VSCO Cam for Android

Some exciting new for fans of mobile photography — VSCO Cam is coming to Android. Currently in private beta, it'll first see release on a few of the current high-end phones and should hit more Android 4.0-and-up devices after release.

What's the big deal about VSCO Cam? It's long been a must-have app for serious mobile photogs on iOS. Here's what our cousins at iMore.com had to say about it:

The thing I love so much about VSCO Cam is that is gracefully balances what we want and need to quickly edit with ease of use. When I'm out and about, I don't necessarily want to spend twenty minutes trying to learn how to use an app or applying filter upon filter before finally exporting to m  camera roll and sharing to whatever social services I'd like from there. I just want to share my memories as quickly as possible and tinker later if I feel the urge.

VSCO Cam lets you edit basic elements such as the temperature, exposure, contrast, cropping, and rotating natively. Along with that, you can apply a selection of gorgeous filters. If the ones that come for free aren't enough, you can also buy packs or individual filters that will be added to your library. Once you're done, you can instantly upload your photo to the social network of your choice including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, and via email.

VSCO Cam also is a favorite of our pal Martin Reisch — aka Safe Solvent — which frankly is about all the endorsement we need. Says Martin:

Primarily what I appreciate most about VSCOcam is the subtlety of it's filter system. The quality of images coming from mobile phones at this point no longer require the heavy handed filters that are built into Instagram and so that's where VSCOcam shines. The ability to slightly tweak a shot without ruining the details or overly crushing the blacks or bumping the saturation means that with a few taps, you've got an image that has mood, without losing the details.

No word on when, exactly, VSCO Cam will come out of beta. It's currently testing on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, and on the HTC One.

You can apply to be a beta tester at the link below.

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Reader comments

VSCO Cam coming to Android, in private beta now


It's testing on so many phones. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4, and on the HTC One.

Who makes the other Galaxy S4? Maybe faster then the lag whore the samsung one is.

Not after returning it and getting a HTC One.

Had every variant of the galaxy s line, but the last one was a disappointment.

I have heard different things regarding the s4. Your not the only one who switched to htc one. I think the biggest issue is the way that it handles memory. Sad thing is even with the htc one being so popular it's not looking good for htc. I hope Samsung learns from s4 and not let it happen to note 3. So far my note 2 has been the best phone I have ever owned. I'm still rocking my original purchased one. Haven't had to exchange it like the dozens of times I did on my evo 3d

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

The S4 does a much better job at handling memory than the One but the One has such a cool Gallery app with the Zoes. That's why I use the One, it doesn't seem any faster than the S4 though.

Not to be mean to the app, but - "before finally exporting to m camera roll and sharing" and "edit basic elements such as /../ and rotating natively" sound like business as usual for Android.

Still, you can never have too many good apps. So lets hope it's out for the rest of us soon =)

Exactly it sounds like a hundred different camera apps out there. I don't get why this one should be better. I haven't used it so maybe it is better, but going off of that two paragraph blurb it seems to be just another simplistic photo editing app.

Snapseed is ok, but it doesn't save my 13MP from my S4 and scales them down to damn near 3MP. It's basically unusable at this point. The Android photo app space is surprisingly lacking (coming from an iPhone 4S) and this is why I'm excited for VSCOcam. I like it so much that I have a workflow that sends my Samsung S4 photos to the iPad so I can process them with VSCOCam. Their processing is great, contrasty, and makes the photos more interesting. An Android version would make my life easier. I wish Hipstamatic would make their way to Android too, and I'd be set. Those are the only 2 apps I need.

"I don't necessarily want to spend twenty minutes trying to learn how to use an app"
But if I get VSCO Cam, I'll have to learn how to use it. If I don't get it...problem solved.

"...or applying filter upon filter"
Yet you brag about how you can download (pay for) so many filters.

"...before finally exporting to m[y] camera roll and sharing to whatever social services I'd like from there"
I've been sharing directly from within the gallery's editor for years.

"...such as the temperature, exposure, contrast, cropping, and rotating natively"
Oh cool, it has basic editing features.

"I just want to share my memories as quickly as possible and tinker later if I feel the urge"
Cool, cause that's what every other photo editor does too.

Logic fail.

When I switched to the S4 from the 4S, this is the ONLY app I REALLY miss from iPhone. I'm a heavy mobile photo snapper. I can't wait.

Alright who's got the apk for the beta version? I want to try this on the Note 2 even though it says it isn't available for it.

No Note 2?

I just want to be like all my cool iOS friends who tag every damn picture on Instagram with #VSCOcam. Its like a club I'm not allowed to belong to. I feel so segregated.

WORD! I'm a food blogger, so posting high quality food photos is critical to the success of my site. Why should I be forced to own an iOS to have gorgeous Instagram photos?
I don't want to add frilly color and fish eye filters. I just need high quality, traditional photo editing capability.
Please don't make me buy an Apple product!