Experience all the sights and sounds direct from Grant Park through the magic of YouTube

If you've got your hands on Google's newest gadget, the $35 Chromecast, this weekend you'll have a great way to put it to the test. Lollapalooza 2013 will begin streaming Friday, August 2 and carry through until Sunday August 4 on YouTube. Featured bands include Nine Inch Nails, Mumford and Sons,  Queens of the Stone Age, The Killers, Crystal Castles, Postal Service and more. The show will be streamed live direct from Grant Park in beautiful downtown Chicago. If you can't be there to enjoy the sights and sounds, the live stream is a good substitute. And the food is probably better at home, anyway.

Of course, you can watch the show on any Android device if you've not picked up a Chromecast, but this will be a good way for everyone who did to really put it to the test. You can find all the details at the source link below, as well as a teaser video after the break.

Source: Lollapalooza

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bassmig says:

Lollapooza from the future!!! You guys are awesome!!!

bassmig says:

You changed it, now my comment just looks ridiculous. It did say Lollapalooza 2103, I swear!!

Don't worry, I saw it too. So at least one person knows you're not crazy.

jduke882 says:

Don't worry, The 2103 still lives on in the URL for the permalink:

ultravisitor says:

Thanks, but I'll actually be at Lollapalooza!

Quastor says:

Me too!

Might need to bring a jacket...

Nah it will be decent out side the rain predictions are going away and it will be lower 80's

drhere says:

Chicago expat here living in NYC. I will be watching on my Chromecast. Although you will be having a better view than me.

djstarion says:

Can the Chromecast stream any youtube live show? Cuz I tried it with the Tomorrowland stream and it wouldn't work. Maybe it was just that particular show.

gabbott says:

I'm unable to get any live YouTube streams to cast from my phone. Just went through and tried a bunch.

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I tried livestreaming Tomorrowland this past weekend using my Chromecast and it gave me an error message.

I will be there Im so excited : )

FIDLAR says:

Will this be similar to using a MHL cable?

Sent from the depths of hell.

tnt118 says:

Sorry to say live events don't work on the Chromecast. I went to submit feedback about the errors, and their own help pages say they will not work.

alexige says:

Live YouTube broadcasts didnt work on Chromecast over the weekend so unless something magically changed in 7 days you just made a fooling article without research or checking feedback since I mentioned this in the comments of the Chromecast review last night.

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fritzo81 says:

yeah youtube live streams are not working. they never worked using the youtube apps on other devices, and chromecast doesn't seem to be different. google should work on this. live youtube events are great to watch, especially concerts. to watch Lolla on your tv would be fantastic. i'll try it this weekend with my fingers crossed.

jaffaki says:

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, at this moment, YouTube live streams are not supported via Chromecast.

adamboy83 says:

I would love to watch this.... But seeing that Amazon hasnt shipped my Chromecast yet I cant :(

mauidiver40 says:

very frustrated to just find out that I cannot stream this on the chromecast, it appears you cannot play any live streams from youtube on the chromecast. Is it just me?

vansmack says:

I was afraid of this. I guess I won't be rushing home to watch the headlines this evening.

Have you tried from a laptop tab too, or just your phone/tablet?

I was even considering "Cast My Desktop" as a work around.

Drew2u says:

Not just you. I've tried multiple times casting from my PC, my laptop, my Nexus 10, and my G-Nexus, and it fails.

I was able to cast the browser tab but the audio keeps dropping out on the Chromecast.

Would love to watch the concert on the big screen and hear it in surround. :(

orionschmidt says:

The only way I've been able to get my Chromecast to play a live YouTube stream is by casting a tab that's playing the video. That's working fine for me though.

jsirgey says:

looks like the only way to get this to work with chromecast at this point is to cast a tab from a real browser, the youtube app will not work.

danrad55 says:

This really sucks Google! Fortunately I had a fallback plan that I didn't want to use. My Apple TV 2, my Ipad 2 or Itouch and Airplay. To everyone that is an Apple hater, I hate to say, it's working great. Playing a beautiful H.D. picture and surround sound of the concert. I have been trying to break the Apple trap (Chromecast, OUYA) but keep coming back. Shame on Google for letting me and many others down this weekend!