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Among todays CES festivities is the ASUS press conference, live from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. We'll be live on location, but the great news is that ASUS will be livestreaming the event so all you guys at home can join us for the ride. 

With an appearance from Johnny Shih, an ASUS press conference can be a wild ride, so check back at 12 p.m. PST – 3 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m UK – to see what they've got in store for us. You'll be able to catch the stream at the link below, but as and when it goes live we'll also pull it into this post, and you'll find our liveblog after the break. In the meantime, be sure to pass by our CES hub for all the latest!

Watch the ASUS CES 2014 press conference live!


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Got to say guys, your app is great for following this live. Much better than a mobile browser. Thanks!

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4" phone @ $99.00 5" phone @ $149.00 6" @ $199.00.. 4 in 1 Tablet for $599.00
Not bad Asus.. Not bad at all.. everything does not have to be a stripped for speed Nexus device.. as far as consumers are concerned.. we want Choice and you just gave us that and then some.