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One of the most exciting parts of the first day of the Big Android BBQ in Austin, Texas -- next to miraculous appearance of a couple of kegs of Texas' finest -- was the panel with the folks behind, in front of and in charge of the CyanogenMod project. Yes, we said folks. It's a community project through and through, as impressive in scale as it is in organization.

If you care at all about AOSP, open-source project and, of course, CyanogenMod, you need to watch this.

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MacBook says:

Well thats disappointing... No ones working on a Photon 4G Cyanogen mod :(

aNYthing24 says:

Haha kmobs...loves that pink hat.


That damn samsung tapping sound!!! I love it:) is it possible to get it on non samsung devices!?

MacBook says:

I thought that was a touchpad typing sound... its sounds exactly like it

pjsnyc says:

Next time there's a BBQ, call me. The camera work is, uhhh, lacking?

Mr.Slave says:

Thanks for posting and I was super stoked to see them officially get an SGSIIE4GT. I had just asked them about this the other day and then to see this it kinda answers my question. Thanks goes out for the many great years of support to the CM Team.