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One of the more popular weather apps on iOS, Weather HD, has finally come to Android. It provides all of the usual weather data you'd want -- current temperature / humidity / precipitation / wind, 7-day forecasts and a few other customizable odds and ends. What's nice about Weather HD is the interface. It's the simplicity of gray and white text on a nicely animated background image, which changes with the current weather conditions, that really helps set this apart from some of the cluttered and busy weather apps. Unfortunately, Weather HD doesn't include a widget, though we'd expect it to soon if they want to stay competitive with the other popular weather apps out there.

Weather HD is available in the Google Play Store at the link above. It'll set you back 99 cents, or is free with advertisements.

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No widget, no likey

Gekko says:


Tested. Bloated mess.


dakid2k6 says:

45MB was my same reaction. Wanted to test it but pass. Until smaller size.

mwara244 says:

its like an app from 2009, no gps, no fast refresh rate, no widget, no live wallpeper. Didn't look HD on my Nexus either. iOS must have some garbage apps for people to think this is an amazing app.

its a port from iOS.... What did you expect?

icebike says:

What would I expect?

I would expect Android Central NOT to give front page coverage for an app that two minutes of playing with would reveal to be so insanely inferior to the lamest weather app on the Play store.

45megs. No widget. No GPS. So WHY does it get any coverage here?

Oh yeah. It was ported from IOS.
Did Phil go hurricane evacuation and leave Rene Ritchie in charge?

KineticMD says:

I've used Weather HD on my iPad before I sold it, and still use it on my iPod. BeWeather is essentially its sister app and is better, in my opinion.

Terrahawk says:

Agreed. BeWeather is the best weather app available on Android right now.

thanx for the tip. i have been using weatherbug and thoroughly enjoy it. and you are correct, beweather is the best. my issue with it is the ten hours of battery life i have lost. and that is with me sleeping for eight of the last 8.5 hours.

i just stuck tasks jb aokp on yesterday also, so i dont want to jump the gun. but the app has used up over 50% of my resources. going to give it one more day.

moosc says:

It also doesn't automatically find u. U have to manually add your location.

ab304945 says:

better have a widget soon, this isnt ios

KidCuda says:

Is it me or the graphics (in the free version) really low quality?

mwara244 says:

HD my arse, not visually beautiful.

frettfreak says:

why is it that sucessful apps on IOS think they can just port the same crappy ass functionality from that and Android users will be happy??

No thanks... there is no shortage of great weather apps and at 45mb (this is a weather app for God sake) it should do something well.... but it doesnt. lol

icebike says:


Please stop making/porting weather apps. The world has enough for everyone.

Find me one that shows yesterday's weather, or last week's rainfall and I will show you some very happy Farmers. Lots of farmers and foresters have been reduced to keeping their own weather records just to know what kind of crops they can predict.



bratboo says:

Wow! 45mb and yet no Widget?! Ah right because it was a HD, are you kidding me!! No Track your location by GPS (can't find my location), no Change the update interval, no Quick access to forecast!

Ah it was originated for iOS. No wonder it has limited functionality. Very lame! They already have a paid version for it wow!

chucknine says:

Read this post...... Downloaded app........ Uninstalled......... Waste of time

rufflez says:

Wish I saw this. Looks like low quality animations... making the name false advertising. Horrible quality app.

calvin35 says:

Since you posted this I don't need to. Thank you.

wilfreb says:

the stock weather widget on my Galaxy S3 works flawlessly, i dont need any more apps

Jayshmay says:

BeWeather doesn't display the current temp in the notification bar?

Gkins3 says:

It does menu/settings/temperature notification - In the paid version anyhow.

DSaif says:

UCCW is better

BasPilot says:

There is one huge glaring omission... If I can't get my weather app to track me, I don't want it!

kinster02 says:

No thanks, i'll stick with the weather app in widget has everything and its even better on the tablet.

gtp20 says:

I installed it, then went to add the widget.... No widget??? If I wanted to open an app just to see the weather I'd buy an IPhone.

21plays says:

its a great buy on ios, not so great on android. Widgets hd weather all the way

tgrant1975 says:

I'm sorry but I still love weather bug it has everything you need and want on a weather app. Can anyone tell me about one that's better?

HAAS599 says:

Beweather is MUCH better than this turd of a weather app. Either this app is different on iOS or there are absolute no good weather apps for iphone.

dtreo says:

No thanks.

HTC stock Sense weather widget.
Or SimiClock with weather.

Playboy E says:

I'll stick with weather channel app

tucker973 says:

*raucous laughter*

trk6640 says:


There's a storm a brewin' in that there software.