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Well - BBM for Android was set to hit the Google Play store at 7am EDT but we've yet to see anything but we're still hanging tight. If you're waiting as well, go ahead and join the chat below and we'll let everyone know when it goes live.

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Waiting for BBM on Android? - Come hang out with us while you wait!

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what is this "Myspace" you are speaking of? I found an almanac from early 2000's that shows me some info, but I can't quiet understand what it is or does.. hmmm

Same here! It was expected to launch at 4:30 IST. Its 5:42 now and no sign of the app!

Sent from my White Nexus 4!

what do you expect from these clowns? history shows they can't make a deadline. and their company is in shambles.

Not Google. Publishing an app on the play store takes minutes and is completely automated. This is 100% on Blackberry.

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It's automated. A bot does scanning for Trojans etc.

Blackberry should have had this ready to go so that all they needed to do is hit publish. Many of the fake apps appeared at exactly the right time.. It's not hard to arrange.

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An app no-one wants? Wow, congrats. You just proved your ignorance and no-one should ever take you seriously again.

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Again, I guess I could have used more sarcasm.

Is this your first day on AC?

The consensus for the last few weeks has been, No one wants BBM.

I know people want it.

Currently with 60mil users, there are 10bil messages per day, trust me, I know this app is wanted.

If it is this easy to publish app without any scrutiny then customers should think 1000 times before downloading apps from google play. They could have trojans or security exploits. Android sucks big time.

All that is done server side.. it isn't like the app store where it needs to get the yes..on the play store it is scanned and verified by things such as bouncer which literally take minutes and if it's found not to have any malicious codes then it is put into the play store.

No Google does not they scan for malware and important things, not if someone is publishing an app that can replace a stock app :P Customers own due diligence, that's why you see permissions prior to install.

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Publishing does take minutes, but it won't show up for users for about 2-4 hours. That's just how the Play Store servers work.

That would be the exception.. The direct link takes seconds - bb could just tweet that. How long it takes to come up in searches varies but the max I've seem is 20 minutes or so. Depends what the Google indexer is doing at the time. Hours is possible during a very busy period I guess.

OTOH All the fake apps managed to upload in time.. Some appeared at 12:00 GMT precisely. *only* the official app had an issue.

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I learn something new everyday, I didn't know BlackBerry owned the Google Play Store.
When did they buy it? How come there was no article on it? This is huge news. I'll make sure I spread the word and credit you as my source.

Personally I hate whatsapp. Absolutely no privacy. As soon as the person have your phone it might be following you without you even knowing that. BBM is wayyyy better!

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I simply hate whatsapp because it won't let me register.. But I'm unreasonable like that :p

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Hate whatsapp.. I hate the fact that anyone can save ur number and watch ur profile without ur knowledge.. cough..parents..

I wish they didn't specify a time. Then it could have come at any point today and we wouldn't have all the haters here on Android Central. Most of which have probably owned a BlackBerry at one point in time. Way to kick someone when they are down.

Aren't they gonna postpone it a year like they did to BB10? LOL, JK, if that happened they're really gonna fail.

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How hard is it to stick to the times that you give out.... Dang. Release it already!! Lol

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How do you figure? Two completely unrelated things. Google doesn't control when a third party launches an app and notice it's only available for iPhone in new Zealand not world wide, seems like a test and it most likely killed their network hence the delay.

On iPhone, it is getting released at midnight for each time zone and it's been successful so far. The problem is on Android but who knows what the issue is. The APK has been leaked and works.

Blackberry must have held the android version for some reason.

In the meantime we can mess with a fake app. :)

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With all the fake BBM apps in the Google Play Store, it will be hard to tell when the real one is released

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Last I checked there are already a few blackberry developer fakes. Not sure how they managed that.

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Uggghh.. I don't know. But I have been waiting since 12:00 and I have been so exited but now I'm just fed up. Funny how time can change your mood.... :)

Leaked apk is working...

Badly ported iPhone ui. Check.
No tablet layout, making above look even worse. Check.
Request loads of unnecessary permissions. Check.
Run in background with no option to stop it. Check.

Looks like Blackberry have themselves another winner...

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seriously go f@ck yourself low budget ignorant.
get a f@cking job and get out of the internet. what the hell the french Canadian's did to you? they f@ck#d your gf?
you stupid ignorant don't even know that blackberry is Ontarian and has nothing to do with the easterners. go get a book and educate yourself dum a$$.

How exactly is that a bigoted comment? He can post here if he wants. I don't see anyone stopping the BlackBerry diehards, that post nothing but praise, for an ill-managed company.

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If it gets stuck force terminate it and reopen it. Eventually it'll work. Took me a couple of attempts.

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Why all the hate? It's only an app. This is getting worse than the no gold iPhone 5s rants from yesterday! Come to think of it, the only reason people want the gold 5s is to not go over the disappointment of other people not realizing that they have the new iPhone .

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Not really hate.. If a company announces a high profile release deadline if they fail to meet it they can expect a bit of pointing and laughing.

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The company just laid off 40% of it's work force and suspended their stock. Compared to that not releasing an app on time is nothing.

It's the hype. If they never announced it what a year ago everyone would be excited when it hit. But you make people wait 10 minutes and they get bitchy

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It's not. Blackberry didn't release.

There's a leaked apk floating around if you want to risk it.

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I'm guessing the bbms under blackberry inc isn't the actual app?,there are so many "bbm" do we know which is truly from blackberry

I used to be a big BlackBerry fan and user. Day one adopter of the PlayBook and 9930. After the debacle that was the PlayBook and not having the ability to do simple tasks and after a crappy phone experience I moved to Android. Have been very happy. But i still miss BBM.

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Same here, except that I went with the galaxy S2 instead of the 9900. My loyalty went the way of the dodo when they delayed the Z10.

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me that thr marketing strategy or wat?? if so they gonna fail making us wait..lets see how much they are better compared to whatsaap and hike

I've got two different apks one hangs on setting up screen the other works fine and I'm using it now

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Will wait til 7:00am PST its 6:4am now on the west coast. Lets just see then..

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Several fake bbm apps and anyone not knowing anything will download it as it says it's by blackberry.. can't wait till googles new rule goes into play later this month where any apps not doing what they supposed to do or used another companies name like blackberry will get removed. Just shocking how many fake bbm apps are on the play store and how much download they actually have.

When these fake versions get installed it forces you to vote 5 star to install. This only makes other users think it's legit. So sad.

I can't wait to try this out just like the rest of us, but I'm also not gonna have a freaking hernia over the delays. Chill your tits people. It ain't the end of the world.

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It won't run on my n4 and n7 simultaneously., seems bbm is strictly a one device per user deal.

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BB has never made a deadline nor delivered fully on what they promised (it is always "wait for the update"). That is why I now have an Android phone after 10 years as a BB customer!

15 + fake versions in the play store. The average consumer is bound to download 3 of them. Then hate bb for installing spam, theft crap

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Totally agree. And by not saying anything officially they are losing ground by the minute.

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I dont understand how all those fake BBMs made it to the Play Store. Wasnt Google supposed to be more strict with apps being submitted? I mean all these are obviously fakes.

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I wonder if this is related to yesterday's layoff. It's the possible the guy who was going to push the app out doesn't work there anymore...

I know right.... I got all excited but now just feel like a douche bag.

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Leak version is up and working on gnote 2.

After install, it will hang on setup screen. Force close the app and then restart app and profit.

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What a joke this company is. Easy to see why they're going under. Who even schedules an app release for a Saturday?

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This can only be called a public relations disaster. What a cock-up by BB.

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Love how all the Google Fanboys are blaming BlackBerry for the issues with the Google Play Store. It's not in BlackBerry's control. I did a search for my S3 and there are so many fakes. I guess that's BlackBerry's fault as well. It's so scary to see how Google will allow any post an app knowing full well it's a fake that will steal your data. How can you defend this behavior? How can come there isn't a outrage over the lack of Quality Control in the Play Store?

Now start looking at the real issue, the Play Store is owned and controlled by Google. They allow which Android versions can have access to the Play Store because they own it and control it.

BlackBerry submitted the App to Google most likely made an agreement to release at on a certain date and time, hence the marketing behind it. Google dropped the ball on is one.

"@BBM: Thanks for your patience #Android users! Working hard to get you the real #BBM ASAP. We'll let you know when it's live. #BBM4ALL"

Yeah, Google really dropped the ball on this one /s

The play store is just a market. It's hosted by Google but generally they take little interest in its contents. What want on there goes on there. They might remove it later if it gets enough complaints, but they won't stop it going on.

Contrast with the iPhone store where everything there was vetted and picked by apple. If an app doesn't appear there's a reasonable chance it's apple's fault.

In this case they only reason the blackberry app wouldn't be on the Google store is because BlackBerry failed to put it there.

The fake apps should be dealt with a lot quicker than they are at the moment - it's hurting both Google's and blackberry's reputation having them there. I expect some tightening of the rules in the near future.

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That is a HUGE flaw in the Google Play Store. Placing your name on a "Market" and not controlling it is a liability. If BlackBerry is looking in to it, who do you think they are working with to get this issue resolved? Google. If a developer wants to publish an app the guidelines come from Google. Google should be be taking responsibility instead of washing their hands. Another reason why my Android (SGS3) has a Gmail account I don't use because I don't want my real information on an Android device. If I happen to download the wrong app and it's a fake, what a piss poor App Market. How can the hardcore Android uses stand for this and not make Google take control and responsibility?

Yet it requests permission to send sms and read/write permissions to your contact list. (And permission to change the wallpaper..?!)

But fails to make use of any of this.

For weeks bb fans have been saying how great it is and how it does everything other im apps do and more and better... And we get something with about the functional level of ICQ.

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"@BBM: Thanks for your patience #Android users! Working hard to get you the real #BBM ASAP. We'll let you know when it's live. #BBM4ALL"

So annoyed!
Checked my phone in bed this morning. It was 8.25am GDT. Nothing but fake versions with ads.
Come on Blackberry!
iPhone users in New Zealand already have it, so what about us?

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Typical RIM stuff... I can't remember them ever being on time with anything

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Dear Google

Really??? I understand it's not your fault that the legitimate BBM app is not on the Play store nearly 5 hours after the promised time. However, who's to blame for the absolutely overwhelming number of fake apps that are out there. I understand that as a savvy user, I'm supposed to exercise due diligence. But can you please help us all (and your own reputation) by at least having some kind of vetting process BEFORE an app goes into a store - with YOUR name on it?

Fed to Heck up!!!

Why would I want BBM on my android? That's not a rhetorical question. Really, why would I?

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With all their workforce cuts, I guess BB accidentally fired the guy who was supposed to submit the app.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

I used the link from to get the apk. Since nlthen is working actually pretty fine on my galaxy s4! I'm in Venezuela

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heard that BB slashes out its 4500 employees, may be those where the people were supposed to release the BBM for android!! lol

Apple doesn't seem to have a problem with the release, already out and working. Only one app there that says BBM.

How is this BBRY's fault?

Maybe if folks over at the open sewer that is the Google play app store were a little more diligent with its responsibility to protect copyright branding this wouldn't be an issue.

My brother has an iphone and bbm is not on the app store yet...btw were in Canada(greatest country in the world)

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I'm guessing that blackberry is updating their security connection for the bbm server, but, for those who already connected they let it stay connect (doesn't kill the PID bbm users on the server)

An hour or so ago it was only working between android users ie real bb pins didnt get an add request or message off the android version but another android user would receive them ok, maybee thats the problem they have been having dont no

Got the leaked version. Working great here in Montego Bay Jamaica with my Android and Blackberry contacts.

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the graphic at the top of this post seems to show the 4000+ Blackberry employees who
are about to be fired.... they are reaching their hands into the air for help.

At this point, I feel that an Android won't happen until next week at the earliest. There's something wrong with the app and I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional...

Downloaded and installed from yours Ravi,works well. Had an old BB ID from a few years ago when I was a BB user and it works great.

bb needs to release what the issue is. on Twitter @BBM is real quiet now, they were tweeting a lot

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Google is deleting all the fake apps from #playstore and BB is deactivating all the leaks with viruses.. Official launch should be anytime soon. #BBM

For the ones that are using the leak version! Are noticing overheating in your phones? I have galaxy s4 i9505 and the phone is getting hot as when did in the launch days. The other thing is that the battery has drained too fast! Anyone else is noticing this? Or it is just me? Apart of that! The BBM is rocking well! Even with real blackberries!

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For the ones that are using the leak version! Are noticing overheating in your phones? I have galaxy s4 i9505 and the phone is getting hot as when did in the launch days. The other thing is that the battery has drained too fast! Anyone else is noticing this? Or it is just me? Apart of that! The BBM is rocking well! Even with real blackberries!

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Yes it's killing my battery BIG TIME! It drains just on standby. I thought it was only an issue with my device but I'm glad I'm not the only one. I hope the official release addresses this issue. I'm on a Galaxy S4.

Hi, I do not have any problems with the app. Nor battery draining, nor ram hog nor anything(hot). Works just fine with my i9505 S4.

It's not you it's happening to me as well. My phone is getting hot for no reason and the battery drains on standby. I have a GS4 GPE.

I wonder if BB want all the fakes gone before it will publish.

As a mainly BB user, I forget Google doesn't really monitor the apps published in its store like BB and Apple do.

BB could be afraid some of these fakes will get people's BB ID's.

We might see the real app soon! Now when you click on most of the fake apps it says that item not found. They are finally cracking down on them!

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The longer they wait to release the official version, the more idiots give their bbid out to these fake apps. It will come and in sure there is a perfectly legit reason for the delay. Possible a typo when they submitted it for 7pm launch instead of 7am

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All my friends gave in and downloaded the leak version and saying its working great. I am so close to giving in. I hope either BB disables the leaks so I can laugh in there faces later on.

Otherwise its not even worth it.

Disgrace bbry communication so poor over this situation. Don't think we will see it today, just download the leak and be done with it.

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The way that BlackBerry has handled this release (or lack thereof) is is a perfect example of why they're almost out of business

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App sucks. Refuses to open and not only that it makes you rate it at " 5 Stars and Like it on Google +

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App sucks. Refuses to open and not only that it makes you rate it at " 5 Stars and Like it on Google +

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I hav the leaked version. its a lil slow and It has problems sending pics. gt an s3 mini

I think this leak is a way for them to c how it works... its a slap in the face for the Canadians

The leak I think that stopped from working. Not sending messages now. It just shows a clock

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I have the leaked version,and it works great,with my BB buds. No heating up, no battery drain,fast efficient,but i do know of others who have tried the dropbox file from me and they said it wasnt connecting either


Ahh,now im in the same boat as others with the leaked version,ahhh,such is life :)
Hopefully when i load the true version up I wont lose all the pins hat have been sent to me today