Verizon Galaxy S4

Sales of Samsung's Galaxy S4 phones will go through the roof, tell us where you're going to use yours

All the major carriers in the US are going to carry the Samsung Galaxy S4, and we'll be seeing them hit the streets in the coming weeks. It's going to be a huge seller, that much were sure of. Samsung has taken their winning strategy formed with the Galaxy S3, improved everything on the hardware side, added a bunch of new features, then put it in a smaller case. People will be buying.

We're pretty sure this one will be heavily skewed towards Verizon, as there is no HTC One to consider for folks using Big Red. At least for now. But seeing how the spread forms between the different carriers is good data to have, so I'm asking -- Which U.S. carrier will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 on? There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, or you can find it embedded after the break. Let us know!

While we're all here, let's look at last week's poll.

Poll results

It looks like most of us choose Android and stick with it. That makes sense, as we're here because we're all fans. But it's still nice to see people coming over from those "other" phones. I'll ask this one again in a few months to watch the trend.


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This week's sidebar poll: Which U.S. carrier will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 on?


or they should put getting a ham sandwich

i mean since we are adding options that don't have to do with the topic

yes just insert every HTC flagship that pre launch everyone says they will get and it never sells as well as the Samsung flagship. Then HTC goes back to the drawing boards and does a refresh....sensation, one x, etc....

The poll was obviously for those who are planning on buying one.
So, if you are not buying it the poll is not applicable to you.

Agree, but not for the One. Waiting for Google I/O in 4 weeks before doing anything and I have a strong feeling that what they say will make the S4 and the One a mistake for buyers like me.

Gonna give TMO a shot. They just lit up LTE here in phoenix, so it should be pretty speedy I hope.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are all of the phones the exact same internal hardware/radios/bands, regardless of carrier? I know the US market is getting the Snapdragon 600 processor (unlike many International markets) and that all the phones between carriers all share the same camera/memory/etc. But I wasn't sure if the phones sold by GSM carriers (like AT&T and T-Mobile) also have CDMA capabilities and vice versa? I think that the iPhone sells only one phone (that all have the same network capabilities) but I wasn't sure if that was also the case for the S4. Also, if they are all the same, is it as simple as "unlocking" the phone to go from one carrier to the next? It's been a while since I've been phone shopping (I'm still sporting a HTC Droid Incredible) so I'm trying to get a sense for my options. Thanks!

On the Galaxy S3, even though Sprint literally covered up the SIM slot, it was present. The S3 was literally the same hardware across the board.

Very similar, but CDMA versions usually have the GSM features for global use, using them in the US means getting them unlocked by the carrier but you lose the LTE on AT&T & T-Mo,etc.

GSM carriers don't bother with CDMA at all since most international markets are also GSM (yes there are global CDMA markets but they are fewer than GSM).

Answer: NONE

I'm waiting on either the Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5, The Motorola X-Phone, or whatever LG and HTC has up their sleeves for the Fall. Those will be the phones I'll be comparing.

And this Fall, Sprint's lineup will include 800mhz LTE phones. The Spring phones apparently do not.

If your comparing them within the same year your probably right, but if you compare last fall's phone to this spring, you'd be wrong. You can't wait forever to get a new phone.

My upgrades naturally wind up in the fall because it's always a debate between the current nexus and some other phones. So far the nexus has won two years in a row, starting to doubt that will change. The benefits of automatic updates and a pure google experience surpass any smaller hardware preferences for me.

Even though I'm eligible for a upgrade on Sprint May 1st, I just bought my GS3 Dec 2nd.
But I do know that whatever I do I'm sticking with Sprint.

Why stick with such a horrible network? Can't believe there are that many Sprint lovers on this site. The network is a complete joke. They shouldn't even be in the game.

Sprint works where it works, and it sucks everywhere else, just like all carriers. The issue is that Sprint has a much smaller network footprint compared to Verizon and AT&T, and that is why a lot of people look down on Sprint.

Now, Sprint 3G and 4G(all versions) are fairly slow compared to what Verizon and AT&T offer, and that is another reason for not being fans of Sprint. As I said, if you are in a decent Sprint area, then it is fine, but if you travel, you will find more areas without service than those with AT&T or Verizon.

EVDO Rev A is awesome? They stagnant in rolling out LTE,
if someone wants affordability and Speed,
T-Mobile has HSPA+ 42, and at least they'll be deploying LTE at
a pace that is noticeable 100m by mid- year and 200m
by end of affordability and Speed, can't say the same for Sprint,
a lot of people complain about Sprints data.

I dont have any trouble with Sprint at all. They are in process of upgrading everything so it will just get better. And its the cheapest!

If I was going to buy one it would be the i9500 Exynos 5 Octa version, unlocked of course and not a single carrier logotype or carrier bloatware anywhere on the device.

I would put my Straight Talk card in.

If you go to Droidlife site their poll with the same question , Verizon has so many more votes than Att has.

Still wimaxx here in Denver bud. Loses 4g signal indoors. No announced plans for lte in several major cities including Denver

Meanwhile, there hasn't been a single new Wimax market since the beginning of 2012 at the latest. He didn't say they stopped using Wimax, just that they're switching from Wimax to LTE. Which is true. Why do you think Sprint stopped selling Wimax capable phones around March of 2012?

Hyped, can't wait to preorder Sammy's 32gb G4 on Sprint tomorrow! Sorry HTC One beautiful phone but I'll have to pass with only 32gb internal memory, no microSD expansion and no removable battery. We had a long run HTC - Evo, Evo 3D and Evo 4G LTE. Maybe next time around.

Your so right! These manufacturers making devices without removable storage or batteries are burning bridges!


i'm leaving sprint because since i bought my evo 4g some years ago was promised that 4g was coming here we are more than 2 years later still no 4g in my city smaller cities around us have it but we dont so no more sprint no more contracts

None. Neither has anything amazing for me. Samsung phones always feel cheap like my Nexus and has to much gimmick software. HTC is fantastic in looks and love the metal body but internals are mesh and that blink feed or whatever is annoying. I'm patient, I'll wait for something that really gets my attention. However, I hope whatever you all get you enjoy.

What does "internals are mesh" mean? Or was that autocorrected "meh"? And if so, what's "meh" about the internals?

I'm still planning on getting from Verizon, but for some reason I want to hold out on what might be coming out of Google I/O. It is a small chance that Motorola might announce something but I feel doubtful.

Still, if Verizon takes long to release the GS4 then at least it'll give us the opportunity to wait and see.

It looks like verizon is always a favorite and now sprint is a favorite with all those updates to their network. And as always, att is going down down down and tmobile is going up up up. Great for the consumer.

AT&T is actually getting a LOT better, and how LTE is being deployed is working well. Verizon has certain advantages in many markets because it is also the local telco for landline service, so there is extra infrastructure(which should be seen as a misappropriation of federal funds). Still, even with those advantages, AT&T 3G/HSPA+ is much faster than Verizon 3G, and AT&T LTE is much faster in most places than Verizon LTE.

where is the option for, "waiting.... i only buy Nexus devices, because non-nexus devices are ruined by their custom UI's and bloatware"

The problem with nexus phones is no LTE no expandable storage. I would hope the new nexus will have LTE but it probably will not have an sd card slot. Google being part of the hardware and software may change all that but my s2 is worn out so I'm getting the s4. But if the new nexus is that amazing I will just buy it outright seems how they have been consistently affordable.

I just want AT&T to say when the 32GB version is coming, its holding me up from porting over. I will be keeping my data based devices on Verizon like my Tablet and Modem, but my voice is going to AT&T. Savings about $50 a month, so $600 savings a year means I could afford pretty much a new phone a year out of pocket.