Verizon Droid Incredible shipping

If for some reason you can't make it to a Verizon store to buy an Incredible in person, you're going to have to wait a few days. Verizon's website says new orders won't ship until May 4 -- a testament to the phone's popularity (or initial low inventory). That's echoed by reports in our forums discussing limited in-store inventory. Anybody out there have a hard time getting one?


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Want an Incredible? Better hit a store -- fast


Wow, I ordered mine last night, didn't have anything about a delay, I guess I made it just in time...just checked my order status and it says your order is processed expect it in 2 days, but I paid for overnight so I should get it tomorrow

To be honest i had a Mytouch 3g and i was allways switching themes and skins with OpenHome and the evo is great but i have my doubts if im gonna like to be with the same interface all along if they could turn the sense off it would be a great optinos because i know ill be getting back to it but just to refresh a little bit will be nice to turn it off

had to call a special 800 number at 8 this morning to get a loyalty discount from verizon so I chose online today but it was over the phone.

i got mine, but somehow i am having coverage (service) issue? is there any solution to it? maybe changing setting or anything.

Went in at 9 when my local store opened. It was me and a dude in a blue "Google" shirt waiting to buy it. Kinda wanted to punch him in the face.

Mine is on the FedEx truck for today's delivery. Should be on my doorstep as soon as I get home from homedepot.

Bought a brand new hammer for my S1. Can't wait use it.

I went today at 9 to buy the phone but they hit me with some bullshit about how they couldn't sell me one in the store because they only had a limited supply and that I was paying full retail. So the "had" to have it shipped to me. If I would have known that shit I would have pre ordered the damn thing. BULLSHIT I tell you!

Classic manager of a store saving something for new sales! You should have raised all kinds of hecky.

On another note, exciting to hear something selling out like this.

my friend called about picking up this phone. He was told they will only have 5 in stock. He is bummed about having to wait for it.

There shoild be an option on the poll for "Going to the store to play with one then go home crying because yiu can't afford it yet" because that's what I'm gonna do! Lol

A-friggin-men! I just upgraded like 2 months ago to my storm 2 and I want this phone so bad! But, to get a little fix I'm gonna go to the store today and play with one!

Ordered mine this morning online at Walmart/LetsTalk for $149.99. Shipment confirmed a few minutes ago for delivery tomorrow.

AARRGGH...just checked my Fedex tracking, and it shows that the driver didn't leave it because he needed a signature. Why does he always show up when my wife and I are both out of the house?

Got mine over the phone through customer service with an early upgrade for $149. Gotta love the "threat" of going to another carrier. Amazon has it for $99 with new service, too.

Nope. Just called regular customer service and said 'Upgrade me or cancel my contract and I'll go to another carrier and get a new phone for free". Voila!!

Bought mine in Cleveland Oh , employees said they have been selling a ton of them. Also getting a lot of calls about them of people coming after work. They must have had a ton because they seemed like stock wasn't an issue.