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We've got the phone, you've got questions

The Moto X is finally officially official, and our own Phil Nickinson has been playing around with Motorola's latest for the past day or so. We've already brought you hands-ons, unboxings, full specs and more, but if you've still got unanswered questions you'll want to head over to the AC forums, where Phil's doing a little Q&A.

So hit the link below to visit the forums and pose your burning questions to one of the few live humans in possession of a Moto X. If you're not yet a forum member, registration is free, quick and easy.

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We're answering your Moto X questions on the Android Central forums!


Seriously? When will this ever stop being a 'thing'?
Most people who do this only post 'First!' and NOTHING ELSE. So they basically waste the top spot for no good reason because nobody else on the ENTIRE planet gives a single smelly fart about 'First!'.

That was my first time doing it and I get ravaged? Furthermore I've already asked questions about the X phone so I thought might as well.

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Because if it's not you it's some other moron wasting everyone's time. You should know better and deserve the shabby treatment.

"First" posts serve no purpose other than attention seeking, and to be honest should earn a ban. But hey, I'm not in charge.

Canadians have funny shaped heads and don't deserve this phone. I know this because I saw it on South Park, so it must be true, eh?

Will either the Droid MAXX or Moto X be carrier unlockable? They both have GSM antennas for global roaming. So if they're unlocked, could you bring them to T-Mobile or AT&T and receive 3G or HSPA+ speeds?

Can't decide if a 5" screen and capacitive buttons are to annoyingly large to warrant downgrading to the moto X battery life. My ideal screen is a 720p 4.5" screen with on screen buttons. Just slim down the bezels, I don't care about phone thickness that much.

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He's comparing it to the MAXX. Going from the DROID MAXX to the Moto X would be a downgrade in battery life.

Honestly, as nice as this phone looks, the MAXX is only $100 more for twice the storage and insane battery life. I wouldn't choose the X over the MAXX on Verizon.

You can send your specific request "720p 4.5" screen with on screen buttons" to MOTO
so they will send you a customized X. LOL

So Moto X and Droid Ultra are pretty much the same thing. Same software, same internals, only difference is the screen and buttons. I like the look of the X but if X lasts 24 hours with a 2,200 battery , how long will the Ultra Max last with that huge 3,500 one. That should make it the first phone to take you threw a weekend. How many people would choose the X over the Ultra Max and vice versa???

48hrs for the Ultra Max right? Kind of disappointed in Motorola this time around in not upping the specs on any of these new devices to at least be mentioned with the HTC one and GN4. That an the eliminated one of my favorite features, the HDMI port. On the other hand I somewhat feel relieved that I don't feel the need to run right out and replace this fantastic Razr MaxxHd anytime soon so I don't have to worry about loosing my data plan.

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Not exactly the same software and some of the internals are different (not the core components, but there are some extras in the X to increase battery life)

They say the Maxx should last you 2 days...

That link... Is kind of sorta wrong. They say that the Moto X has a dual core processor. Doesn't it have 2 dual core processors and 2 dual core gpu chips? Thus the name X8. Also what's the PPI on the Moto X? I mean physically speaking the eye can only see so much. So the 720p screen really isn't a deal breaker.

S4 Pro is a bad way to identify this. The two CPU cores the X8 has are Krait 300 CPU cores, so they are the same CPU cores that are used in the Snapdragon 600, except there's only two of them. The GPU is the Adreno 320, which again, is the exact same GPU used in current "high-end" processors. The advantage here is that since the phone isn't powering a 1080p display, the graphical performance is better than anything else available right now. The chip also requires much less power than a full S600, allowing Moto to achieve that 24 hour battery life without really sacrificing performance.

Is this the line we get in to complain about the Moto X? I don't really have a problem with the phone, but everyone is bitching about how it's going to suck...I just didn't want to be left out.

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What if I buy a black Moto X from Verizon, and then down the line, when the colored backs are available with Verizon, will I be able to send the phone to Motorola to have them add a colored back/customize the phone? Or will I be stuck with black?

Did you have an answer for my question I posted 6 days ago? I've been checking back here, as you stated in the title of this post that you would be answering our Moto X questions.