All About Android

Phil was a guest on TWiT's All About Android podcast yesterday, where they discussed the "Google Nexus Tablet," Ice Cream Sandwich and Touchwiz, apps, and much more.

All About Android is one of TWiT's newer shows featuring Eileen Rivera, Jason Howell and Ron Richards. If you're an Android fan and haven't yet checked it out, we highly recommend doing so, especially because Phil was the guest this week.

To watch or download the episode, please hit the links below.

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Watch Phil on TWiT's All About Android


I usually catch up with this show on Saturday morning so it will be great to not only hear Phil but see him as well! I really like the TWIT shows - as close to the old TechTv as you can get!

Yes I have been the biggest fan of Twit since 2010 and all about android since day nothing like watching these shows which started on my EVO 4G to my EVO 3D and now on my GALAXY NEXUS.