I just ... I don't ... Wow. In what world does this makes sense?

Hey, Kevin. At least be sure to install the official Android Central BlackBerry app from BlackBerry World, will ya?


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Watch this: CrackBerry Kevin drops $2,000 in Vegas on something young, hot and sexy!


OMG. Phil posted my video. I feel so Android famous!! Can't wait for Gekko to leave a nasty Kevin hateration comment. :)

Enjoy the video. Be sure to click on the ads so I can pay that expensive biatch off!

Please tell me your returning it, and getting a nice 64GB galaxy note 3 and zerolemon 10,000mah extended battery :)
Plus you would have 1,000+ left over to blow on booze and hookers :)

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for 2000 you could have bought a galaxy s4 and had enough money left over to rent a real Porsche for a decent length of time!

LOL Even my mom would make that recommendation! At minimum though she'd say that money would be better spent on a haircut and new glasses! Anyway, what happens in Vegas...... ;P


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I take it there's no Misses Kevin at home. I know Misses Deke218 would be pitching a biatch if I just paid 2 grand on a Blackberry - well unless it came with the car.

look at ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this guy is such a cheeseball. and an attention whore.

To quote Frances from Christmas Vacation, "Talk about pissing your money away. I hope you kids see what a silly waste of resources this was."

Oh, please. Like you've never bought anything expensive that you don't need? It doesn't really look like he was choosing between a designer-brand phone and feeding his kids, so what's the problem?

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Lighten up, Frances!!

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"the most expensive model it had ever made was the Signature Cobra, at 213000GBP; the most expensive 2006 regular model was the Signature Diamond at 55000GBP." - Wikipedia

Oh I want to see it happen too now!

To all you haters, please keep in mind that this is a novelty device. Just like that $1500 dollar Google Glass that everyone here at AC is so jealous of. Why is a fancy phone phone any different than the AC writers spending almost the same amount of $ as a piece of head decoration? Its his money, he can spend it how he sees fit.

Enjoy your phone Kevin, I just would hate to see it get stolen...

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So? Its still not a necessity. If people want glass? Fine. $2000 phone? Fine, is still his money that can be spent by as he chooses without being called an idiot by idiots themselves.

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Spot on.

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Well let's take a poll and see how many of the twenty some things on this forum have signed up for the Affordable Health Care Act. Remember now ,they keep saying it will just cost you about the same as a cell phone bill. Priorities kids. Nothing is free.

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20-somethings do stupid shit that land them in the hospital. Mending broken bones cost money. It's not too hard to understand.

Sure. They just don't need it mandated from the government in a form that will cost more than its worth for so many people.

How many other types of "Glass" are there? People are paying $1500 to be on the cutting edge of a tech that may or may not take off. This guy just paid $2000 for a phone that does nothing more than a $200 Z10 will do. He can spend his money anyway he pleases, but your comparison to Glass is not right.

Well I guess if it makes the dude happy, oh well. Not my first choice tho...from what I hear, Blackberry isn't doing so well so who knows whats gonna happen software wise on that thing.

Kevin (and anybody else) is entitled to do whatever he wants with his own money.
I personally change smartphone every 2 to 3 months (Actually going from GN3 to Xperia Z1) and I don't give a @#ck about what people say.
Well done Kevin, we only live once!!! Keep it up! (I would go back to BB for this one :-)

Yeah, I don't care what people say either - we only live once, so lets party like it's 1999 and be consumer a$$holes. Buy a new phone every month or two and get rid of it. Fvck the environment.

Damn straight, could you use a little global warming right about now. Cold as hell here in Michigan. My bad, meant climate change. Buy! buy! buy!

Ok one word for Kevin.... Nutballism at its finest 2,200+178 taxes for a grand total 2,378.00. Well, if they had a Lamborghini Aventador Note 3 edition I would show you Nutballism at its Greatest... Enjoy! slow down in curves

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Honestly its overkill but I don't understand the hate. If most of us could pick up an exclusive item and it was feasible we would. I would try out Google Glass if I really wanted it... So he got what he wanted. If it doesn't break the bank then go for it.

I paid 700.00 for a Galaxy S4 on release with Tax to keep my unlimited data. Granted it is 1/3rd of the price we are talking, but different strokes for different folks. And yeah I think he paid like 200.00 for sexy clock app if I recall?

Enjoy the toy Kev although I think the boxing is sexier than the phone.

No one is hating, just having a little fun. Everyone is so serious now a days. Must be a generation Y thing. Can't offend anyone, everyone is a winner, everybody gets a trophy, capitalism sucks (just kidding). Can't joke around anymore.

$500 app, $1500 iPhone, $2000 Porsche Z10....what's next? It's going to be tough to beat!

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At least he'll get more use out it unlike that $500 clock wallpaper he had on on os7 berry

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I paid $800+ on a Motorola Xoom on launch day so I can relate. We all have our cravings in some form or another.

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I have a $1300 Palm Pre if anyone is interested. It was deigned by Palm. I'll sell it for $1290 tho.

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The way I see it Kevin goes to Vegas - and comes back with something he wanted and likes. That puts him way ahead of most people in town, even at CES. Just don't drop that thing Kevin.

I am sorry things are not better for Blackberry at the moment.

Nice device. Let's face it. This BlackBerry looks so much better build and stuff then any of our android phones ever will be. Enjoy this phone.

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Better save your money Kevin. I have a feeling that Crackberry.com isn't going to be around for much longer.

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Lol wut?

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It most certainly was.

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That does look Sexy. I wish Porsche came out with an android version too

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Ok... 2000 USD. At least is not my money. But... BlackBerry? and that design? I don't think that worth the money... My Nexus is much more sexy than that "porshe desgin" cell

The salesperson seems none too happy about selling that device. They probably had a pool going and her money was on never selling it, or maybe she was in line to buy it for $50 once BB went bust (next month).

Oh geez you lot, him spending his money eont affect your life in any way, why do you guys get so worked up?
Anyways, fantastic looking phone there Kevin, at least you're happy.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Everyone has to have their schtick I guess. Kevin's is blowing money. If that what it takes to get a nerd laid, I say go for it.


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Actually, he does appreciate his money; and, he knows how to invest it, too. Kevin spending 2,000 dollars on this phone and uploading a video of it probably generated over 2,000 dollars in page clicks. So, you actually paid for this phone, lol. And, for that, you should be proud.

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I think Kevin's outrageous purchases during CES are officially a thing. I'm not surprised anymore. But more power to him! I'm not going to tell him how to spend his money.