We've returned from Barcelona and Mobile World Congress and are still digesting everything we saw this week — it was quite the mouthful.

But right now it's time to hear from you fine folks. What's your favorite thing that came out of MWC this week? Something from Sony? Samsung? LG? Nokia? (Nokia?!?!)

Hit up the poll after the break and let us know. Have a dark horse? Toss it in the comments!


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Weekly poll: What was your favorite thing to come out of Mobile World Congress?


The first tablet z was already amazing, if I didn't still-life it so much I would pick up the new one.


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The restaurant where I'm having dinner has a crappy beer selection and the steak was a little overdone.

You know, since we're whining about things that have nothing to do with the post here.

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Ugh you are one of those Nexus Elitest jerks! always claiming you are better than everyone else because of your stock android!
Unfortunately the sarcasm tag is needed as some people are clearly blowing things out of proportion here. anonymity on the internet is quite a double-edged sword.

My favorite thing was to see SAMSUNG bust that ass with the Galaxy S5 and the TIZEN introduction.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.

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I don't own a Sony or samsung but the Z2 is clearly a superior phone, put your fanboyism aside for 2 seconds

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Sony Z tablet looked really interesting. I wish Sony would make a tablet with a dedicated phone in it and make it for the US market.

1. "bust that ass"? Really? So you're a straight up gangsta from the hood now? What a retard.
2. Just another delusional Samsung fanboy who can't see past his own BS. Plain and simple.

Here's my take.
Z2 -- Just few upgrades over Z1. Again nothing revolutionary.
Z2 Tablet - A tablet with 6000 mAh battery in 2014 is a failure
S5 -- An 'Apple style' iterative device.
G Pro 2 -- A larger G2.
Only device which gathered the attention of the press is Gear Fit (admittedly, I am Gear Fit fan)

There are tons of more articles. I don't think any other device got such a resounding positive response. Now consider the response if it would have been compatible with all smartphones!

Just to add:

Samsung Gear Fit named Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress.

Ya, I knew this thing was going to be special!!

The Z2 tablet is what I've been waiting for in a tab. Now I can finally replace my Transformer Prime.

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Looks like I'm not the only one that wasn't terribly excited this year.

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Yeah. I was hoping something might come up in the mid-sized, but-still-high-end-secs segment. Everything under 5 inches seemed to be underpowered with qhd screens.

Oh well!

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The Sony and Nokia announcements interested me most from MWC. So strange seeing a Nokia phone running Android but looks like Windows phone and has Microsoft services instead of Google play services.. Interested to see how the Nokia X series goes

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I Share nothing exciting but I will opt for the Gear 2 and Neo, just to be different lol

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Cant wait till oppo launch the f7 on 19th of march.. one+ also has my interest!

Nothing special from the big boys, let see how the smaller compagny's will do.

Atleast i know a few who will deliver something better.

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Honestly, I feel this forum is bating complaints. I feel a tongue and cheek essence to the last 10 questions. We all know it was a disaster, let's move on


I know, seriously... Malware completely destroyed my PC and I have been waiting for HP to send a new one so I can get back to programming... I don't know what to do with myself but troll forums and seek entertaining debates


Both CES and MWC have been pretty bland this time around; it's like everything has hit a plateau.

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The only thing even somewhat exciting in my worthless opinion would be the xperia z2. I'll more than likely wait to see the new HTC one and the lg g3.
I'm really waiting for something with the snapdragon 805, 2k display, minimum of 32gb and 3gb of ram.
That's not asking for too much for early to mid 2014 I don't believe.

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I know I keep saying this, but two things:

1) 1920x1080 is considered "2K" (for as much as that term even exists). Look it up.

2) There is no benefit to having any higher resolution in a screen 5" or smaller. Resolution is not what matters, Pixels Per Inch is what matters. And, at 430ppi, it's already a higher resolution that you can see with the naked eye at 10" (I believe that's about 390ppi). The only thing that will happen from upping the resolution beyond this point will be to place additional strain on the graphics processor, resulting in more heat and higher battery consumption.

I do have to agree with you on the storage space, though.

The YotaPhone should be in the list. It's a unique approach and now it has top hardware features.

Really like the new Sony Z2, fixed the screen on both viewing angles and lost the shatter shield. I really would like T-Mobile to pick this one up.

Ball is now in LG, HTC & Motorolas court because the Z2 won't be easily available anytime soon over here.

I also think I'm in the minority about the S5 not being such a bad upgrade from the S4. Seems like they improved everything about the phone. I think as soon as people saw it wasn't the 805 they lost interest.

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Sony's new smartphone and tablet.

And... HTC One winning GSMA's top smartphone of the year!

Who wants to buy me an Z2 to replace my NexusS 4G....anyone? I about a Z1?......

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My favorite part is easily new Nokia x runs android brill idea can't wait to get one when i can hope they hurry and get them on sale in uk who needs those high priced flag ships good one Nokia x

You might want to do some homework before you make that leap, mate. From the reviews I've read (here and elsewhere) the phone does *not* run well at all. Not mention you won't be able to run any of the Google services.

Even with "Nokia" printed on the front, you get what you pay for.

I was disappointed in the Galaxy S 5 because the executive at Samsung said that it would have a better build quality than previous looks the same....They could have put a 5.1 screen on the same size of an s4..As a daily driver the s3-s4 are as big as it should get and the dimples on the back are going to fill up with dirt

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The Gear Fit for me. Not because I'll be buying it (won't work with my iphone. Ever), but because this is what wearables should look like. Hope Apple releases something similar looking.

The gear fit does look interesting. It will be interesting, too, to see if Samsung makes them able to support the iPhone. Seems like a bad business decision to not.

I would say the Z2 but since the chances of it coming (U.S) here anytime soon I think the S5 isn't a bad upgrade from the S3. Is it ideal, no but it is probably second to the Z2.

Galaxy S5! I need that camera! I actually like the back of the phone. The dimples are a lot like the glitter on the N4...not as pronounced as the pictures show. I played with the phone and loved it.

You realize that that camera is clearly worse than the lumia, the iPhone and most likely the Sony (even the z1),right?

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"Clearly worse" based on what? The camera on my Note 3 consistently takes *way* better pictures than my father's iPhone 5. Flame if you want, but I've seen that to be true time and time again, even when we're standing side by side trying to get the same shot. *Especially* if the lighting conditions are not perfect.

I have no personal experience with the Sony or Lumia cameras, so I can't comment on those, but I would be interested to know where you have drawn your conclusions from.

My favorite is the simple fact that USB3 is finally on its way to smartphones. It always makes my angry at my phone when I have to wait for "hours" to copy some files.

I suspect we'll see more of this in the future. Really, the *exact* spec for USB3 is not really finalized. They (the USB standards group) is actually working on coming up with a more "efficient" plug. I'm not sure if the giant plug used by the S5 and Note 3 will actually end up being the final design, but it is good that Samsung is pushing getting USB3 into the market in some form, so long as they can maintain some level of consistency and interoperability.

I agree. Totally useless. You sure can't use a Galaxy S5 to do every single thing that your favorite phone does or anything.

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There's certainly nothing wrong with you not liking the devices, but that doesn't mean that people who do like them are "wrong".

With the ho-hum improvements of the Galaxy S5 over the S4, I think we start to see the maturation of the mobile market. I hope that we will see some Mid-tier phones capturing the glory like the Nexus 5 and Moto G/X. Hopefully, companies like Motorola/Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE and Alactel will bring these these products.

That I don't have to sell my galaxy gear for gear 2-will wait for one in the future and looks like I'll be happy to hang on to my s4 for awhile also

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I think it is safe to say we mostly agree that the Sony Z2 blew anything else announced out of the water. That phone is gorgeous and would love to own it if it ever came state side.

Seriously, nothing here about the YotaPhone? Guess I won't be voting then as none of those were surprising or exciting...

Yeah, there really wasn't anything exciting this year at MWC. Maybe next year...

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Project Ara does look *really* intriguing, assuming Google can get it off the ground. They're going to have to get some OEM weight behind it before that will happen, though. I'm anxious to see if they can pull it off. I think it would be a very successful option, if they implement it correctly.

Desire 816 was my favorite/most innovative phone to come out of mwc.

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The best thing was the money I'll save by not wanting anything that came out at MWC ;)

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S5 with a few upgrades but don't be surprised if later this yr Samsung come out with the new look s6

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Huawei mediapad x1. A 7 inch tablet with super small bezels. That is also a phone. Exactly what I have been looking for.

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Z2 tablet for me. Already got my pre-order in for delivery late march :-) Got sick of waiting for the new nexus 10 (or even a hint they're actually making one). Love my N5 but Google don't do themselves any favours with their wall of silence marketing approach.

The Z2 ticks all the right boxes for me, is (fairly) reasonably priced and comes with a free 3 year warranty. Can't wait :-)

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Good things come to those who wait... The nexus 10 is probably going to destroy everything in its path. In my opinion, the silent marketing approach is genius... Only because they always come through


Was hoping hoping something special from samsung but total let down but Sony grabbed my attention Z2 all the way ;-)

my favorite is gonna have to be a combination of two:
the new lenovo yoga tablet and the 128gb sandisk micro sd card.
portable media aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day long.

That does look quite intriguing. The original version of the YotaPhone was pretty meh, but it looks like that might actually have something this time around.

I think the Sony z1 and z ultra were the point Sony really began to hit their stride and make phones that could take on Samsung and Apple.
With unique features like water and dust proofing, magnetically-attached chargers, and amazingly thin bodies, they shouldn't be ignored.

Awesome Z2. Most likely my next phone. Still waiting for HTC to unveil its flagship.

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Gear fit.

The S5 is a rather boring update and the Z2 looks like an N7 scaled down. The size of the thing in comparison to the size of its screen is just ridiculous. Its 2014, not 2009.

Hisense maxe x1. I rarely use my phone as a phone. I like that they integrated the set top box function with intention. Hopefully it will have some useful dock mode. Usually manufacturers don't put much thought into their mhl or screen mirroring features. To me that is extremely important and useful. Plus a few reports suggest it will be in the $300-400 range. A near tablet with with front facing speakers, good specs, will work on a phone plan rather than tablet, and hopefully a good interface for use as a set top box for $400!? Hisense, take my money! I love the sero 7 pro and got several friends to get them (they all fell in love too).