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Any discussion of Android Wear will eventually turn to how you have to dig deep into the software to launch an app from your wrist. Tapping and swiping, and scrolling and tapping just isn't the perfect experience. A new app called Wear Mini Launcher aims to fix all of that. Install it to the phone you've paired with your Android Wear watch, and you're just one swipe away from a list of your installed apps.

Right now, it's buggy on the Samsung Gear Live. The developer has recognized this and says he will look into why. But on the G Watch it works a treat. Grab it from the Google Play link above.

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Wear Mini Launcher brings your Android Wear apps front and center


Crazy how this way a big topic on the podcast and now it's fixed by developers already. I just found the app while I was searching for cool apps for my new G Watch I picked up today. Works great!

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On the gear live it seems to work once then you have to disable and re-enable it for it to work one more time etc.

Very cool though and I'm sure the dev will fix it.

Wow this is exactly what i was looking for. voice actions are easy but i cant always talk to my watch. getting to the apps took way to many steps. this is a big win!!!

Didn't work on my Gear Live on LG G2.... had to uninstall it. Wonder if it has more to do with the phone vs the watch. Why would it work on some Gear Live watches and not on others?

Did you try turning it off and back on in the app on the phone? Also on my GGL it screwed up notifications so I rebooted the watch and stopped and started it again and all seems to be working for now.

I would guess that it was intentionally designed to be far away to encourage voice over touch, but since we are the early adopters we get to push it in the direction that we actually want to use it.

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Doesn't work for me either. I installed it and attempted the gesture and it simply doesn't do anything. I then restarted the device and that didn't solve anything.

OK - show of hands, how many actually have a wearable right now? If I see 20 hands raised I'd be really surprised.

It looks like the Gear Live issues have been resolved. So far so good on this end. This is a nice addition. You just need to be careful not to swipe a card away when opening the drawer.

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