If you want to get updated on the events but don't feel like doing a bunch of reading at the moment, you can now kick back and watch the video. Amazon has posted the video of the event in its entirety on YouTube and well as making it available for download on their press site. Link to the download is below but it is 4.3GB in size just so you are aware.

Source: Amazon, YouTube


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Watch the full Amazon Kindle press conference video


Amazon is gunning for Apple, and unless iOS 6 and the new iPad Mini has most of these new features (something that is doubtful, since none of it was mentioned in the preview stuff) they have a serious chance of trumping the iPad Mini.

Yeah they really are. I must say that I'm really impressed with what Amazon has done. I never expected them to come this far. However, i'm still glad i have my nexus 7. The only reason why anyone would get this tablets would be, as you know, for the amazon services. That was my problem when i had the kindle fire last year. I found myself not using the video on demand or music or just any amazon services for that matter. Apple better have something big for the ipad mini otherwise i think Amazon might have a winner here.

What the hell, at 3:25, he just fucking pisses me off. WHO SAYS NOBODY BUYS THEM?! I bought the TF201 so i'm not "smart"?? Fuck you.

Amazon is coming big on the market and the specs on this tablets are nice. It only doesn't have NFC and GPS but this is tablet that you would use with amazon services which is nice. I can't wait to see the videos from AC on this new Kindle HD fire's.

Above all I find this presentation so well conceived and executed. No surplus or overly complex graphics, every point supported clearly and repeated where necessary to aid memory. It also felt like HIS case, not just a learned script. It is not pure "Jobs" charisma, but it is effective and honest.

We all know this is an Amazon store front. But It is well conceived and presented.