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Well - BBM for Android was set to hit the Google Play store at 7am EDT but we've yet to see anything but we're still hanging tight. If you're waiting as well, go ahead and join the chat below and we'll let everyone know when it goes live.


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Waiting for BBM on Android? - Come hang out with us while you wait!



Since they missed 7am est they will probably release it at 7pm est and say the am was a typo...

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I bet the android and iPhone market will crash when bbm is released with the amount of people downloading lol! Not long to go I hope!

Man its going to be like jayz magna carta at least they came through in a reasonable time.

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RIP RIM. As a Canadian, this is sad for all of us who had jobs thanks RIM.... No mo RIM jobs :(

seriously though what is going on.. nothing from bb is being released. so disappointing. Give us some news!

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1) The company is no longer RIM. It is now, and has been for some time, BlackBerry.

2). Many people just got laid off from BlackBerry, so your old joke "no more RIM jobs" is fairly tasteless right now.

3) BlackBerry sucks.

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I'm a huge Blackberry fan and this is sad indeed. It looks really bad. When a tech company can't even follow a date for software let alone...a device with software.

Was waiting for it all day. But hey.. It really in the end may have related to all the same BBM apps

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I can't believe y'all are still waiting its not going to release they (BlackBerry) just lost billions. They are talking to Sammy to buy bbm

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So for all the people that blamed Google go and read the official blackberry statement. 100% blackberry issue. Someone leaked a copy and it "caused issues". LOL what a joke of a company.

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And an update.... my BBM on my android just started working now.... i received requests from iPhone BBM users and regular users as well.... Apparently they fixed it

So does that mean we will see it posted tonight or are we going to do the circle jerk again tomorrow. I'm leaning toward the latter.

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Apparently it will be released 6pm UK time, so many people have said this on their facebook page, don't know how true that is though. I'm not going to bother to keep checking til then. Just get on with your life and check again after 6pm lol!

And so the wait goes on. . .
There's some real negative people here and some fraudsters but I suggest we just wait it will come sooner or later

I am really exited to have moved from BlackBerry ao S4 and even more so to have bbm on here!



Sorry looks like I was wrong to listen to rumours lol!! BBM have updated on twitter and they say the following:

@BBM: We will provide you an update on timing as soon as we can. Teams are working non-stop. Sign up for launch alerts at

look how many people downloaded it.. in the millions.. so yeah completely wrong when they say "no one" wants it