Android Central at CTIA

CTIA in Vegas starts tonight, and we're there to relay all the news back to you

Phil, Anndrew and Andrew are on the ground in Sin City, getting prepped to bring you all the news you'll want to know from the CTIA show. This is the last spring CTIA show, and starting next year things will be consolidated into one bigger and better event every fall. 

Besides rubbing shoulders with Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Lopez, expect to hear news from Verizon and Sprint, as well as something Kyocera is cooking up. Of course, the show floor will also be filled with those oh-so-interesting products and accessories that make owning a connected device fun. 

The news should start rolling in tonight, so keep your eyes peeled to see it all. You never know what to expect at these events, and there's bound to be something to interest everyone.


Reader comments

We're live from CTIA in Las Vegas


I think there are quite a few VZW customer hoping and praying for other words, not a chance.
More likely they'll announce faster speeds, lower caps, ending grandfathered unlimited, and then tell us how much we love that they're doing that for us.

Why would they get the HTC ONE when the new DROID DNA 2 that's coning out is supposed to be exactly like a HTC ONE but not considered the ONE because it'd be the DNA/J BUTTERFLY 2 maybe.

Is CTIA really all that relevant any more? It used to be a pretty big deal with all sorts of cool stuff coming out of it, but it seems like now the individual manufacturer events are more high profile with more interesting stuff. Maybe that's just my perspective on it.

Yes! Any news from T-Mobile can only be good news! Merge Metro's spectrum!!! Kill of 2G, Windham County Connecticut!!! And wherever else. . .

No thank you to Vegas! Buffets & mountains, and international community, that's all I like about Vegas, much more prefer New England!!!

You said it! I'm sitting on my back porch right now listening to the crickets, drinking some soda, and watching the beautiful NE sunset over the mountains. Doesn't get any better than this!

Hey Jerry. Ill be at Benihana Village in the Hilton right next to the convention center tonight. see you there at 630 buddy. haha

Verizon's not getting the One. If they were we would have at least seem leaks by now. That ship has sailed. No they will get something "better" later this summer or next fall. Probably the DNA 2 (J Butterfly 2)

- Rumors that HTC One is coming 1-2 months after other carriers
- Wifi certification for device with similar model numbers to HTC One
- Free DNA with code till 5/21 (Verizon's DROID flagship for free???)
- May 22 announcement

Don't kill the dream! I refuse to believe that HTC would sit back and watch as Verizon, with the largest base in the US, carries the S4 and not their savior device. It's coming.