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So now that you've all updated your Motorola Droids to Android 2.1 -- what, you're waiting for it to be pushed out to your phone and not doing the manual update? Fine -- What do you think? Was it worth the wait? Was the hype all for naught? What's your favorite feature? Let's hear it, people. ...


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Was the Droid 2.1 update worth the wait?


The addition of 3 more home screens is why I won't flash the stock 2.1 onto mine. I'll stick with Bugless Beast which is super stable and has everything the stock does plus extras like 5 home screens. :D

Seems to be stable. I dl'd Helix yesterday and now I've got more of what I wanted in 2.1. Homescreens galore! Now if we can just get flash...

I've been using helix launcher for two weeks and it is very stable. I've only had it get hung twice, but both times it recovered without needing to fc.

for some reason I cannot get 7 screens on mine. I d/l the helix thingy last night the app was called helixlauncher...any thoughts???

Live wallpapers and news/weather widget takes up too many resources and thus causes force closures, Voice To Text is wildly inaccurate. The biggest features for me are a bust. Oh well. Guess we'll have to wait until 2.5 for bigger changes.

I agree totally. The only thing I don't like is that they changed the Neural live wallpaper. I like the 1 on the Nexus better.

I agree, we need the ability to select it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I'm in love with the voice to text capability. Works great for me.

i felt it was very lacking, we got live wallpapers that i don't use a simi newer music player and 3d gallery and a weather widget that most downloaded from the marketplace already it didnt really make or break it seems to be the same speed and the pinch to zoom which was in dolphin so nothing great at all maybe the next os will be better

Strongly agree. The only thing that changed on my phone was the addition of Live Wallpaper, and the fact that a few "About Phone" settings changed. Google Earth is cool, but nothing I'd ever truly use, and the other 2.1 apps were already on my phone. Pinch-to-zoom is over rated in my opinion- I prefer to one-hand my phone, hence the reason I use Swype and tap-to-zoom.

Don't forget that your droid was a great phone before this update. It added new features to an already great phone. Is that really a fail?

Pretty much agreed with the other posts... It's just "ok".

Speech to text on the keyboard is probably the best part of this update, and I think that gets overlooked frequently by reviewers. That said the HTC IME keyboard I installed on my droid a couple months ago had it already and I like that keyboard better anyway.

Things it needed to make it a great update (IMO):
1. 5 or more home screens (although free helixlauncher from the market is quite good, and if it stays that way I can live without more stock home screens)
2. Bluetooth voice dialing (not a big deal to me but the Android OS in general needs this to compete, as it's a big deal for many)
3. Email signature for the "Email" app (this can't be that hard) It already shows up in Gmail.
4. More MS Exchange ActiveSync support calendar/email/security functionality (Also would be a big boost to Android/Droid).

And yes Flash support, but that will be here soon (supposedly 2nd quarter is what I heard somewhere) in it's own update.

All of this time I was envious of the N1 for having Android 2.1, but I now see it wasn't really that much of a difference. I still believe that (aside from the noise cancelling mics) the Droid performs better/smoother than the N1, so now I have nothing to envy on the N1, until they upgrade the N1, that is.

kmatheny i have the motorola cliq and i really envy the nexus 1 but yea... they will have 3.1 and every1 will say "plz motorola...get this OR ELSE" =)

I love the update. It is so awesome. I didn't hack my phone earlier because I feared some of the instability I read about, or problems with particular apps. So it's all new, and all terrific. The speech-to-text is particularly useful. The beautiful gallery and small improvements to the Music navigation are great too.

I could have swarn that this was supposed to improve battery life. If anything my battery life seems worse.


Hmmm ... And this is what I trade for my iPhone 3GS ... it's a total failure ... I should have waited and get the Evo or atleast Nexus1 instead or maybe it's the Motorola Canada is the one that SUCKS! They said "Ultimately, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience on your device; as a result, the rollout is taking longer than expected".

But thanks to some people who are willing to share. Now I have a 2.1 Thailand ROM without the 3G though :(

I feel like okay finally we got it so its all good but i feel like for all the trouble and back n forth they couldve added the screens c'mon...i understand no flash because thats Adobes end but they couldve also added a better selection of live wallpapers... I have helix now and I still get the same wallpapers anyone know how to get more if more are avail.

After I did the manual update, I couldn't get the junk off fast enough. I'll stick with rooting and use BB on my droid. I've used BB off and on for a little while with no problems.

Phil, who is this "you've all" you speak of? I don't have the update yet and I'm not willing to manually do it. Y'all best stop assuming that all your readers have it. Latest word out is another week for all or longer. Looks like they sold a lot of Droids.

Ther is a reason not to manually do it. So far, all I e been reading is of things not working right. Like led light. Physical keep pad not lighting up, can't down load Alps. And that's just afew

That's NOT from doing it manually. The OTA is a script that downloads the file from the exact same link as the first link given in the manual update instructions. The OTA script places that file on your SD card then tells the phone to shut down, and load the new update through the bootloader - The same exact thing that happens when you do it manually.

For every report of errors from doing this, there are likely hundreds (if not thousands) of users with no issues. I'll bet that most of the "issues" could be solved wipe a data wipe and a reboot.

It was never over hyped, Verizon said what it was going to do and it does it. The only people who over hyped it was the users on this site. The only thing its missing is the 3D App Rolodex, other than that its the same as the Nexus One software wise from I can tell.

I like the Neural Network wallpaper, but I think that its slowing the phone down so I don't really use it. The voice to text messaging is pretty good, scary good actually. But I think I'm faster typing what I want to say. I like the new photo gallery and the pinch to zoom is nice, but I don't think I'm going to use it much, I'm too used to double tapping. The battery life seems better for me.

Overall, it does what they said it was going to do. The system was perfect beforehand and this was a nice improvement

Disappointed, but it was what Verizon said it would be... Ruomrs had it having 5 home screens, and the 3D app launcher, but it didn't... I wanted at least 1 *feature* not discussed to be included, but oh well. I flashed the stock image back and re-rooted my phone, went with the UltimateDroid 9.0 update instead. 1.0GHz low-voltage overclocked kernel is MUCH faster, comes with the Helix Launcher, its stable, and I'm sure there will be leaks of Flash 10.1 well before it's officially released... Fact is I'm just sick of waiting for these updates to come out! Good for Google for stepping in and making more of the components (browser, etc.) available through the market.

Needed 5 home screens (or at least the option to) and Flash light (yeah I know full Flash is a ways off but Devour has Flash light on it and that's an "interior" phone ..) And seriously guys they need to get the other Bluetooth features working ASAP...

1. No new clock/dock app. I installed the port from the N1 a while ago and absolutely loved it, but I uninstalled it in preparation for the update. Now there doesn't seem to be a way to put it back on.
2. No speech-to-text access in Swype. Not really Android's fault, but I'm pretty bummed.

Please correct me if I'm wrong about either of these issues. Please.

I haven't received it yet OTA so I can't vote in the poll, but I will once I do. Looking forward to live wallpapers and news/weather widget.

Beware of a bug in the update/ installation process when upgrading to 2.1 manually--something which occurred to me. Many of the files (photos, pdfs, music files, etc.) which I stored on my Droid's micro SB card were deleted and overwritten during the process of upgrading. Be sure to backup he USB card's contents before attempting the upgrade.

I'm actually quite taken by the 3D gallery, in particular how well it works with Picasa web. And quite(!) disappointed by the "improved" music player. Live WPs seem to consume absurd quantities of resources, so I've already relegated them to "only to impress people" status. Must also remark, though this is almost independent of 2.1, that Maps on Android are phenomenal.

HUH? We are Eris folks waiting (VERY patiently) for 2.1.....Is it true that 2.1 does NOT have Bluetooth voice-activated dialing???? That is what we were promised by VZ and the missing Link to make the Eris tolerable! Maybe it is time to bail from VZ.

GOT My OTA at 6am EST this morning…I like it. Wish Google Earth was on it. Nice Weather/news widget. Pinch and zoom is ok…I was already used to double tapping, and think it’s better anyway. Wallpapers are cool..but will get old quick. It’s just to show off to Iphone users, especially the Google Maps active wallpaper..Eat it!! :) I really like the new picture/media gallery and it's menus. Very nice touch. Don't think the picture frame widget is useful, that was a waste of time.

Still no OTA yet. But as of now, not really waiting for it anymore. Nothing special. Not into live wall papers, all it really does is kill battery quicker. I already have my yahoo mail sincd to my droid. Not into muti touch. And already have speech text

Really dissapointed that theres only 3 home screens, no flash... 3 screens isnt enough.

but the weather and news one is pretty cool, but i have beautiful widgets and its way better.

Multitouch has been there from the beginning in my European Droid (Milestone), so nothing new there. The other stuff (more home screens, voice whatever) are useless gizmos and the first thing I did after the update was rooting the phone and throwing out most of the newly installed programs in /system/apps.

I think multitasking/scheduling is improved a bit, I have less stuttering when using the phone while playing MP3s with Meridian.

Yeah live wallpaper.. whoop-e........#fail Text to speech was already supported with handcent SMS, pinch to zoom was already on the Dolphin browser. Thanks for playing catch up Motorola.

I got the OTA this a.m. for my Droid. However, I still only have 3 homescreens and I thought Google Earth was supposed to be released at the same time.

you kjnow whats funny? last month when 2.1 was supposed to be released google earth was gonna be on it cause they said it. And i still dont have 2.1

I went to Droid from Blackberry Storm really miss bluetooth voice dialing was hoping for this in 2.1. Disappointed.