Pebble Smart Watch

The rush of smart watches has just begun — are you going to buy into the wearable computing age?

The age of wearables is coming. Google Glass is making headlines in the mainstream media, and we're hearing all sorts of news and rumors about companies and their plans for wearable computing devices — most of which can connect to your Android. While smart glasses are still a ways off, one type of wearable computer is already available and catching a lot of eyes — the smart watch.

We've seen watches from Motorola and Sony in the past, and they met limited success. But there seems to be a surge of interest in smart watches as of late, and products like the Pebble are selling in decent numbers, and stories about Samsung or Google developing their own wrist computer always attract plenty of eyeballs. It may not be a new idea, but it looks like one whose time has come. Phil is giving the Pebble a long look, I'm trying to decide between the Sony SmartWatch and a Pebble, and Alex is pretty keen at having a look at Samsung's upcoming offering

Many of us (guilty) haven't worn a watch daily for a while now. I have a feeling that will change in the next year or so, as new models continue to appear and offer cool features that we think we can't live without. What say you? Are you jumping on the smart watch train? Or maybe you have already. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, or embedded after the break where you can let the world know where you stand. Vote in it, and comment away.

Before we go, let's see the results of last week's poll.

The Cloud - who does it right?

the cloud poll results

The other services have their fair share of fans, but the general consensus seems to be that Google is doing it right. We have to agree, especially if you're using an Android (like you should be). Let's hope they don't get too comfortable and stop the break-neck innovation that got them here.


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you buying a smart watch?


I'm waiting for something real good and from a bigger company that gets plenty of dev support. I don't want it to only do a few things like see my texts/emails/etc...I want it to integrate with everything my smartphone does.

It may or may not meet your specific criteria. I backed the Agent watch on KS and plan on getting a decent looking metal band for it. Personally, it looks to be a nice mix of style and features.

Hot watch, hot watch, hot watch my friend. No link but a quick you tube search will do it. The curve looks real nice

I changed my mind about the Pebble after mixed reviews. Waiting to see what comes out in the next few months. But looking forward to getting a smart watch.

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I have supported them. They just sent out an update that said they got the patent on the cupping the ear for a private conversation piece and for the motion gestures. I think those are going to be pretty valuable in the smartwatch world!

Error 404. Maybe just me, but I can't see either of your guy's links. I'm waiting for Sammy but I said yes in the voting cause I will definitely will be buying one. Anybody member Dick Tracy and thinking that would be the coolest shit ever....... or was that just me?

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Tracy creator Chester Gould was WAY ahead of the curve. We're still waiting for the Space Coupe, but magnetic lev is here to stay...

I own a garmin fenix. Pretty much the closest thing we got to smart watch right now. Full programable gps device for backpacking in the bush. Temperature, barometer, altimeter, compass. Heart rate along with a pile of tools for fitness enthusiests like gps tracking, lap times etc. And the list goes on.

If all these smart watches by samsung apple and lg do is display some alerts from our phones I wont buy one. Thats one function were missing in a garmin fenix, they even have bluetooth for other syncing just no phone app.

If somebody was smart they would just pair up with garmin or suunto and bring there already smart watches to the next step, adding our phones into the mix.

I don't need a watch.
If it's lite out it must be Day time if it's dark out it's time to go to sleep.

Perhaps, if its affordable like Sonys smart watch.

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My requirements:-

1] GOOD battery life (Not 8 hours shift ones)
2] Sunlight legibility
3] Must look like and be the Size of watch (I don't want to look like Ben10 hero wearing it)
4] Can sync with multiple (at least 2) devices + multiple accounts (both work n personal)
5] Support NFC for easily pairing/unpairing
6] Wireless charging or body-heat charging (NOT MUST)
7] Affordable, stable, hackable

1,2,3 and 7 are on my list.

I'm hoping for 2-10 day battery with a quick (1 hour) charging.

The only reason I don't have one right this minute (like pebble or Sony) is the affordable option. Under $100 is in the getting it this week range. $100-$200 is the "when I get some extra cash" range. Over $200 forget it, I'll keep my phone handy.

Why are they calling this new tech a watch? Must be a better product name. I would like to see a different approach, like the back of a glove, or attachable screen to a jacket for instance.

You don't always wear a jacket or gloves but chances are pretty good you aren't going to leave the house without your wrist...regardless of the weather.

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i really want one even just for looks. But must function. And considering bendable screens are far off might have to see what Sammy and LG are going to offer. I would consider spending up to $200 if specs are good and battery life is good.

I wear my Pebble and its great.. Although it does work much better with Android than with iOS. It gives me what I need, its customizable (with Canvas) and its waterproof.. I hardly take it off.. reminds me of when I was a kid and would never take my watch off and when I did I had forgotten how white I actually was.

Sidebar poll seems to be "vaporware". I'm a maybe. I haven't wore a watch in years, but I get tired of pulling out my cellphone or iPod just to see what time it is. It would be kinda nice to at least see who is calling or texting or any other messages my cellphone likes to show me without grabbing it.

I will be getting one. And hoping that two years from now, they will be beyond our expectations. I would love to have a speaker phone option. And voice activations. Even an option to read to you. Vibrations for reminders. And the ability to even watch a movie (stream from phone)

I'm all in for a SmartWatch. The question who will implement it best and what price point? Looking forwards to Sony's SmartWatch 2 as well as Samsung's Gear. I want Casio to roll a bad-ass G-Shock SmartWatch that looks like a tank myself.

I have a MotoActv that I wear pretty much every day, so I am very interested in the what the smartwatch movement has in store. Would love to see something that (reliably) reads my pulse/heart rate in real-time without the need for a chest strap. Access to an App store would be key as well. Just another MotoActv, albeit a bit more stylish and stable, would be worth looking into.

It depends. The killer app for me would be integration with sports tracking apps like Endomondo. Currently, I start Endomondo and shove it in my jersey pocket on my bike rides. The voice calls out stats every mile but I'd like to be able to check it ad-hoc. A watch on my wrist (or mountable on my handlebars) that displayed information from Endomondo would be killer.

Just wondering why everyone talks about this like it's a new thing. I have the sony smartwatch and it's about a year that I got it, and I know it's not the greatest but it's works, caller ID, tweeter, games and some other apps. Just trying to give Sony some credit.

The large lumps I have seen so far embody all the things I hate about watches. I can't see the point . . . Yet.

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I havea pebble, and I really like it. I would get a screen protector for it, though.

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Having a fairly decent collection of watches, I already felt guilty abandoning them when I (was unceremoniusly) retired. They'd be angry if I started wearing a smart watch.

That said, we had some "pretty smart" watches in the late 70's - early 80's. I had a Casio that kept a (searchable) alpha-numeric file of all my contacts, and another with a 2 channel IR blaster...

I'm sure I could find that fancy calculator watch, the one I thought was cool back when I was 7, in a trunk in my parent's attic somewhere if I really wanted to look like a dork.


My ex-boss still wears one. He's a senior director of R&D at a software company and is completely without pretense. He's my hero.

I bought a Pebble from Best Buy when they first were available. After 12 days I saw no real benefit and took it back. Someone please tell me the advantage to this. They have no input method.

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What is the difference between yes and I'm waiting to see what comes out? I will most likely buy one, yes, but I am waiting for Google's version over anyone else's.

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I backed Pebble on a whim. When it first arrived, I thought I'd made a mistake but then apps like Glance and Pebble Tasker started being written and now I wouldn't like to be without it.

I love my Nexus 4 but it is too big (like all current smart phones in my opinion). Having key features on my wrist without having to get my phone out has become invaluable.

To me, a watch is a fashion accessory. My phone takes care of my small form factor computing needs. No reason for me to even consider it.

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I'm an early adopter, had the Sony MN-2 but it used a ton of RAM on my phone (each watch app was a separate app running on your phone) no more than an auxiliary display with notifications IMHO. Then I got the pebble and what a difference! The pebble software uses less resources and has fewer problems maintaining a connection. Sony might have a game changer with the next version of theirs, which I will probably get at launch ;-) might need a third arm soon...

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Call me old fashioned but the normal watch I'm wearing is water resistant, doesn't require charging every day, has a light feature to see the time at night, and cost under $50. If I need to look up anything else, I'm not so lazy that I can't pull my phone out of my pocket.

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I'm with you here. My watch is strapped to me so I dont set it down and i dont have to dig throug a pocket or bag to get it when i need it, I simply raise my arm and divert my gaze.

That said I would like a smart watch however they need to build it as a watch first THEN add the smart features. I need to be able to walk away from my phone and still have the Clock, stopwatch, timer, date, back lit [night viewing] features. It needs to be a watch first so If I have to charge it more than once a week it is'nt convienient enough for me to replace a casio or timex I could buy for a fraction of the cost.

What's the point of these? I mean why does a watch need an OS let alone one capable of so much power. Calculator watches from the 80s/90s made sense. Now we have smartphones so no need for the calculator on the watch. Nobody's going to play angry birds on their watch. I see no benefit at all. Just over priced gimmick watches. That could be done without an OS.

I invented this a looong time before anyone else. (Or did I? To poor to afford patents, lawyers and the cash for a prototype build.) Yes I'm pissed about it. But imagine this if you will, multiple faces, depending on what your wearing. White shirt, mother of pearl face anolog. If its raining water droplets form on the face. Exercising, black face, digital, heart rate and all that shiii#. Say its snowing, snowflakes fall past your face. The options are limitless. Should be able to change the straps also. That way you can wear the same face to work milk just change the strap. Sammy or Google will know this basic shiiii# and make a shii## ton of money.

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I really want the Hot Watch. The way you answer calls looks awesome.

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I would get one to wear at work as long as I can at a glance

1. See and reply to SMS/Emails (from all my email accounts)

2. See who called then send a sms to them.

3. Has battery that can last minimum 2-3 days on one chArge.

4. Bluetooth 4. 0

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Have a Pebble. Really like on a lake..spend a lot of time in the water..never miss an important call or message.

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I already have a kickstarter pebble edition smartwatch and am planning on getting another one

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Not this one for 150 dollars. It better have a better style and look like it's worth 150 bucks. I would buy it for 50.

Only when a 'smartwatch' comes out that counts my calorie burn.. And hopefully syncs with myfitnesspal on my phone as a bonus. I'm not talking about something like the Sony SmartWatch which 'works' with the Runtastic app. I'm talking about something that acts as a fitness wristband.

Otherwise I'll be purchasing a Fitbit Flex and waiting for a smarter smartwatch. I'm waiting to see what the next few months bring.

If they make something that looks professional with a suit, I'll be interested in thinking about it. So far, I'm not ready to replace my Victorinox.

Besides, I have a FitBit for tracking my steps and general exercise, and a Jawbone for talking without my phone in my hand. For almost everything else, I want more screen real estate than what a smart watch will provide. Checking notifications is the only thing I'd use it for. I'm not responding on a tiny screen. When I'm at my desk or in a meeting, my phone is on the desk/table giving me quick access to text messages. When I'm in the car, it's in the car dock. I'd only use it when I'm walking.

Also, I like my analog watch. It is my primary time piece. I have clocks all around me, but that is the one I use.

I just got my pebble today and I love it! My screen protector is in the mail so I'm babying it for now though.

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I have the original Sony smart watch and I must say its very useful. I manage 4 email accounts on my phone and wrist notifications make it easier to identify the nows from the laters. The ability to silence my cell phone from my wrist is Handy especially when I'm in a meeting and have forgotten to do it but don't want to pull out my phone. On that note it's also handy to reply to texts discretely. The last bog feature is connection lost. I don't know how many times I've left my phone at work but now my wrist vibrates when I'm in the parking lot so I know to turn around. Best accessory purchase IMO

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This should be the way to control Google Glass, not that goofy ass 'Remotte' controller or the touch the temple move that's just a little too Cyclops for me. Hot Watch is showing some promise design-wise.

I use a TagHeuer Aquaracer and a Rolex Deepsea on a daily basis, and I paid a lot for them, but since I like samsung products, I will just wait and see.

hell no that looks ugly and big :/

i'll wait nano tech for them so they will look slim stylish and powerful.

imagine this have it on your wrist a huge processor, plenty of RAM, enough storage, have it straped on your wrist so you won't lose your personal data again. and wait you can connect as many display you want, connect to 5inch touch screen display (there you have phablet) walks into a room connect it to your hd tv then you'll get big hd display plus gesture control cos it can detect movement your wrist right...

so many cool things can be done with that kind technology but not now, without nano tech yet.

I found a Sony smartwatch for under 100, and got it, in spite of all of the negative reviews. You know, it really isn't too bad. That would be my official review statement, "it really isn't too bad". A co worker has a Pebble, and he wishs he had some of the features that I have on the Sony. I expect things to progress a lot in the next year. It should be interesting.

I last wore a watch around 1978. They annoy my wrists. I never cared for them, I'd rather have a timepiece on a fob. In theory I could do that with my phone as it is.

I already own a pebble and I've just backed hot watch on Kickstarter as well. The curve looks pretty good and for anyone interested they should be releasing some new images of the final versions fairly soon.

Simply put, I don't wear watches, except for formal events (weddings, business parties where I need to dress up, etc...), so no. Unless the smart watch really brings something to the table I can't live without, I don't see myself investing in one.

Heck, my dad offered me a 14K gold watch and I turned him down just because I wouldn't wear it... Well, that and it was one of those "gold nugget" watches, and it's definitely not my style.

I know everyone is different but I just don't get this. Why would I want another mobile device? That's why I have a smartphone. I've heard that you can sync the watch so that mobile alerts from your phone go to the watch. Why look at the watch when I can just look at my smartphone? Yes it's more discrete but these days in almost every meeting I attend most people just bring their smartphone and lay it front of them (on silent) and that's become acceptable. I ditched my watch a long time ago and I see nothing compelling about these watches to consider a return.

When I can get a camera on the watch that will allow me to video chat like Dick Tracy, that will cinch it. I can't believe someone isn't going to have one in the next year or two...

I currently own: Original MetaWatch (Developer Ed.), MetaWatch Strata (Kickstarter Ed.), Sony LiveView, Sony SmartWatch, Pebble (Kickstarter Ed.), i'm Watch, and a Martian Passport.

At this point my "daily driver" is the Martian, as its a little dressier for work with the true analog watch face but I still get my notifications scrolling on the OLED screen, and the microphone/speaker is handy when I don't want to pull my phone out of my pocket in the car. The Pebble is better for weekends as its much more casual (even with the leather strap I put on it) and waterproof. I'm looking forward to see what's Sony has learned from its first two iterations, the mockups look great for its next-gen smartwatch.

The thing I am looking forward to most with a smart watch, is a simple golf range finder app. Distance to center of the green, always just a glance away.

The first one that has this, is the one that will get my money.

Omate TrueSmart 3G Android watch sounds awesome. I have a Pebble and like it, but I put in for an Omate on Kickstarter. It will be perfect for jogging and when I don't want to carry a phone.

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