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If you've been encountering problems trying to pre-order a Vizio Co-Star Google TV box in the last couple of days, you're probably not alone. After going up for pre-order a few days back, Vizio has today posted on their Google+ page that they completely sold out of the pre-orders within the first 12 hours. Popular then. 

The good news is, they found some more. Maybe they were looking in the wrong part of the warehouse, or maybe they just got to making them really fast. But, the important thing is that they're back, and if you couldn't pre-order before you should be good to go now. Click on over to the link below for the product page. 

Source: Vizio

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crxssi says:

I might have been interested in buying one, but there is no way to connect it to my amp (receiver). I don't "do" TV speakers (barf). Is it really that expensive or complex for them to have included TOSLINK?

xuohtx says:

Well that is a deal breaker for me too. I guess this would only affect audio from google tv apps but that's enough for me to say no thanks.

milesmcever says:

Okay this makes no sense... why not just use the TOSLINK on the TV then what ever is the selected input auto sends to the amp (receiver). Unless you put all your money into sound and bought a CHEAP TV then I've got nothing to say. I'm still waiting for the day when they use the Ethernet part of the HDMI cables and your TV is the Network hub for everything connected HDMI to it, sad thing is this has been part of the current HDMI standard for atleast a year now if not longer and its not getting used.

Viper says:

o_O you must have a bad setup then because I can think of several ways to connect this to your receiver.

For my setup, all of my stuff is connected to the TV via HDMI and then I have a digital optical out running from the TV to my receiver. That way, my receiver never has to change inputs. And I get the full 5.1 channels.

And since this piggy backs on the HDMI cable running from your cable box, you don't need a spare HDMI port on your TV.

BigKenW says:

This is how I do the connection as well. EXCEPT, I have a ROKU that will NOT work this way. No matter what I do. I had to use HDMI pass through and have to change my input for the audio system each time. Very annoying. No matter how much I have searched the Internet I cannot find a way to fix it.

Given what I hear about the Co-Star, I should have the same problem?

xuohtx says:

I think you might have solved this problem for me. Currently I have video going from DTV box and PS3 going to the TV via HDMI and audio going directly to the receiver. I have a digital out on the TV so I can run your set up, but I think I will leave the PS3 the way it is only because I have different audio settings for each input. My Harmony remote changes all the inputs on the receiver and TV for me with one button so that's a non-issue for me.

Thanks for the info, now I gotta go get a digital audio cable that is long enough and send more of my money to Vizio.

wraith404 says:

It has HDMI out with audio carry right? If you are so particular, why don't you have a receiver that controls all of your AV routing? As long as everything you use supports audio carried on HDMI you don't need the TOSLink anymore. Most decent receivers made in the last few years can do it. I wouldn't upgrade just for this appliance, but it's something to think about. HDMI everything to the receiver, then just a single HDMI to the TV. The only input you ever select is on the receiver.

Maybe you do and you're just dead set on the optical audio, in which case, ignore me :) If not, have a look at this reasonable "high end entry level" bad boy. It does a lot, including cross connect (composite in can cross to HDMI out and wifi.

cjay4046 says:

Unless you have a cheap TV at your equipment should be connected to the tv and the tv should be connected to the receiver

DWR_31 says:

Now we'll see if Sony sees fit to include Google TV in the next PlayStation.
Google TV plus console quality gaming will sell out supplies.

Shadowriver says:

I don't think so, core of game consoles is profit not from hardware, but software... in fact this is reason how PS3 survived being sold with loss. If they lose console over there own software market, they will lose software profit that they eating right now.

DaEXfactoR says:

Out of stock....

Hand_O_Death says:

I am very happy to see it sell out so quickly (sincere apologies if you still have been unable to preorder) hopefully this means Vizio will dedicate a lot of resources to support this device.

S_C_B says:

Either they sold out again, or AC is playing with our emotions!!

deparson says:

The (%)(*%$ shopping cart has been broken for me since the first round of pre-orders went up.

Really messed up.

migespy says:

Man these things are going like hot cakes. I'm stoked to get mine. Got lucky on the second release yesterday. Said ETA shipping of 8/21. Moving my Logitech Revue up to the bedroom. Though about selling it, but who would buy it with a $99 competitor that is superior?

Giblet says:

When I preordered yesterday there was some screw up with session id's and it had someone else's name and shipping info already entered. I had to call in to verify that everything went through correctly.

naudan says:

I guess I was on the first pre-order (thanks AC for telling me). I got mine with the 8/14 ship date :)

Well, they must have found all of about 12 for the second round, because they're out of stock again.

AnnDroid says:

Tomorrow's the 14th! Getting excited to see my order turn from "Processing" to "Shipped"!!!