's the only watch that has my interest. Will make final decision once I'm able to get my hands on one at the local big box.

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I've got the Gear 2 Neo sideloaded to work with my HTC One M8 and I'm so ready to drop it (even though I love it) so I can get this Moto 360!

Same here, can anyone tell me what size the actual bezel is in mm? I like wearing bigger watches. My favorite watch now has a 50mm bezel which is large and I love it.

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I am waiting for reviews first, it does have my interest though because I love Motorola.

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I don't like the look of the Live. It looks like all Samsung products, cheap trying to look elegant. I would get the G Watch out of the two, because it's not pretending what it is.. If Best Buy had them available on Monday or Tuesday I would have grab one on instinct alone, but as I thought about it, I decide I am going to wait it out..

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If I ever get a smart watch, it'll have to be circular, and it might just be the Moto 360. It looks the best by a mile.

I wear a watch normally so yes I am waiting for the one that looks like a watch I'd wear. Plus it will accompany my black and ebony wood backed Moto X perfectly.

Posted with my MotoX

I'm right there with ya!

Posted via Android Central App from a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10

Unfortunately, with the GWatch seeking for $220, I can't see the 360 going for anything less than $300. Especially when they throw around words like "premium materials" and "luxury."

This is something that I'd be happy to be wrong about, though!

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Agreed, the suggested retail price was $249. Even though they said that doesn't necessarily indicate the price the watch will be going for, I think it is though. Anything over $250 puts it into phone territory. Motorola is smart, they won't do that.

I was until I seen its thickness.... No thanks. Don't care if it syncs my entire life... Still looks way too thick for me anyway

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Agreed. A bit too large in diameter AND someone strapped a freakin' Campbell's soup can to their wrist.

I love this watch. I'm curious to see what HTC is making too.
Either way my money is parked for Moto 360.
I live in Portugal but have a sister in the USA and she's waiting a delivery from Amazon (I guess) to mail it right away to me.
I know I'm going to be the first one to wear this beauty here in Portugal.

I have a G Watch now, so for me, I'm just waiting on the price for the 360. If it's 300 or less, I'm in. I'll sell my G Watch (which I actually kinda love btw) and switch to the 360.

I guess it's just me, but that blank strip at the bottom really bugs me. It just says "half assed" (whatever the technical reason for it). A round dial is cool and all, but fi you can't fill the whole thing properly...

You're not going to find a round face without it. Even the Kairos renders and prototypes has it. I mean is either that or a thick bezel like the LG.

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It's kinda like this either a thick bezel or a very slim bezel with edge to edge screen with a small black strip at the bottom where the drivers for the screen reside. I may not speak for all but I am pretty sure some will agree that they would take the black space at the bottom than a thick and ugly bezel. But to each it's own, it's your opinion. Hope one of the other OEM's for Android Wear make something to your liking so we can all share in in the growth and joy of Android Wear.

My main point is that a round dial isn't all that if it can't be done "properly." Just like anything isn't all that if ti can't be done properly.

I mainly think wearables are a fad, though. Or at best, a niche product that isn't really going to catch on.

It only hasn't catch on because the key people that need to make that happen (MS, Google, and Apple) haven't until now starting to structure their OS to work with the extension. This is a fresh new reintroduced market. Reinvented just like tablets. It's in a position now to make a mark that people will adapt to. Maybe not into the masses of millions but will pull out of the niche market the way phablets have been doing as of late.

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I could totally get on board with the black strip at the bottom if they could also find a way to incorporate a light sensor in to that area to control screen brightness. That would do a lot to help with battery life and viewing in different conditions.


I'm enjoying my pebble this it's great battery life and you can see it in any light. It doesn't do anything fancy but I think it does the basics better.

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I too think the Pebble is a strong contender because they've had a chance to make it a really polished ecosystem with refined hardware.
If pebble can adopt bits of android wear I think they could maintain an unbeatable lead.

Dude you're hilarious! The Pebble has a stupid thick bezel and you're going on about a small black section on the thin, sexy bezel on the 360? I liked the Pebble but wth... You are all up in this post saying the 360 is half assed and you can't understand how a limitation in hardware impaired it so much that you'd get a Pebble based on its design over a 360?

my mind is blown trying to comprehend your thought process..

You sir, have failed as an android fan...

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Same with me. Plus slightly smaller and much thinner.

With Android Wear, I'm not going to use my money as an early adopter. I'm patiently content waiting for next generation improvements, if not longer. Keep in mind, curved glass is now being manufactured.

Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple releases some kick ass wearables. Would it be entirely out of the question to make their devices Android compatible?

it's the only watch that has my interest...and i have an iphone. hopefully the new moto x+1 will be worthwhile enough to dump apple and make the switch.

the square designs are just, well, square.

I really like the watch but probably won't get it. I just want the KitKat update for my S3 and then the iPhone Air/6 (5.5")

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Android wear is too barebones right now to pay more than $100 for a samrt watch, when I can get a watch thats battery last for years and is waterproof.

I'll wait for Asus to release their $100 "Nexus" type watch.

All of the Android Wear watches are as you say "Nexus" type. Google has already stated that OEM's will not be able to alter the software in any kind of way. So we all get a Nexus type of watch its just the design that will separate them and right now Moto wins hands down. AS far as battery goes yea its a bit unpleasant to have to charge it every night but for me its not problem because I already change my phone each night and since this is rumored to have wireless charging i'll be fine. I do hope that Asus has what you are looking for when they bring their smart watch to the market. Android FTW

I honestly don't see anything special about it at all. It's another first generation piece of junk "smart" watch that will cost too much and not be useful and probably be buggy as all hell.

Until wearables turn into implants I don't see much real world use for them. I'd LIKE to like it, but it just doesn't do anything for me. None of the current crop of so called smart watches does.

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I have a X and I know the tech is going to be up to par or better, I just want them to drop it. I don't want to wait to long, but I think there going to do it as a pair, new Moto X "1" and 360. Why not right. Help with phone sales and 360 sales brand sensitive people. I just want the watch... Let's go moto! Lol

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I'm interested in the Moto 360 over the other current offerings but I already have a Pebble. If and when it goes obsolete or dead then I will be taking a serious look at the Moto 360 with the LG watch as a close second.

I was, then got tired of waiting and just splurged on a G watch instead, which i'm glad i did, i really like it, however i may still get a 360 eventually.

Watches are something that can last a long time. A good, expensive watch could last a lifetime. How are we as consumers supposed to put our money out and buy a smart watch that might stop getting updates in a couple of years. Is the Android Wear OS going to be different or have a longer life cycle than the phone/tablet OS? This is my only concern because I don't want to buy a watch every couple/few years. Phones are different as they have a 2-year cycle and it is just "expected" now a days.

I get what you're saying, but you kind of defeated your own argument. Phones used to last "for a lifetime" also. You buy a phone, hang it on your wall, and then don't need another one unless it breaks. Then smartphones came out and here we are. So this is just the same scenario, except with watches.

Kind of, I definitely have some interest in the 360 but it's mostly academic.

I think I'd rather have a square/rectangular smartwatch, I kind of hate analogue clocks and watches.

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I bought a watch for $450 15 years ago. It still works just fine, but needs a new band. i am waiting to see what the Moto 360 offers before I decided how much to spend on a new watch band. In other words I plan to keep my current watch and there will be some times when I use a Smart watch, and sometimes when I don't. I prefer a watch that does not look like a fitness tracker - even if it can be used as such, so that's one reason I am waiting for the Moto 360. As far as thick, big and round, I think there are those 2+ grand Roladex things that look like that and that is not what stops people from buying them.

My LG G Watch Came in Yesterday(9th) and i'm Loving Android Wear.
Yes The G watch is not the best looking and everyone is talking about the Moto 360 but you know what??? I like being an early adopter, I also like the Moto 360 just as much as the next guy/girl. But sense EVERYONE is WANTING The M360, i'm going to wait for what comes after that.. Like when HTC Said they have solved the Battery problem(Which was in a post here on Androidcentral ALONG time ago) in smart watches.....If they come out with a AW that is just as good......NO BETTER then the 360....that is just as high end as the One M8. I will gladly buy that or a Fossil AW watch...

I like the styling and the fact that it looks better than the LG G Watch and the Gear Live. I'd get one, but that humongous bezel at the bottom kills it for me. What a waste of space.

I don't really understand how the bottom bezel is a "waste of space". What was going to fit in that tiny space? Two letters of a notification? The "6" on the watch face? Some white space on the weather card?

I wanted this watch at first, but now that I've seen the reviews and actually got a good look at the watch on people's wrists, the Moto 360 looks like a woman's watch. This is my only my opinion. I think I'll stick with my Pebble steel for a while, or maybe I'll get the Gear Live.

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Voted yes. This is the only wearable I am interested in. i do admit I'm tired of seeing this Alice Yang person. Can't wait for real hands on with no demo mode.

I think people are kinda failing to realize that "for now" at least until developers really start pushing out updates to their apps, this is primarily a Google now extension to your wrist. If you Love Google Now like I do or really use Google search like Google suggested when they first launched GN and are really started to see the benefits of how it uses the data it collects, than android wear is a no brainer. It's kind of like the cold 20oz soda to the warm 2 liter (your smartphone) in terms of convenience. If you don't use find much use for get much use out of (because it's not supported in your region) or particularly care for Google Now, then in these beginning stages Android Wear is gonna be pretty Meh to you. I personally can't wait for that day when I'm headed to the airport and actually put my phone in my carry on instead of my pocket but realize it when I'm already en route to the airport and my carry on is in the trunk or backseat but I'm not sweating it cause everything is being pushed to my wrist without me even having to ask including traffic directions and my boarding pass. That's just one of MANY examples I have that are possible NOW not in the future.

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I really want to get this but I just have this feeling like something is going on behind the scenes that we just don't know about. Maybe the battery life is garbage and they are trying to figure things out before they mass produce it, I don't know but I don't see how it could not already have a release date and here we are almost in the middle of July already.

Well, Moto's bring absorbed by Lenovo, and they're closing down some plants in the US, and this is probably out of their realm as far as manufacturing goes (they haven't used metal before, tho they did build the Activ)... I imagine rather than throwing out dates and disappointing later with delays they've decided to be a tease about it, it's good hype anyway.

Can't wait until it comes out unless it's to expensive then I'm getting the gear live

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I'm getting very near to hype fatigue with this watch. I still want it, but I've gone from "I've got to have it" to "I'll get it when I get a chance".

I have a big problem with the unusable black area located at the bottom of the watch face screen. I don't think I will be able to get past that.

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Looking forward - yes.
Going to purchase at initial release - probably not.
Waiting until the Moto X+1 gets release along sides it - most likely.
Waiting until the price drops in the same manner as the Moto X did - if I haven't bought both already, YES!

I haven't worn a watch in several years... I just check my phone if I need to. I am intrigued by some of the features, but don't feel the pull to just yet.

That said - if they link in with Android Auto and I can use proximity /trusted device capabilities to unlock/lock my car and drive, I may have to reconsider. Yes, that brings it's own issues to resolve, but the power of that in one's life...

Meh. Android wear is basically useless at the moment. The Moto 360 is the nicest looking useless watch of the bunch. Add a speaker and a front facing camera, much better battery life, and outdoor visibility..... maybe But probably not, its a gimmick that will sit on the shelf after the initial oohs and aahs

I wanted an Android Wear watch since they were first announced and at first it was going to be the Moto 360. However the black bezel that is on the bottom of the watch ruined the watch for me. I bought the G Watch online from ATT they had a 25% off sale when you bought 3 accessories. For $171 before tax it was a no brainer.

The 360 is undoubtedly the best looking but the black bar looks like something has been redacted.

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I just wish they would give us more info besides that it's round and looks nice. Ok we get that Moto. Wtf is the price & specs?? We need more details dammit.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

Well at 5:30 pm ET. ..I'm still waiting on The DECISION! ..taught I add some LBJ talk in here since it's everywhere right now. Lets Go Cavs! Yeah I live in Cleveland

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probably gonna pick up the G Watch and see how I like a wearable at all, if the 360 offers anything besides looks I may switch later.

I'm reserving judgment until I know the price. If it's under $250 it's a sure thing for me. Over $300 for sure it's a no. I want one but I just don't have a need for one so $301 or more is for sure a deal breaker for me.

Yeah, i'm concerned about viewing during daylight also. The battery i'm not concerned about. All it needs to do is last the day for me. The daylight viewing on the other hand is important. Without it a watch seems almost worthless.

It will have to really impress me to pull me from my Pebble.... I might wait until round two of Android Wear before I jump up. My Pebble does all I truly want plus amazing battery life

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Waiting for an LG round watch. Should be coming sometime "soon" or later summer. Hopefully itll be waterproof!!

I have yet to see a "smartwatch" that is actually smart. All of them are dumb devices that have to be tethered to a phone in order to do something of value. Thanks but no thanks, my phone doesn't need an extension line.

Sounds good to me. Would you rather have a watch that tries (poorly) to cram all the features of a phone into something the size of a watch? Good luck writing an email on a 2 inch screen.

would be impractical to have a fully featured watch that worked independently of your phone but it would be nice to have some core functions to work without being paired to a smartphone, though it would have to be things that don't require internet connectivity since that can be too much of a power drain for a watch

I'm waiting, but growing more and more impatient. I'm annoyed that nobody else has come out with a round smart watch and I'm also annoyed that Motorola is taking so damn long. What's the friggin hold up?

Just picked up a pebble watch for 80 used and love it. I will wait on cheaper android wear devices or get one used later on

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I own two Casio G Shocks, and one of the original Tissot T-Touch watches. This moto 360 is going to be in my collection for sure! I have a feeling Motorola is going to set the SmartWatch market on its ear with this one.

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A poll that Motorola will use to set its pricing? The narrow bezel is what makes it look hot, even more so than it being round, although the two in combination make it even more attractive. Now the thing they could do to skyrocket the Moto's desirability even more is to enable customization of the watch face, "design your own." Let people's creativity reign free.

Just found out the company is switching from Blackberry phones to iPhones. (BB sux) use a S3 to perform real work and this watch was on my have to have list. But now I am wondering by chance..... the M360 will work with an iPhone?

Waiting for the Motorola x+1, then planning on asking for a 360 for Christmas. Good thing big watches can be stylish for us girls...

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Still loving my motoActv, so not impatient for this but eventually both will serve 2 living modes perfectly

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