The good news is that the wait is nearly over. The blasted #tm13 teasers shall soon cease (hey, we cut way back a few weeks ago) and we'll finally take the wraps off this thing. 

That said, we've got one last teaser for you. We'll be announcing the whole shebang next week, unless someone decides to leak it first, breaksclusive-style. And we'll be kicking the whole thing off the first week of June, with a small gathering of friends in New York City -- and you're invited. Plus, we're giving away a free trip to the party. We'll have full details at the Mobile Nations #tm13 site, so peep it for more. (And if you've already signed up for the e-mail alerts, you're already entered.)

And strap in, because we're changing the conversation.


Reader comments

We're almost finally done teasing #tm13 - here's another teaser with a little more meat


Honestly couldn't care less. In my experience, the more something is hyped, the less it seems to end up being worth it.

So.. I don't live in NYC. But I want in - visit the AC gang and a trip to NYC at the same time? Yes, please!

So, im piecing this together tm13 (is not thug motivation 2013 for young jeezy) its Team Mobile 13. so it sounds like it will bring all the guys from every site in mobile nation together for...? well...every OS is making it could be a good convo :)

No No NO -- TM13 is broken down like this

T = Tuna
M = Melt
1 = first letter of alphabet - A
3 = third letter of alphabet - C

Tuna Melt Avocado Club

The're opening up a restaurant in NYC