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Mid range device coming to large UK carrier soon

We've seen that Motorola is set to launch what we believe is the Moto X in Europe next week, and Vodafone UK has announced that they will be carrying the Moto G as well. Unfortunately Vodafone has yet to announce pricing, as they are holding that for the launch, but we can bet it will likely be less than from Motorola directly. Voda says its Moto G will run Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box — interesting as that update still hasn't landed on the European model.

If you haven't already checked out our review of the Moto G or checked out how it compares to some other devices, you will want to do that now. Would you be interested in making the Moto G your next device?


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Vodafone UK confirms Moto G coming soon


No need to... its already my device! ;-)

Although if Moto X is coming to Europe next week... don't know if i go for that one too!

Moto X would need things like 'OK Google' and Google Now to work which is partly why it was released only in the US... Unless Google is planning a surprise for the new year.

Something with better specs than the G with decent battery life though is quite possible.

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Considering it's £100 for the 8GB and £130 for the 16GB elsewhere, I hope they can beat this.

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"We've seen that Motorola is set to launch what we believe is the Moto X in Europe next week...."

So do you have "inside" information or is this just an educated guess?

True mine updated
Also Orange (EE) have the Moto G too, not as cheap a Tesco mind when I was in EE store.
Not sure why another big company reselling it is big news.