Virgin Mobile this morning announced that the ZTE Awe (aka the N800 or, apparently, "Shocker") is now available for $99 sans contract. The Awe sports a 4-inch IPS display at an underwhelming 480x800 resolution, a 5-megapixel rear camera (1MP out front) and is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8630 processor at 1.2 GHz. It's running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Virgin's no-contract plans start at $35.

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Virgin Mobile rolls out the ZTE Awe for $99


I would think if Virgin Mobile wanted to keep a low end phone around they would just keep offering the HTC One V (guessing they won't manufacture it anymore). The One V was/is a really good phone, especially if you load a 4.2.2 ROM on it and overclock it a bit like I did.

If HTC would stop refusing to update their phones then maybe it would be worth getting it but we know they forget about their phones after 9 months.

Right, but that's why I'm saying to load a custom ROM. The HTC One V never got an update, but is relatively well supported by the ROM community. I'm thinking about picking up a used one to use as an MP3 player in case the next new phone I get doesn't support an SD card and has under 32gb or storage.

Not everyone willing to root and ROM their phone though. I think everyone forgets that.

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It's also running on Sprint, so there's that.

I like 4-4.3" phones. I have a Razr M that I use sometimes depending on what I'm doing that day, and it's really great for its size.

Can't complain the phone specs for its price. It has a dual core and Front facing camera for less than $100. Too bad that T-mobile can't follow suit.

Virgin Mobile phones are locked to VM. You can't easily take them to another carrier. Not even another on the Sprint network, like Republic.

T-Mobile phones can be used on other carriers (or MVNO) very easily. It's as simple as changing the SIM card. So there's little reason for T-Mobile to push low margin hardware without a contract.

Good point. I switched from Virgin to T-Mo and am very happy with everything but the cost of the phones. At least my N4 works well.