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It's not every day that a major tech company reinvents itself like RIM has done. With Android and iOS gobbling up damn near all of the mobile market, RIM saw it was time to shift gears and deliver a revamped version of their BlackBerry operating system. I think they've done a fine job, and hope that investors and customers let it run its course to see what it can turn into. But enough of what I think.

What say you, fine readers of Android Central? We're not asking if you plan to jump ship and rush out to buy a BlackBerry Z10, only if you're interested in what the platform delivers, and more importantly, what it will blossom into. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and we've embedded it after the break to make it easy to find. Answer it, and tell us what you think.

Before we go, a look at last week's poll:

Are you ready to upgrade your phone?

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If posed as a yes/no question, it looks like three quarters of the folks reading AC are ready to upgrade. That's good news for Android OEMs, and watching them all deliver great gear to win out hearts and minds should be fun!


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you interested in BlackBerry 10?


Interested? Yes. Not willing to purchase (YET). I really miss a good physical keyboard and the priority for communication that BB has. I'm not convinced that they've knocked it out of the park, but time will tell. I'm fairly certain that they will bump Windows (WinDoze?)Phone from #3, but only time will tell if they're able to hang with the big boys in the long run.

I'll wait and see where they're at in another year or 2. If they can hold on that long.

Exactly, that should have been one of the options. While I'm interested in the OS, I'm not interested in either of the phones, and I'd like to give it more time to see how the app ecosystem turns out.

It is one of the options. The one labeled "Yes". The question is "are you interested in BlackBerry 10?" BlackBerry 10 is the OS. If you are interested in that, then your answer is Yes. The question is NOT, "are you going to buy a BlackBerry 10 device?"

Personally, I'm interested in BB10. But, I read all the reviews (on Mobile Nations) and it seems to me that BB10 is a middle ground between iOS and Android. It definitely looks nicer than iOS, but doesn't have the configurability of Android. I like setting up my Android home screen with various widgets and having instant access to exactly the info I want. From what I can tell, it doesn't seem like BB10 offers anythingiI can't do with Android. At least, not that I saw in the CrackBerry review. The BB10 Hub doesn't look like it gives me anything that the JB notification bar doesn't give me.

I might have been interested once. I had the original BB Storm and was quite happy with it. By the time my wife's BB died, necessitating replacement, the Storm was quite out dated, as was the Storm 2. The Torch was pending, but RIM had been dragging their feet getting it to market, so it wasn't an option. I wasn't going to go with a design that was already two years old. Therefore, Android it was. I have a deep antipathy towards Apple, so that wasn't an option, and WP was a joke. Now I am pretty well invested in Android, so our next phone cycle will most likely be Android again. 'Berry will really have to show me something amazing to get my dollar.

BlackBerry? What's that? ;) Seriously, an emphatic NO. No interest what-so-ever. For starters it's too small (anything less than my Note 2 is small now) and I have no interest in learning a new OS. Android rules! :P

interested in bb10? nope. not a chance.

interested in having a few of the features ripped out and brought over to android? sure. i'd love the lockscreen.

blackberry has got to be the biggest joke in the mobile device scene right now. their new os will have about 3 good (worthwhile) new features, and the rest will still be the same old god-awful flaming bag of dog poo bb has always been.

moving on....

I do like it very much i like the way they took a little from everybody a very nice creation. But if this existed 3 years ago maybe i would be there. But today I roll with android ONLY and preference Samsung only. Nothing on the market today or in the next 240 days will top the Galaxy Note 2 it's the ultimate all purpose productivity device ever made. The NEXT Galaxy Note 3 will be the ONLY device to dethrone the Galaxy Note 2 in 2013. Mark it down.

Dethrone the GN2 in what? Size? Sales? Profits? There are already phones out there which beat the GN2 in all those areas.

I used to use BlackBerry, but after I tried Android, BlackBerry felt like a toy. They had their chance to innovate and didn't do it. As far as I'm concerned, BlackBerry 10 is too little, too late.

I agree with you, and I will add that after 2+ years of development this seems a tad weak. It looks pretty decent but not really groundbreaking.

Android is open. I like open.

IIRC you cant sideload on blackberry 10. That completely removes it from consideration. So, thus far my only real option is Android... possibly Ubuntu down the road, but that has its own can of worms.

What are the advantages of sideloading ? I used to sideload apps on an old Symbian phone (because the installer was buggy & would crash), but have found the Android installer to be very stable. I am neither a developer nor know any developers.

Am I missing out on some additional functionality ?

You're missing the functionality of apps that are not available from the primary app repository (ie: Google Play). Sideloading allows access to apps available directly from the developer, such as Swype, Swiftkey Flow beta, VLC, and Adobe Flash Player. Some independent developers offer their premium apps free-of-charge to members that follow the developer community (you don't actually have to keep up with the community if you know where the link is located).

Its more a philosophical thing... I own my device, and I dont like others telling me what I can and can't put on it. If the only way to install apps is through an approved app store, you dont own your device.

Sideloading has long been confirmed as being enabled on BB10. Its actually been identified by BlackBerry as core to the experience/options on the new platform, just not the main means of getting apps on the OS....

You can sideload Android apps (converted online) all you want according to reports from the company.

Actually can you point us to that confirmation/report? While it's allowed on the PlayBook because PB OS is a dead end that will be folded for BB10 and tolerated on the Dev Alphas so as to encourage Devs to bring Android apps to BB (to run in a Gingerbread emulator), it most likely will not be tolerated on the phones.

BB claim to be #1 in security and the second you open the side door you are exposed to all the meanies the internet et al have to offer. It is incompatible with their security mantra. I keep asking and no one will confirm, in my mind it means it wont be allowed. In order to get on a BB the app will have to be converted by the Dev and submitted to BB World.

The funny part was there were analysts who said the BB10 was the "best Android phone available". LOL

It looks like a Droid X. It's really unfortunate because I was hoping to see some competition. The specs are outdated and it's too small. BlackBerry isn't going to make it. It's going to be a slow but inevitable death. I'm a GN2 owner and my wife is a GS3 owner. No reason to leave android.

i'm interested, but not interested in jumping ship. look, I can't wait to get my hands on it to check it out in all its glory. but lets face it...for me, i'm laced and tied with android. so much music, games, apps, movies and tv shows I've bought. googleplay is my media hub. no way i'm starting over. with blackberry or apple. i'm locked and loaded with android.

Same here. I could never really go back to BB from a rooted GS3.

Now if I worked for a company that made me carry a BB I'd be stoked right now. In that case I might be willing to exclusively use the Z10. Might.

This reminds me of the PRE3 - a device many people were interested in, but was too long to get to market.

It looks interesting but I can't imagine any other OS is going to pry me away from Android in the immediate future.

A lot of us, myself included, came to Android from BlackBerry. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm not an Android "fan." I use Android because I like it and it's the best option out there for me. If BlackBerry were to make a better option, I'd have no issue with switching.

My thoughts exactly.

Right now I am invested in the Android platform because it gives me the customization options that no other mobile OS can.

I will say that the Blackberry event yesterday caught my eye and has me interested in the direction they are going.

Only time will tell whether Blackberry can truly make a comeback, and it will be interesting to see what kind of carrier promotion Blackberry will get.

If the carriers do not give it much attention and promotion, then the product will likely fail no matter how good it is.

I'm with you on this. I'm not tied to any platform. They are all just tools to get my job done. If someone comes out with something better for the way I work, I would buy it. That's exactly what brought me over to Android from Blackberry. There were some great features that Blackberry had that I still miss on the Androids, but my Blackberry was becoming a dog. The hardware just wasn't keeping up. The incredibly long boot time was painful. In the last 12 years, I think I've had almost every model of Blackberry. So, I did have some loyalty to RIM. I think the Z10 would have been great last summer. Right now? eh... It doesn't have anything about it that makes me say "wow". But I will try try it when it becomes available. And who knows... maybe I will switch again. I'm not a fan of any particular brand or OS. I just want what works best for me. Anyway... it's not like Apple, Google, MS or Blackberry are paying us to use their products. Maybe if they started paying me I might be more apt to become a fan. :-)
Right now, I'm pretty happy with my Razr Maxx HD. But if something else comes out with that kind of battery life and doesn't have the occasional lag that I see, I'll be switching from that. Heck, I'm on my fourth different Android in just a year.

I'm interested to see if they bring any innovations to the field. I'm unlikely to convert from Android, but if I needed a second phone for some reason (ie: business), I would consider a new Blackberry (although I would also consider a Windows phone, iPhone, or another Android, depending on my needs).

My blackberry storm years ago should of look just like that lol. Not interested. Heavily involved in the Android universe. Not looking back. Hate RIM but somehow I want this to come up for them. Eventually RIM/Blackberry will be sold to the highest bidder. This is thier last shot.

If this had came out a year ago, perhaps. .... now that I have used the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I cant imagine going back to a screen that small.

It seems to me that the best of BB10 came from Android. We have an awful lot of whats available in BB10 already on Android and a whole lot of goodness they won't get, no matter what emulators they put in their phones, because they don't have Google.

I came from BB and had every major phone they have made since the 7520, and I will probably replace my 9810 with Aristo when it comes because I need BBM for business, but my daily driver will be Android.

Interested? Yes. a co-worker who is a self described Apple fanboy spent some time with the new BB and said it was a very strong platform. And competition is good for all of us.

Whether I ever consider switching, though, will depend on a lot more than the device. How the developer market responds to it will be key.

Yes. I'll be honest, after getting a tablet... I don't use my phone unless I'm texting or calling. I'm contemplating getting the Q10 when I'm able to because of the keyboard.

Is anyone else having Palm Pre flashbacks? Lots of promise but underdelivered. I know BB has better footing at the moment than palm did but I can't help but to think this is going to be a repeat of 2008/09

I had blackberrys for years. I even upgraded a year ago to the Torch 9810. I can honestly say that since having the Samsung Galaxy S3, I will never ever own a Blackberry again! It is taking me some time to figure out all the functions and options of the Galaxy but that's only because Blackberrys are so limited in everything. The only option I really enjoyed was the BBM and, for a while, that was enough to keep me but it eventually wasn't enough. I especially grew tired of them once they came out with the Playbook (which I also have) because it became their main focus. All upgrades, new features, etc. revolved solely around the Playbook. I've had my S3 for less than a month and I forsee it lasting far longer than my love for Blackberry did. I can honestly say, in my opinion, they're junk!

I was in kind of the same boat. BBM is *awesome*, and kept me using BlackBerry for quite a while, but its usefulness nosedived when BB's market share started to decline.

I'm only interested in the Q10 as I'd love to have a keyboard-equipped device with a modern OS that actually takes advantage of said keyboard rather than take it as an afterthought. I'm not holding my breath though; RIM is probably going to mess this one up too.

I think Blackberry did a great job out of the gate. Not enough for me to change, but a solid effort none the less.

The big question is, will former Blackberry users find it compelling enough to return to the platform?

BB has the OS now to compete but the hardware,as good as it is, still can't compare with the flagship Android devices.Hopefully Blackberry10 does well enough to be able to get to a second generation. If Blackberry folds they can look no farther than the Playbook and the 2 years wasted on RIM pushing that unwanted device while using OS7 as an OS "placebo". No way QNX should have taken this long to get out.

Really liked the BB Storm when it first came out, minus the bugs off course. I think I would like to demo one, but being spoiled with the performance of the androids so long would probably be too much for anything RIM came out with to compete!

I'm glad Blackberry is coming back. the only other OS system phone I would buy. I might open up a business line on my plan, if its a good phone like my old torch was.

I say, to each their own. Everybody has different tastes. I never particularly liked Blackberry phones from the start. I like Android phones, always have, always will, but that's just me.

You have to respect these (Blackberry) guys though for hanging in there and not giving up. And they certainly have a large fanbase. Let's hope it will help them in the long run.

I'm interested, only from a competition aspect. I don't ever see myself leaving the Android platform and can say with almost 100% certainty that my next smartphone will be Android. However, I do hope BB10 is a success because a viable 3 competitor will only drive competition which we will all benefit from in price and innovation. I also say 3 competitors because I think that BB has a much better chance at pushing iOS and Android than WP8 or Mozilla (if and when it comes out). And although I love Ubuntu and use it exclusively on my home PC, I can't see the Ubuntu phone taking off.

Blackberry 10? Nope. My nexus 4 does all i need and want. It's fast and rooted and overclocked with LTE (yes LTE)
Heck i have seen apple fan boys drool over my phone. Now that feels good!!

Interested? Meh. But color me impressed. It'll be interesting to see if they can repair the damage, or if even this strong showing can't save them.