Vlingo, a very common and powerful speech-to-text tool for smartphone users, has announced a limited beta for the Android platform. Vlingo allows you to speak your emails, text messages, calls and searches and watch the text appear on the screen right before your eyes. For users one the go, this application makes long winded emails, or on the go text messages a breeze. For your chance to get in on this limited beta, point your mouse here. [via Vlingo Blog]


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Vlingo opens a limited Android beta


What's the point? I had this on blackberry, but android 2.1 already does this, and does it better then vlingo ever did for me.

The point is that there are still a lot of Android users who haven't had the luxury of being upgraded to 2.1 yet. I've been waiting for something like this for a while and am excited that developers are offering those without the newest operating upgrade a chance to try some cool programs.

There has always been an app in the market called Talk To Me Keyboard. It integrates into your keyboard, and uses google voice to text. It's perfect for pre 2.1 android users. Vlingo is nothing new.

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whats with the survey monkey? do you have to create a survey to get the trial demo? or is it a bad link Im getting?

Having used Vlingo on a couple blackberries, and using a 2.1 rom on my droid currently, there's no comparison. This might be a stopgap until 2.1 hits each phone, but once it does, no one's going to bother with this app. Too little, too late.

I just got the email to test vlingo of course two days after updating to 2.1. I don't know if should even bother.