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It's time for another killer contest from Android Central, and this week we want to see you strike your best Gangnam Style pose. Named for the posh southern district of Seoul, Korea, and made popular by K-pop star Psy with his huge 2012 hit of the same name, Gangnam Style has taken the Internet by storm. There's good reason for that -- it's funny, quirky, and has a catchy tune. Even LG is in on the action with their G-Style campaign. 

We want to see your take on Gangnam Style. Get a friend, use the timer function, whatever you need to do to show us how you do it Gangnam. The prize this week is a whopper -- an AT&T branded LG Optimus G. The current king of specs, and you have a chance to get one delivered right to your door courtesy of Android Central and AT&T.

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Be sure to read all the rules in the forum thread, and if you're not quite sure what all this Gangnam business is, hit the break and check out the video.

While I've got your attention, here's the winners of last weeks Purple Haze contest. Sure looks like Android cameras don't have the purple problems some others do. Maybe we're all holding it wrong.

Be sure to check your inbox winners, we need to know where to send the prizes!

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Reader comments

Weekly photo contest: Pose Gangnam style and win an AT&T Optimus G


" Psy with his huge 2102 hit of the same name"

Don't you hate it when artists cover old classic's like 2012's hit song...

How's that Time Machine working for ya?

Uh this is one contest I won't be competing in LoL Throw in the Note II instead and I might consider ;-)

I have more self respect than to make myself look like an idiot for any phone, thanks. Make it a new car and I might consider it but probably not even then.....

I'm pretty sure I just blew an aneurysm in my brain watching that video. Wow who was drinking while thinking up this contest???

Yeah not a chance in hell I'm doing this just for a chance to win something.

And on another note this very much reminds me of the last southpark episode with honey bo bo

Seeing as I have no idea what this even is, even after watching the video...I guess I'm out. Hmm, I guess streaming my music from the cloud proves I haven't missed anything new in the world of music... and to think I was afraid of missing out on something good.