Vodafone Xperia X10

When we broke the news that Europe's Vodafone network would be getting the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, we didn't have an idea of when the phone would be available. That's been answered by Vodafone itself, which now lists the X10 as "Coming soon" in April on its Web site. As for a price? Gonna have to wait on that for a little while, it seems. [Vodafone] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in)


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Vodafone plans for Xperia X10 in April


It seems like this phone has been "coming soon" forever. When I first saw it, I considered it. But I'm already tired of it before its even released. That is, if its even coming to the US. Plus, I agree with the above comment. It would be hard to get excited about a device running 1.6.

Especially with the HTC Bravo and Nexus one that will probably (hopefully) be released before this. I'd take any of those handsets that got released tomorrow...another two months for the X10 after already waiting for six isn't gonna cut it though.