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And we're back for Day 2 of Android Central Live, coming to you live from the Samsung Developers Conference

We're kicking today off with a bunch of interview guests, and will be winding down #SDC13 with a final Android Central podcast.

Tune into the live stream below - we'll keep it going all afternoon - and be sure to say hello in chat room. And if you missed any of the action, be sure to visit

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icebike says:

Speaking of new cool stuff did anyone notice the Ars Story about the new interchangeable parts phone?

icebike says:

Drat, failed to read one back stories far enough....

mwara244 says:

AC had the story before all the other blogs that i read. That's why I come here first

Yep. It looked a lot like the same one everyone else did last night. Including us.

But you knew that.

hitsmanj says:

And...awkward-pose photo, hold it, and done!

imomperousse says:

a picture of two guys who didn't want to get their picture taken

popologuy says:

Suck in the guts, guys: we're the Ghostbusters!

Andrew is such a gentleman.

icebike says:

Is this SDC event fundamentally different than the other shows?

Seems like everybody else waltzes around and all the press and blog types stay in their own booths. Or is AC just getting big enough that they don't have to go to vendor booths?