Galaxy S III Announcement

While some of the UK despairs, our cousins down-under are building up in excitement. This coming Thursday, May 31, is the country's Samsung Galaxy S III launch event. Better still, those who can't be in Sydney to join in the fun, can watch it streamed online courtesy of Vodafone Australia. 

The stream will begin at 09:50 Sydney time, and will be available from the Vodafone Australia website. For anyone else around the world that's interested in watching, we've done a quick reckoner on what time you'll need to be watching in the UK and the US:

  • UK Time - 00:50
  • Eastern - 19:50 (Weds May 30)
  • Pacific - 16:50 (Weds May 30)

Let's hope that those delays on old Pebble Blue get worked out before the launch in Oz. 

via Ausdroid

There are 7 comments

tommydaniel says:

So 6:50pm Central?

I'm British...Eastern and Pacific are about all the geography i can master ;-) 

I once crossed a timezone driving from Vegas to the Canyon and didn't even get the idea :)

JosephRoach says:

Looking forward to Wednesday's event!

Gearu says:

For what purpose does a 2nd announcement serve.

mkozak says:

I 2nd that question

So you guys expect that it'll just appear in the States with no event, no fanfare? Australians have LTE as well you know...

tommydaniel says:

To Announce the phone for Australian markets, There is going to be en event in New York for US next month as well.