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Numbers don't tell the whole story

Everyone's a little excited about the Moto 360, and when it was leaked that the price may be $250, we had to ask and see what everyone thought of that. We made the poll simple, and asked if you would buy a Moto 360 for $250.

Over 67-percent of us would.

So it appears that Motorola found a price point that people could swallow (if that $250 price is right). We also asked for folks to spill it all in the comments and let us know if they will be buying a Moto 360 if they said "yes", or why they won't be buying one no matter what their answer. Some interesting conversation going on in there.

Moto 360 poll results

A lot of us, like TxAndroidGuy, just don't see the need for a smartwatch right now. No hate for any of the Android Wear devices, but they're just not something a lot of us need. Plenty of folks, like Tyegly, are still loving the Pebble and not in the market for something new. And of course, a lot of us think $250 is still too expensive. We're not going to argue — that's a lot of scratch.

Anyhow, be sure to read through the comments at the original post after you check these raw numbers. While the price meets the expectations of many of us, there are still plenty of us that have some questions and will be watching for the first reviews it seems.


Reader comments

Weekly sidebar poll results: Is $250 the right price for the Moto 360?


$250 is a great price, but I don't wear watches so I probably won't get one, even though the 360 looks amazing.

Posted via the OnePlus One

On the third side of the coin, I wear watches and I'm also getting the 360. Then I don't have to wear my Maurice Lacroix out and about so much.

There are many things in the tech/media world that most of us don't "need." No one NEEDS Instagram, or Facebook, or a mobile phone attached to their hips at all times. A smartwatch is yet another device that I welcome, will enjoy and look forward to using, and the fact that I don't NEED it doesn't negate my want for and fuure enjoyment of it. I, for one, look forward to purchasing the Moto 360, and if the price is actually $250, it is beyond a no brainer for me.

In England that works out at Bout £150 which is really worth it considering the other android wear watches are more expensive

Posted via the Android Central App

Expect it to be more expensive when you add VAT plus general extra pricing because it isn't American. I already have the g watch but I plan on getting the 360 at some point too and using each device for different purposes.

When 'nobody else uses proper money', it's because you don't use proper money. Everyone else does.

Posted via Android Central App

I hope someone who complains about the price of something that is not a necessity has bigger issues.

Posted via the Android Central App

There's a difference between not being able to afford something and it not being a good price. People not being able to afford it doesn't make it jot a good price.

Posted via Android Central App

It isn't a good price. All it is is a screen for notifications. Should be maybe twice the price of a Timex.

Then that is your issue. Considering how much other smart watches cost, this is priced right along with them.

Posted via the Android Central App

1. pedometer $40-$120
2. Heart rate monitor $40-120
3. Bluetooth Piece $20-$120
4. Nice watch $100-$500
5. Add about $50 for convenience
$250-$910 Id say the price is pretty decent

How do economics factor in to this? I would not pay $250 for a watch that displays notification and allows me to interact with my phone. Which, by the way, I can already interact with just fine.

This is the right price, relative to the other two Android Wear smartwatches that are currently available.

Pebble Steel looks too expensive next to the Moto 360 at $250.

Posted via Android Central App (Moto X)

What's premium about the pebble steel? The os doesn't compare to the look of android wear, if you're talking about the watch itself, to me the steel looks like a cheap watch, the 360 looks premium. But that's just me. I think Pebble needs to drop their prices to around $49 for all their watches if they want to compete, it just looks like a toy.

I guess if you like that style of watch then the 360 looks premium. It looks like a cheap kids watch to me.

The original Pebble looked like a cheap watch, but the Steel definitely looks more premium than the original AND the 360. I think you are just turned off by the OS of the Steel. I would still take the Pebble Steel over the 360 even if the 360 was only $50.

For a first version and the first batch of us geeks it's a good price, but they won't get the normal consumer with that price. I'll be pretty sure that we'll see bundles with the Moto 360 + Moto X+1 and Note 4 with the Gear Live like we've seen with the LG G3 and G Watch. That will be the way where the "normal" people get an Android Wear watch. In a year there might be much more in the 100-150 price range I would guess - the stuff inside isn't that expensive.

I voted no because I just don't want a smart watch right now. Although yeah its got the cool effect I just don't think I would use it that much. I wear a watch every day, feel naked without it but yet most of the time I look at my phone to see the time LOL. Crazy I know and not proud of it but its the truth. So even with a smart watch on my wrist I would still be using my phone. I get tired of notifications on my phone, don't need them on my watch too.

Posted via Android Central App

250 is about right. I want it in a package deal from Motorola direct with the X+1 and I'm praying (doubtful) that the X+1 has Qi charging and will use the same charger as the 360.

Posted via Android Central App

I bought a $7 qi charger off ebay works totally fine on my nexus 7... But i would prefer a larger charger that could do both my phone and tablet And potential smart watch.
If i could find qi chargers big enough I'd build them into a coffee table..

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks i have seen people route out a table and put then in but i need a bigger coil and i will make it. And you bet you're ass i will put up a how to somewhere.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't think I'll be getting a smart watch until it can actually make calls independently with decent battery life (lasting at least a couple days).

Making calls independently in your watch... Because talking into and listening to your watch doesn't sound stupid at all.

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly. People look ridiculous enough with huge phones pressed to their ears, but at least those are phones.

It might feel cool to talk into your wrist, but it would just look weird unless it became a common thing. At this price, I doubt the average consumer will buy it.

Won't buy any smart watch until they are smaller, thinner and have much better battery life. The price I can live with, the devices so far I can't.

Posted via the Android Central App

I don't think battery life is bad on smart watches in general. Just android wear. Tizen on the gear 2 gets 4 days, gear live gets one on the same specs.

Posted via the Android Central App

250 is ok price point for me as long as verizon sells it and has it classified as an accessory so I can get my 25% corporate discount.

Posted via the Android Central App

I'm a watch guy. I own a lot of them but right now I don't see the need for this. Maybe I will change my mind in the future but right now getting notifications on my phone is enough.

Posted via Android Central App

Haven't worn a watch in over a dozen years, no intentions of wearing one any time soon.

Posted via the Android Central App

I would rather it be expensive and a premium device like a good watches should be then a cheap throw away gadget.

Posted via the Android Central App

By the time the 360 is available for purchase, I'll be ready for a second generation smartwatch. They have waited much to long to release it.

Posted via the Android Central App

I originally wanted the Moto 360 but the battery life is going to be a deal breaker for me. I can see how most would want it, but even at 2.5 days, the battery life is not sufficient. I would love to wear one for the ease of notifications, fitness, sleep tracking, etc... and to able to do that the watch must be constantly worn.

I hope with the next generation, battery life could be greatly improved

I don't get that. In perfectly happy at 1 full day of battery life. I charge all my devices at night, and I don't use any of them while I'm sleeping. It doesn't track how much I roll over in bed, or if I punch someone in a dream, that's not really something 99% of people want, it's more of a toy feature. No smart watch that looks this nice with a color screen will get a week of battery life, at least not for the foreseeable future.

I never complained about the price. I was surprised they wanted to sell it for 250.

I just don't see the point. The watch does look good, but I'm sure the battery sucks. I'm not interested in the notifications either, unless I could reply to them on the watch. Doubt you can.

Posted via Android Central App

A bezel is nonnegotiable. You have to connect to the screen somewhere. The number of folks who simply don't understand this is just astounding.

Posted via Android Central App

I thought $250 for the moto 360 was a great deal until I got the chance to try out the lg g watch for several hours at home. I knew how limited android wear was, but when I came face to face with the limitedness, $250 suddenly became a mountain of cash for something that did so little. I'll wait for android wear to mature a little, and for the number of apps to grow.

What is this about a December release I keep seeing? Any truth to that? If it's $250 and released on Sept. 4th, I'll buy it. If it's $250 or less and released in December, I'll prob just get the Gear Live. Moto is losing their minds if the release it in Dec.

$250 wouldn't break the bank for me and is easily doable...but it's also a decent chunk of change that I could probably put to better use in my day to day life right now. Also, like all tech it will almost certainly drop in price and be improved in about 6 months. I've lived this far without a smart watch, so waiting another half year or so to get a better deal seems like the way to go for me. But I hope Moto sells a lot with early adapters.