Scope for Android

Not long ago, Scope for Android (formerly known as SocialScope) entered beta bringing a ton of new features and great updates. This all-in-one social app has support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Tumblr. The main home screen lists all your different services, providing each with a colorful icon with which to identify them. It breaks down all your social content into various sub-categories, allowing you to simply swipe between them. Besides breaking it down by service, content can be viewed by type. Scope will highlight any posts that are posting photos, or videos, or check-ins, breaking each off into their own category. 

The only real drawback to the app was that unless you already had an account from being a BlackBerry user or you got an invite from a current user, you were out of luck and left out of the beta. Well, we'd like to help you change that. The awesome team at Socialscope has hooked us up today and is giving 500 of you the chance to join the beta. All you have to do is head over to the Google Play store and download the app. Use the invite code androidcentral and you're in! Invites are on a first come first served basis, so you'll want to hurry and get signed up.

If you're not familiar with Scope or why you would want to be part of the beta, you will definitely want to check out Richard's inside look at the app.

Download: Scope for Android


Reader comments

We have your invite to the Scope for Android beta!


I got an email response right away saying they have received an overwhelming response and they notify me if a spot opens up. Looks like a really cool app!

Pretty awful article, doesn't tell you how to enter the code or anything.

You have to go to create and account and then you will have the option to enter the androidcentral invite code. Just did it with no problem so there are still some available.

Codiusprime... so you're saying you figured it out on your own without someone having to give you step-by-step instructions? Congrats!

Wow! Never heard of this app before but I used the code, logged in to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I love it!

Only been on it for about 60 seconds, thankyou so much guys!

I just installed it no problem. Haven't even signed in yet, but my biggest question is "What about Google+ and Linked In"?

Are they going to support these two? I especially want G+ support since I'm using that as much as FB now, and have completely stopped using Twitter in favor of it.

Just signed in and plugged in my FB account. Looks good. Caveats above still stand though. The only account I care about is FB, although I'm going to plug-in my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Maybe I'll use them more.

If I remember they are all waiting for the G+ API to release (which I think they may of done at I/O). Im waiting for this myself!

As soon as and if Google releases a public API for G+, this will be 'The Social App'.

G+ is in Flipboard now so one can only hope. I have been using Scope since my Blackberry days.

It would be great to get rid of the official Facebook and Twitter app and have it (Scope) provide real-time/push notifications. The UI is much better looking and smoother than either of the above! I love to use Scope because it enables me to post to my Facebook and Twitter from one place instead of having to do it from each individual app.

That would make this the absolute killer app for me. I'm really loving it so far though! Might make me actually use foursquare for once.

Thanks for the invite code...the app seems pretty awesome so far. Hoping for Google+ integration as well, but otherwise really great!

I just hope that 'Scope' doesn't stay in beta as long as it did for BlackBerry. Oh, wait, isn't it still in beta for BlackBerry?

Had this since theverge released their invite code. This is an epic app. Way better than having to check each social app and Scope has more features. They do need G+ integration however.

Used one of the invites. My initial impression is that it is similar to path but a bit better done, better UI/smoother. It has a similar button and radial selection for new events, like path. So far I am a fan. If they added notification from Facebook I could use this to replace three apps (facebook, foursquare and tweetcaster).

Installed the app from the play store, entered androidcentral as the invite code, filled in my details and account created.

Thanks, looks like a very promising app.

I too did this same thing. Code worked just fine, and now I have an account. It seems to be pretty neat so far. My one thing is (and maybe I missed this somewhere), why does it not have a widget? This seems like a no-brainer to have a full functioning widget. This app would replace the twitter and FB apps for sure if there was a widget. Thanks for the code A/C!


I had a socialscope account (first bb version), that got banned (they never updated me, and i bitched a lot :P)

Then i got another account, for the updated version.

Then came android, i first created a new account, but i was also able to use the 2 old ones.

THEN, came this new version of SS, and none of my accounts worked anymore :P

(now i have a 4th :P)

I have been using the beta for about a month and my major issue is the UI not following the new android design guidelines. It seems simple but if you are in one of your streams you cannot access the settings and instead you have to back out to the home screen. I know its a beta but I hope this is addressed. All in all it is pretty slick but I am not sure if it fits my needs

I can't figure out how to add a second account to it. Also it needs to be consistent in it's theme. On top of that, I'm finding it really slow and I dislike that it uses an embedded browser for account authentication. It doesn't allow me to use Firefox which is annoying.

Doesn't look like it supports multiple accounts. It's a shame, and frankly that might be a dealbreaker for me, especially considering how many do.

That's why I come to Android Central daily... they keep us in the loop of all the cool stuff. Appreciate the info and the invite AC folks.

Besides G+ integration, I'd like to see different sized widgets to place on one of my empty screens that I can read from there without having to go to the app. This reminds me a lot of FriendStream when I had a sense rom running on my phone. Quick and easy catch up without having to go back and forth between apps.

Thanks for the free invite guys! Looks pretty cool so far for the little bit I got to play while at work. Hopefully Google+ gets added soon.

NICE, got in! Finally...ive been wantin to try this.
Its killin, I'm pretty much gonna dump every other social net app on my phone except of course for Google+.

well and Boid tweetlonger options on social scope.

there's no options for it, but it automatically does twitlonger if you post something too long to twitter. It also automatically expands twitlonger tweets in the stream

Signed up. Looks like an interesting and useful app. It could use some home screen widgets to show the combined social feeds. I currently use Android Pro Widgets to have a combined Facebook and Twitter feed widget on my home screen.

I signed up and immediately received an email stating I would be contacted later due to overwhelming response. Less than a minute later I was emailed a code to enter. I didn't have to use the code android central provided.

I used to use scope back durning my blackberry days, I tried the bats on my current phone and it's really nice.

I got signed up - thanks AC!

Hopefully they'll add G+ to the list as that's the one social site that I actually use consistently.

I nabbed one of the invites, and have been using it all morning. This is such a great app. I agree with some of the folks on here saying that they should implement Google+ ASAP. Really like the design, and feeds for posts, pics, and vids. Only other thing I wish they'd improve so far is the pull to refresh, it's not very smooth yet.

Thanks AC for the invite.