Google cuts 200 jobs to move faster and to better align with its 'goals'

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What you need to know

  • Google confirmed that it has cut around 200 jobs from its "Core" teams, which are responsible for the technical foundation behind its services.
  • Documents show that employees found out about the layoffs a week ago, with Google stating that it would help it align with its "broader goals."
  • Elsewhere, it seems Google is more focused on "moving faster" as it grapples with generative AI development.

Google is in the middle of a wave of layoffs at the office as the company is reportedly letting people go from its "Core" teams.

The report about Google's layoffs comes from CNBC, who state the company has laid off nearly 200 employees from its "Core" teams. Google confirmed the layoffs, with a spokesperson adding that those affected can reapply for other roles within the company.

The "Core" teams are responsible for the "technical foundation" behind many of Google's products and services for security and online safety. The company has also reportedly started a "reorganization" that moves roles to India and Mexico. This was a future Google told employees in March as it hoped to "move closer" to other markets, including Brazil.

Documents obtained by the publication suggest that Google's vice president of its Developer Ecosystem, Asim Husain informed employees in their team of the impending layoffs. During a town hall meeting, Husain informed staff that "this was the biggest planned reduction" for the team in 2024.

Husain said, "announcements of this sort may leave many of you feeling uncertain or frustrated" and added that the cuts "are in service of our broader goals" at the company. AI has continuously been a top priority for Google, with Husain informing employees that they are at an "inflection point."

Google's Core teams are said to be affected by layoffs in its governance and protected data group, which works directly with the company's regulatory side. The group's vice president, Evan Kotsovinos, informed team members about the cuts, stating there is a strong focus on "moving faster."

This is reportedly due to an "escalating regulatory focus" on Google.

Android Central reached out to Google for a statement regarding the recent layoffs, but they did not get back to us in time for publication. We will update this article once we have more information.

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These cuts come at an interesting time, as Alphabet stated in its Q1 earnings report that it obtained $80.5 billion in revenue with "strong performance" across services. Per its CEO Sundar Pichai, areas like Search, YouTube, and Cloud were stated to have done well in the first quarter. AI was weaved throughout everything Alphabeta talked about as Google's race to inject more of Gemini throughout its ecosystem.

Additionally, Google announced its reorganization in mid-April, stating that it had merged its hardware teams with its software side. The idea was to bring teams closer together in the same space to quickly create products and services for consumers.

Moreover, Pichai stated the move will create a "deep AI experience" across all of Google's devices and platforms.

It's also worth noting that Alphabet cut 12,000 jobs, around 6% of its workforce, early in 2023. The decision was made as Google's parent company sought to "tighten its belt" and move into a more "efficient" era of spending.

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