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Android can help you get and stay healthy if you want it to

These days, it seems like every consumer electronics company is involved in fitness and health. While this is a good thing, it also means that we're inundated with gizmos and gadgets to help us get fit and stay healthy. Of course, the best fitness gadgets are the ones you're going to use all the time, which is why our Androids can be important here. Chances are, your phone, or your watch, is always on you.

Whether it's counting steps, measuring the distance of your daily bike ride, or an easy way to track what you eat and drink, Android has you covered through third-party accessories, applications, and in many cases the devices themselves. I use apps and a Fitbit to track how much water and healthy veggies I eat every day (not nearly enough) and how well I'm sleeping at night. All my information is at my fingertips, right on my Moto X. We expect things to get even better when Google releases Google Fit sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

What about you? Are you using Android to get and stay healthy? Shout out in the poll below, or find it on the front page in the sidebar to the right.


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This week's sidebar poll: Do you track your fitness on your Android?


I got a Fitbit not too long ago to track my runs, the cheapest Zip, been working out well. I've been meaning to export it's data unto Runkeeper, tho the Fitbit app is serviceable (really meant for full day usage tho and I only wear the Fitbit when I run).

I'm looking forward to Wear but not for any fitness tracking reasons, at least not with the current crop of devices. Rather drench a $50 Fitbit Zip in sweat and rain than a new $250 smartwatch.

I love using s health to track my runs, not a needed phone feature but these Samsung "gimmicks" as people call them are growing in popularity.

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There are several apps that allow tracking of strength training. I have used both GymRat and Jefit in the past. Although I prefer the way GymRat functions I find Jefit to do a pretty good job and is WAY easier on the battery.

I need to start yet I lack the proper desire to do so.

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Go to a bar, whip out your phone, and start an argument with an iPhone user. You'll get so frustrated you'll end up blowing off steam in the gym.

Or... Crying.

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I was gonna say.... That would just make me end up drinking way more than I meant and besides stumbling home drunk that night, no exercise would take place lol

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I returned my Fitbit Flex under the recall. Now I use the step counter on the LG G Watch. When will it be transfered to the phone?
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I know this will get used against me in the future but I do it because I had gastric bypass 13 years ago and I do not want to go back to where I was. The sugar in a Monster drink would cause me all kinds of issues. I also do not want to end up where I was back then so I am way too conscience of it.

The only indulgence is my beer intake. I cheat on that one

I hear ya man. I drink 2 monsters a day and I need to quit. Although, me and the wife might have a beer every 6 months or so and the only exercise I get is maybe throwing my beer at someone....:)

If you mean fitness in a way of getting up from my couch to my refrigerator, the answer is no.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Exactly this. Ran my 11th half marathon with my MOTOACTV this weekend and couldn't ever imagine running with a phone again....

No, I cycle to keep fit and use Strava for tracking it, mainly because I have friends that also use it. Unfortunately, the Strava app for Android does not support ANT+ (the most popular standard for instrumentation in cycling) and so isn't suitable for tracking my heart rate, cadence, power, etc.

The odd thing is that ANT+ is supported on Strava app for iPhone, even though the iPhone doesn't have native ANT+ but many Android phones do! I've been following a feature request for this in the Strava forums but they just don't seem interested in supporting their Android users as well as iPhone users.

I already have a Garmin Edge, which syncs directly to Strava via the website -- no need for an external website. I have multiple bikes though and don't always want to transfer it across. It would be more convenient if the Strava app did it though, as it does with iPhone. It would also be handy if the Strava app allowed Garmin uploads via USB OTG for when I'm travelling for an event and don't want to carry my laptop or wait until I get back home, but that's a lower priority issue :)

I also have a bluetooth heartrate band that the Strava app supports, but its performance has degraded to be almost unusable, unlike my Garmin ANT+ one.

Mapmyride+...I'm fat. 260 lbs. Been going for 2 months now. I haven't lost anything but I'm hoping it's because I'm building up some muscle. I hope lol. Done like 90 miles according to the bike's computer

you should be doing more than 1.5 miles a day of biking if you plan on losing weight or building muscle from it... or switch to running/jogging

I use an UP band by Jawbone, but the logging and stat keeping are done on my Android Tablet and Phones so I think I will vote "Yes".

Not sure if it's helping me to stay healthy, but I certainly use apps to track my progress and fitness level. My dilemma is settling on one or two apps. I'm still in the auditioning phase.

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Fitbit + Endomondo for me. Would be nice if the actual trackers all tapped into one service, though.

I'll be beta testing Razer Nabu shortly as well!

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The MyFitness app is really useful for watching calories, but I wish I had a pedometer solution. Problem is I don't always have my phone on me at work and I do a lot of walking during work.

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I have Walklogger on my phone, you can set it as a widget and leave it running after startup, it helps a lot with tracking steps you wouldnt realize you took

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Its hard not to with the G2.

But now that Tasker has been updated to handle the step counter I got rid of the app I was using and have Tasker update a variable every time I step then write that out to a CSV file at midnight every night. Easy peasy and the data is all mine.

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Had both the Flex and UP but got rid of them when I got my Moto X, which can track steps. Now use Pacer pedometer app, and have used MyFitnessPal to track food (although the current version drains battery like crazy). So it's steps only for the moment.

I just got back into running a couple months ago and have been fiddling with runkeeper and my tracks with my HTC One and Pebble Steel. If I could only stop injuring my calf I would be good to go.

Some of the fitness tracking apps seem promising, but I exercise frequently enough to know I'm healthy and don't need the details. I'll buy a fitbit type device when they can track my BAC.

To answer this honestly I would need to be able to select "No... I need to start... I have no desire to start."

I use myfitnesspal to track my calories and macros to keep my calories under 2300
Does that count?
Also my G3 tracks my steps but I think nothing nothing of that.
That's hardly fitness.